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Twitch drops: what they are, how they are activated and how to receive the rewards


Twitch drops: what they are, how they are activated and how to receive the rewards

The Drops are one of the most interesting Twitch claims. In essence, a Drop is a type of DLC that you get by watching live broadcasts on Twitch. This can be from card packs for the Ultimate Team for FIFA to suits and weapons that we can use in New World, and even specific and totally exclusive accessories for Valorant, Overwatch, or Rust. Even emotes for Twitch chat.

Obtaining a Drop, or rather its reward is relatively simple. All you have to do is have a Twitch account, associate it with the video game or the desired gaming platform (Steam, Amazon, Ubisoft, EA, etc.) and, with exceptions, view the content offered by channels that participate in promotions and campaigns that interest us. . Simple as it sounds.

Generally, there are two types of Drops:

  • The Drops of missions in which you have to wait for the Streamer to achieve in the game in which a particular milestone is involved to get the reward.
  • The Drops of time usually are granted to viewers after seeing a transmission for a set time.

We have prepared a simple guide for you to activate Drops, see what campaigns are active and, of course, claim your well-deserved rewards.

How to create an account on Twitch

There is a prior and quite a logical step when claiming Drops: we will need to have a Twitch account with which to associate our games and rewards obtained. If you still don't have one, you can do it in less than five minutes from browsers or mobiles.

If we decide to register from the Twitch website, we must enter the official website and complete the registration form.

If we decide to register from mobile, we must download the official Twitch app for iOS or Android. The process is basically the same as in browsers. From the app, we will be invited to register and we will be asked for the same data.

Once we have created and verified our Twitch account we can go in search of Drops campaigns.

How to get Drops and see what campaigns are active

The easiest way to get drops or find out what promotions and campaigns are active is to access the Drops Campaigns section of Twitch.

In this section, we will find a list of open campaigns, those that are active and even those that have recently closed, as well as the established schedules and a list of participating channels and streamers.

From there it will be enough to follow the instructions either in missions or time campaigns. That said, it is worth bearing in mind that we can leave the broadcast in progress on the screen and dedicate ourselves to something else until the Drop is triggered.

How to know if a channel participates in a Drops campaign

When Drops are available at the top of the chat you will see a message with information about the Drops campaign and how to get the rewards.

How do I connect my Twitch account to an active campaign?

Once we are clear about the Drop we want or the campaign we want to follow, we will need a previous procedure: link our Twitch account to the campaign or the game in question. Luckily, it is a step that we only have to do once per game.

The first thing we do is go to Active campaigns and choose the game we want to get the Drop from. If we have not yet connected our account, we will see a "Connect" button right next to the logo of the game itself.

From there we will be taken to the website of the Drop campaign or of the game itself. At that point we will be given the option to link using the Twitch account, that of the gaming platform, or the profile to which we want to connect the drop (For example, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, or Amazon).

We may need to perform a two-step verification depending on the account. In any case, once our Twitch account is connected to that of the game, we will be able to participate in all the drops and claim the rewards of that campaign.

How to claim mission-based drops

Mission-based drops are not as common as they are not so dependent on the viewer but on the performance of the streamer, so rewards are awarded for reaching a milestone as an in-game objective or during the broadcast. However, these tend to have more interesting rewards and are sometimes exclusive.

Obtaining the Drop, on the other hand, is very simple: once the channel or the streamer has managed to complete the mission, it will appear in a button to claim it at the top of the chat. Now, you will have to be careful since you will have a limited amount of time to get the Drop reward.

How to claim time-based drops

Unlike missions, time-based drops are not awarded based on what the broadcaster or streamer does, and neither on what happens on screen: just watch any participating channel in the campaign and basically accumulate minutes what a viewing. Little by little, these minutes will become the Drop.

You can check your ongoing progress at any time by consulting the profile menu, under the Drops item, or directly by accessing your Drops inventory.

Where to see and claim your rewards

Whether you have already obtained the Drop or if you want to see the progress until you obtain the reward and even claim the loot, there is a section that is worth checking frequently: the Inventory of Drops.

In it you can easily see the rewards, their availability, and the participating channels in case you want to give it a further push; as well as the duration and schedule of the campaigns.

Once you have met the requirements to obtain the Drop, simply claim it from your browser or mobile and it will already be associated with your account linked to Twitch.