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TOP 10 games that were carried over to 2022: Dying Light 2: Stay Human, God of War Ragnarok, Hogwarts Legacy and much more


TOP 10 games that were carried over to 2022

2021 turned out to be poor for major releases - even the game of the year has nothing to choose from. But everything could be different: initially, the developers promised a scattering of hits. But instead of the release, the titles began to be transferred one by one. In this collection, we have collected the main hits that never came out in 2021 - but now we are waiting for them in the coming year!

Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Parkour action about zombies

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is Steam's most anticipated game. But not so long ago the title was surrounded by a huge number of scandals: it even seemed that it was no longer worth counting on a release.

After accusations of harassment, screenwriter Chris Avellone was kicked out of the team, and all his work went to the junkyard. Employees called the head of the studio a tyrant. Leading developers fled Techland in horror.

One day, the developers nevertheless went out to the gamers, showed new gameplay videos, and announced that the release date was still scheduled for the end of the year. Alas, Techland could not fulfill the promise - the sequel was again postponed, this time to February 4th.

The current release date seems realistic. The fact is that we managed to spend five hours in Dying Light 2 and had a lot of fun. Parkour has become even more sophisticated, fighting zombies and people is interesting, limbs and blood are flying in all directions, the plot is intriguing, and night outings are still stressful.

However, there are also questions about the game. At first, the hero has too few skills, which makes his moves obscenely meager - without pumping, Aiden can't even sprint and run on walls. The world is big and beautiful, but it has Ubisoft-style mechanics like taking over towers. Some secondary tasks are upset with primitiveness.

Fortunately, the shortcomings do not prevent you from getting pleasure from the gameplay, and the hero quickly gains power and begins to fight as it should. So Dying Light 2 has every chance of becoming one of the best games of the coming year. True, we are only talking about the PC version - maybe the situation will change, but the preliminary build on the PlayStation 4 did not work well.

Horizon Forbidden West. Eloy vs Machines

Shortly after the announcement of Horizon Forbidden West, project manager Mathijs de Jonge announced that the release was scheduled for 2021. The owners of PlayStation consoles of two generations rubbed their hands and dreamed of rushing into battle with aggressive machines as soon as possible, but then they learned that they would have to endure until February 18, 2022.

The trailer from The Game Awards 2021 convinced gamers that Forbidden West is indeed worth the wait. In the video, Aloy soars through the air on a futuristic paraglider, flies onto platforms using a grappling hook, swims underwater, where dangerous creatures are waiting for her, and impresses with other new gadgets.

In general, in the sequel, the chubby heroine will have much more opportunities both for moving around the world and for battles with enemies. The expanded arsenal will certainly come in handy, because, according to the developers, the enemies will become even smarter and more dangerous.

Perhaps the visual of Horizon Forbidden West cannot be called non-genic, but it will definitely be interesting to pass it. The setting, combat, and enemies look painfully curious.

God of War Ragnarok. Looking forward to the death of Kratos?

In the first teaser of God of War, Ragnarok was not shown gameplay or even art - but after the logo appeared the inscription "Ragnarok is coming 2021". However, then a portion of rumors about the transfer of the project to 2022 followed - soon the leak was officially confirmed.

If the plot of the last part, in fact, was a tie-in, then this time the writers promise to impress with the scope. Ragnarok has finally begun, with the Scandinavian gods including Freya, Thor, and Zeus facing off against Kratos, and allies are desperately lacking.

One of the key intrigues should be the death of Kratos, which was foreshadowed by the fresco in the finale of God of War (2018). Will the Spartan really die, or are he and Atreus just faking death?

The gameplay will retain key mechanics but go deeper. From now on, Atreus will play a more significant role in battles and will be able to deftly scatter enemies with the help of new techniques. Plus Kratos will learn to move around locations using chains - so he can be attracted to enemies and climb high platforms.

It is known that the heroes will visit all nine worlds. In the last part, it was possible to look at only five of them - while not all of them were thoroughly investigated. For example, Muspelheim and Niflheim were dedicated to additional challenges.

In Ragnarok, developers will expand the already familiar worlds and allow gamers to visit uncharted places like Vanaheim, Liesalfheim, Svartalfheim, and, of course, Asgard. It is in the monastery of Odin that the final battle is likely to unfold. It is not known whether it will be possible to return to Helheim, which in mythology is not considered a full-fledged world.

To travel the world more conveniently, the heroes will be able to use vehicles. They will be able to ride a boat from the first part and climb onto a team of wolves.

The exact release date of God of War Ragnarok is still unknown, but it is definitely about 2022. Owners of PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 will be able to evaluate the project.

Gran Turismo 7. Will Forza Horizon Off the Pedestal?

Hardly anyone would argue that the gorgeous Forza Horizon 5 was the best race of 2021. However, things could have been different if Sony and Polyphony Digital hadn't rescheduled Gran Turismo 7 to March 4, 2022.

Gran Turismo 7 looks good and promises to impress with an abundance of activities. Gamers will be able to drive one of 420 licensed cars and race across 90 tracks, special events, championships, and driving schools.

There will also be tuning parts stores and used car dealerships in the game. Popular modes like GT Sport Mode, Brand Central, and Discover have not been forgotten either.

You will be able to play Gran Turismo 7 on PS4 and PS5. You will not be able to zip through Le Mans, Nurburgring, and other tracks on PC and Xbox.

Hogwarts Legacy. Best Hogwarts Game?

Not so long ago, the first Harry Potter film turned 20 years old. If Hogwarts Legacy came out in 2021 and arrived in time for the date, it would be beautiful. Alas, development difficulties forced Avalanche Software to postpone the project to the next year.

So far, little is known about the game. The action will unfold in the 1800s - Harry Potter will visit Hogwarts only at the end of the next century. Gamers have to play as a student who needs to be created in the editor and sent to one of the faculties. In this case, the hero will regularly have to make a choice, pump spells, master new magic tricks, and so on.

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world game, so you will have to wander around not only the school of wizardry but also other famous places like the Forbidden Forest. Other features of the OpenWorld are also in place: a lot of NPCs, side quests, a variety of enemies - in general, it should be fun.

Hogwarts Legacy will launch on most major platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum. Find your darling!

Gamers dreamed of feeling like Gollum this year, but the search for charm shifted to 2022. It won't be difficult to forgive the transfer if Lord of the Rings: Gollum turns out to be a good game.

The Lord of the Rings project will allow you to look at famous events through the eyes of Gollum. To reunite with the coveted ring, he has to go a long way through the Dark Tower, Mirkwood, and many other places.

In this case, on the way there will be many enemies with whom you should not engage in open combat - it is better to bypass them or eliminate them quietly. In the trailer, the creature manages to lure three villains under a vat of lava and pour the contents over them.

Another important mechanic will be the split personality of the hero: good Smeagol and an angry Gollum coexist in him at the same time. It will depend on the decisions of the gamer which side wins.

So far, the developers have not announced an exact release date or system requirements. We only know that the game will appear on all popular platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

Gotham Knights. Cleanse Gotham from criminals!

Gotham Knights is a cooperative action game in which gamers have to play as the famous allies of the Dark Knight: Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl. Alas, Batman himself will not help the heroes - he has long been considered dead.

When Gotham Knights were announced, gamers considered it another game service with microtransactions and other nonsense. Fortunately, WB Montreal quickly refuted the speculation: it is about a story-driven cooperative action for two, in which there is a place for production, an exciting story, and an enchanting atmosphere.

Moreover, each of the four characters has its own fighting style. According to the canon, the red cap fires from the trunks. Nightwing is happy to beat the bandits with clubs and impresses with acrobatics. Robin bets on stealth. Batgirl wields both fists and gadgets. Also, the heroes have a separate pumping tree, and it will be possible to increase their efficiency by crafting equipment.

Little is known about the villains: it is definitely worth waiting for the appearance of the Penguin, the Court of Owls, and Mr. Freeze - but other famous enemies have not yet been presented. Once again, these guys will be able to fill their faces on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake. Will Ubisoft manage to revive the series?

Once upon a time, Prince of Persia was considered one of the greatest gaming series. It allowed gamers to run on walls, deftly stunt, rewind time, and fight spectacularly. Alas, the last part was released in 2010. So can Ubisoft give the Prince of Persia a second wind?

Of course, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake isn't an incredibly anticipated game. The fact is that the development was entrusted to a modest Indian studio, and the first results of their work dumbfounded the public. The debut trailer looked like the hero with the help of the Dagger of Time went to the era of the PlayStation 3 - the visuals are not impressive even when compared with the original.

As a result, the video was uploaded, and a wave of criticism hit Ubisoft. Most likely, this was the reason for the postponement to 2022.

According to rumors, since then the publisher took up his mind, handed the project over to a more experienced studio, and in general the game has changed to the point of impossibility. Whether this is so, we will find out in the coming year - it is a pity that the exact date is still unknown.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Walk the path of Skywalker

If you are skeptical about LEGO games, you must have missed Undercover, which is not much inferior to GTA 5 in terms of mechanics and richness of the open world. It is not surprising that many gamers were looking forward to Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - alas, the release date was postponed from 2021 to an indefinite term.

The game one hundred percent justifies the word "saga" in the title. The authors plan to tell the whole story of the Skywalkers: from the race on Tatooine for the young Anakin to the battle between Ray and Palpatine. Not without cult moments like the destruction of the Death Star, Luke's fight with his father, and training with Yoda.

Probably, it was the impressive scale of the story that caused the transfer - there are too many events to fit into the game. When the project is released, it will be able to evaluate it on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Nintendo Switch.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. Are the vampires coming out?

The original Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines was a horribly buggy game that couldn't even be played on release. However, behind a disgusting technical state lurked one of the coolest RPGs of all time.

Not surprisingly, the announcement of Bloodlines 2 delighted gamers: they hoped that the sequel would retain the dignity of the original, but come out in the acceptable technical condition. Alas, things turned out differently.

Instead of releasing the game, the publisher had to freeze it, fire the development studio, and make fans sad. Since then, there has been no official information on what happens to the sequel, when it comes out and if it comes out at all.

It would be naive to believe that Bloodlines 2 will go on sale in 2022. The main thing is that Paradox still brings the project to mind and gives gamers the RPG they deserve.


As you can see, a huge number of hits could have been released in 2021 - however, you shouldn't regret the transfers. Last year taught the industry that it is better to work on some projects a little longer - otherwise, you will get the next Battlefield 2042 and GTA Trilogy - Definitive Edition.