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 Genshin Impact version 2.4 is now available and new quests have been added including one called "The Tide of Still Waters" which allows access to Enkanomiya.

Genshin Impact allows players to complete many quests within the game which are World, History, Archons, but also daily.

During each update, new missions are added and this is particularly the case with the release of patch 2.4  this Wednesday, January 5. Among these quests, there is one called " The Stream of Calm Waters " which once completed grants you access to the new Enkanomiya area which is located under the Watatsumi region.

How do I get and complete the quest "The Stream of Still Waters" in Genshin Impact?

If you are looking to get this quest, you will first have to meet certain prerequisites like most other missions in the game, namely:

  • Have an adventure level equal to or greater than 30
  • Have completed the Archons quest " Omnipresence over mortals " and " The moonlit depths "

In case you have completed the above two quests, you will need to speak to Tsuyuko who is located near the Sangonomiya Shrine. When the conversation is over, she asks you to join her near an altar in order to activate it, then will indicate two locations on your map where there are key sigils to reactivate two other altars.

Go then to the two places indicated in order to obtain the key sigils. It should be noted that the one located to the east is in the cave that you explored during the quest "The Moon Bathed Depths". As soon as you have collected the two objects, go to the two places indicated in order to interact with the altars . As soon as you are done, talk to Tsuyuko again in order to access Enkanomiya which is under a vortex in the lake of Sangonomiya Shrine.

If you have any difficulty in completing the quest "The Tide of Still Waters", you can check out the video above in English from WoW Quests .