The Complete Guide to Finding All Mana Fairies in Nobody Saves the World Game

 In Nobody Saves the World, you will have the opportunity to increase the magic gauge of your "Nobody" (person) by finding special fairies that roam the different regions of the game... The first mana fairy that will come to you during your adventure is the beautiful Roselino, this one will increase your magic gauge which will allow you to perform more special actions with the wand of the legendary Nostramagus. The fairy will ask you to find all her “sisters”. There are a total of 35 fairies to find while exploring the different destinations in Nobody Save the World.

To make it easier for you, we have prepared a complete guide for this quest. We provide you with a map with all their locations. Fairies appear as blue butterflies when opening the world map. We have numbered all their locations and brought you more detailed information on how to recover them. Everything happens next!

Detailed map of Nobody Save the World with the locations of all mana fairies:

Detailed map of Nobody Save the World with the locations of all mana fairies

List of all the mana fairies to discover while playing the Nobody Save the World game:

  • 1 mana fairy found at the entrance to the king's grove, it will come to you automatically when you pass through the place.
  • Fairy 2 found at New Old Town directly to the left, requires mermaid/ghost or turtle transformation to go on the water.
  • Fairy 3 was found in the cave to the left of the level 1 Horse Mine semi-dungeon. Transform into a rat to pass through the passage behind the chest after eliminating all enemies in the area.
  • Fairy 4 is found in a secret passage behind the semi-dungeon (level 5) Tower of Atonement. You will need the mermaid or turtle transformation to cross the water.
  • Fairy 5 was found in the first cave when arriving in the ancestral forest.
  • Fairy 6 was found at Tar Lake while searching a house with a blue roof.
  • Fairy 7 was found south of Tar Lake while searching a cave. There is a man who says he was banished by his brothers very close to this cave.
  • Fairy 8 was found at the entrance to the Darklands region when passing through the Rustrock Desert.
  • Fairy 9 is found in Rustrock Desert on the left side of the Ancient Robot Dungeon. There is a cave with a wooden trap door that does not open. To access it, go around to the entrance to the darklands (do not go into the area). On your right just before, there is a cul-de-sac, except that if you look closely at the ground, you will see small stone slabs showing the secret entrance to the cave! Once inside, go through the mini-dungeon to find the Mana Fairy hidden there.
  • Mana 10 fairy obtained in the Rocherouille desert, go around the area passing through the village and cross the field until you find the dungeon "La Taule". Continue down to unlock a shortcut and find a mana fairy along the way.
  • Fairy 11 is found in the misty canyon, in the house that is to the left of the Morningstar power station. You will have to destroy the fridge to make the fairy appear.
  • Fairy 12 is found in the Lower Malhills area in the graveyard which is on the far right.
  • Fairy 13 was found in the malevolent swamp in the left part of the area near the bird's nest.
  • Fairy 14 is found in the Malevolent Swamp when crossing the lake to the south with the Mermaid or Turtle transformation.
  • Fairy 15 found in Grove of the Blood Moon between Homestead Keep and Count Grinwald's Mansion.
  • Fairy 16 is found in Versouche Forest just above the Teleport Portal.
  • Fairy 17 was discovered in the forest of versouche in a recess just before reaching the area of ​​the southern sea.
  • Fairy 18 is found in the southern sea at the very bottom in the left part of the area.
  • Fairy 19 is found on the far right of the Southern Sea, there is a passage on the right side of the waterfall.
  • Fairy 20 is found in the Cave of the Religious Site, an area at the top of the Malhills. The cave is right above the teleport portal.
  • Fairy 21 was found to the left of the Witch Queen's Catacombs at the Inner Mallcolines. Near the save point, sneak between the two large stones taking the form of the rat to reach the fairy.

List of fairies that are only found when the player has progressed far enough in the main story:

The following Mana Fairies can be accessed once you clear the stage in Octavia's lab when you have gathered enough Gem Fragments. You can then explore the entire northern part of the Nobody Saves the World map.

  • Fairy 22 was found in the rural valley in the left part of the map after passing Octavia's laboratory.
  • Fairy 23 found in the rural valley in the right part of the map after passing Octavia's laboratory.
  • Fairy 24 found in sewers which can be accessed via a cave at the western country lane or from the Wizard's Tears area. Requires transforming into a rat once inside the cave.
  • Fairy 25 found in the Darklands at the entrance through the Wizard's Tears area. Take the path down to find a cul-de-sac on the right.
  • Fairy 26 found in the Cadave Garden in the upper left area past the Dark Tower half dungeon, the fairy is near the save point.
  • Fairy 27 found in the Cadave Garden just above the Dark Tower dungeon.
  • Fairy 28 found at the Warden's Domain to the left of the Dark Nest Half-Dungeon. Cross the red lake to find the mana fairy.
  • Fairy 29 found in the undergrounds of the Darklands, the one that is totally plunged into darkness and that you can light up by destroying rocks that let out green light. Light up the whole cave in you will eventually come across a fairy.
  • Fairy 30 discovered in the ravine of the alchemist in the middle of the lake where it is possible to lower the wooden stakes which block access to the area of ​​the eastern country path.
  • Fairy 31 found in the middle of the northern sea which is to the left of the Synancean village.
  • Fairy 32, you will find her at the incandescent mountain just behind the dungeon of the new crystal mines.
  • Fairy 33 can be found at the golden river not far from the dungeon of exhausted mines. There is a passage on the right after the wooden bridges.
  • Fairy 34 can be found in the middle on the lake of the secret path which is north of the golden river.
  • The last mana fairy, number 35 is obtained in the primary jungle in a passage to the right of the half-dungeon of the golden temple.

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