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The 3 best Operators to get started in Rainbow Six Extraction


The 3 best Operators to get started in Rainbow Six Extraction

In the co-op PvE shooter Rainbow Six Extraction you have 18 operators at your disposal. These are all known from Rainbow Six Siege, but work differently in the new genre. MeinMMO tells you which 3 operators are incredibly strong right at the beginning.

The playable "classes" in Rainbow Six Extraction are called Operators. These are characters that were already playable in Rainbow Six Siege with their special personalities and abilities . At release there are 18 operators in the game, 9 of which are unlocked at the beginning.

Although these characters were carried over from the PvP shooter Siege to the PvE shooter Extraction, their function and usefulness are changing, sometimes significantly, thanks to the genre shift. 

Especially at the start, 3 operators show how important they can be for a successful mission. We'll tell you which Operators they are and why at least one of them should be on every team.

Sledge: The Destroyer

In Extraction, Sledge is particularly strong as an offensive power against the Parasite Aliens. His shotgun makes short work of even larger critters. 

In addition, his eponymous sledgehammer is able to stun the aliens. He can swing it as often as he likes and at an amazingly high frequency.

With this, he can keep the exploding explosives at bay, as well as take bigger dangers like the tormentors out of the game for a short time and make them vulnerable. But beware: in order to hit, you have to be closer to the opponents than you might think.

Additionally, both his shotgun and hammer are excellent tools for destroying walls. So with him, it's a snap to give the team new ways to attack or flee if need be.  

Lion: The Spotter

In Rainbow Six Siege, Lion was part of the original "Outbreak" event - a limited-time game mode that was expanded and is the basis of Rainbow Six Extraction. Accordingly, it is not surprising that he is an important part of the team in this game.

Although his SMG and revolver are good at dealing damage, his gadget is the real star of the show. The EE-Eins-D drone briefly marks all moving enemies in an area. After a cooldown, the drone can be used again.

Especially in missions in which a target has to be defended, this ability can contribute significantly to success. Thanks to Lion, you can see from which directions the most and nastiest enemies are attacking you. With this valuable information, you can then react in a considered and strategic manner instead of letting the surprise effect overwhelm you.

Doc: The healer

Especially on higher levels of difficulty, it can quickly happen that a team member loses track and is knocked out by the aliens. This is where Doc comes in. 

With his special resuscitation pistol, he shoots health balls that heal team members by 15 life points or revive comrades who are lying on the ground. So he can make his team fit again from a safe position and distance. Because the aliens will run away from the prone player, the revived are often safe as well. 

If the opponents attack Doc in the meantime, he can defend himself more than adequately in close combat with his powerful shotgun.

Sledge, Lion and Doc thus fulfill 3 very strong and important roles in a team. They work great together, but are also a strong part of any team in Rainbow Six Extraction on their own.