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The 5 most powerful legendary cards in Clash Royale

 Clash Royale cards are distributed in different qualities, the rarest and most difficult to obtain are the Legendary ones. These are known for their incredible characteristics and special abilities on the battlefield, as their qualities make us make excellent offensive and defensive moves, as long as they have good support with cards that make a balanced deck.

Of course, they all have their advantages, and your favorites are sure to suit the way you play. However, there are some that stand out for their potential and versatility in player decks, so we have decided to show you the 5 most powerful in the game in our complete Clash Royale guide. Below, you can see what they are and why they have been selected.

Electric Wizard

Electric Wizard

The Electro Wizard may seem small and wacky, but he is considered to be one of the most difficult warriors in the game to counter. His fast electric attacks cause enemies to be stunned, thus slowing down his attacks and slowing them down as they move across the battlefield. For that reason, it is very difficult to stop it, in addition, these rays spread among the different troops of the opponent that are nearby, so it is also very good to eliminate armies without any effort. Its characteristics are the following:

  • Damage: 91 x 2.
  • Damage per generation to crown towers: 48.
  • Damage per generation: 159.
  • Damage per second: 50 x 2.
  • Life Points: 590.
  • speed: high
  • Attack Speed: 1.8 seconds.
  • Targets: ground and air.
  • Range: 5
  • Stun Duration: 0.5 seconds.

Mega knight

Characteristics of the Mega Knight in Clash Royale

The Mega Knight is one of the deadliest cards out there, and it works that way if you have a good deck. It is one of the troops with the most life points and attacks that are truly effective in different circumstances. Due to his great size and resistance, he is a warrior that cannot be knocked down so quickly, since his area damage and jumps are perfect to easily eliminate armies and to attack enemy Towers since he can seriously damage said structures. . The features it has are the following:

  • Area Damage: 222.
  • Jump Damage: 444.
  • Damage per generation: 444.
  • Damage per second: 130.
  • Life Points: 3300.
  • Speed: medium.
  • Attack Speed: 1.7 seconds.
  • Objectives: ground.
  • Range: Melee (medium).
  • Jump Range: 3.5 to 5.


Characteristics of the Miner in Clash Royale

There are very few units that are capable of directly attacking enemy towers, and one of them is the popular Miner, known to be quite annoying for some players. His special ability is to move through the ground to any place you want, regardless of whether it is your arena or the opponent's arena. With a good combo, you will get the Towers eliminated quickly and you can even use it to eliminate structures that other warriors generate. The characteristics of the miner are as follows:

  • Damage: 160.
  • Damage from crown towers: 48.
  • Damage per second: 133.
  • Life Points: 1000.
  • speed: high
  • Attack Speed: 1.2 seconds.
  • Objectives: ground.
  • Range: Melee (medium).



If there is a feared machine in Clash Royale, that, of course, is Sparks, a troop that can give you a lot of problems if you don't stop it in time. Its damage and life are impressive, it attacks slowly, but its power is devastating for any type of ground enemy, and if it reaches a tower, be sure that it is very likely to eliminate it if it has no defenses. It's an excellent card, but you have to know how to use it to make it work. These are its characteristics:

  • Area Damage: 1210.
  • Life Points: 1320.
  • Speed: low.
  • Attack Speed: 4 seconds.
  • Objectives: ground.
  • Range: 5

Infernal dragon

Characteristics of the Infernal dragon in Clash Royale

Unlike previous legendary cards, Inferno Dragon has a peculiar way of attacking, dealing damage over time. In other words, while he launches the infernal ray at an enemy, as the seconds pass, that attack will do more and more damage until he is eliminated. Its characteristics are the following:

  • Damage: 30 to 350.
  • Damage per second: 75 to 875.
  • Life Points: 1070.
  • Speed: medium.
  • Attack Speed: 0.4 seconds.
  • Targets: ground and air.
  • Scope: 3.5.
These are just some of the most used by Clash Royale users, the others are still as deadly as these, but their abilities are not as impressive . In the same way, all the legendary ones are extremely powerful, you just have to know how to use them and what cards to put them in the deck so that you can get many victories in Clash Royale .