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 Many fans and players of any consoles and PC titles like Fortnite watch their favorite streamers play. Some of them are active in e-sports and gamble with such miserable graphics that some ask themselves why at all?

What does "bad graphics" mean? Video settings are very important in e-sports. Without proper adjustments, this could make or break your victory. That's why many pro players gamble with a lower graphics setting.

As illogical as it may sound, having a low visual setting will greatly increase your chances of winning a firefight. That's why many pro players don't care about good looks and polished graphics.

Since e-sports sometimes involve very high sums, speed counts over beautiful presentation.

Beautiful graphics don't matter in e-sports

What are the reasons for such a graphic setting? What looks like pure eye agony for many viewers is normal everyday life for e-sports.

The representation must be reduced to the minimum. The main focus is on PC gamers. Such changes are hardly or not at all possible on the console. If you decide to gamble on low settings as well, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Higher and consistent FPS – This refers to the images your brain processes when you look at a display. High and above all constant FPS ensure a smoother gaming experience. In shooters, a fluid image is one of the keys to victory, as you can perfectly follow your opponent's every input.
  • Low Input Lag - By input lag is meant the delay in how long it takes for your input signal to be transmitted and seen in the game. So if you move your mouse and your screen shows the change belatedly, this is called an input lag.

If you reduce the details in your game, your hardware can fully concentrate on the performance and is not busy generating detailed bushes or trees.

What are the differences in Fortnite? We have compared two images for you.

Fortnite with maximum graphical setting
Fortnite with maximum graphical setting

Fortnite with minimum graphical setting
Fortnite with minimum graphical setting

Comparing both images with each other, one finds that a lot of elements are lost in the lowest settings. Shadows, colorful textures, and details disappear. What's left is a simplistic environment with a focus on the essentials - Consistent FPS.

How noticeable is high FPS? With high FPS you not only get a smoother picture in the game, but you can also react better to movements. The higher the FPS, the deadlier you are.

The following video shows you the differences in Fortnite while editing buildings:

In addition, you don't run the risk of getting lost in the breathtaking UE5 and its innovations. So if you want to prove yourself in competitive Fortnite, you should try low graphics settings.

What do you think of the graphics settings? Do you gamble on high or low settings when playing PvP games? Let us know in the comments!