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Walkthrough Far Cry 6 - Pagan: Control - game guide

 A detailed walkthrough of all story missions, illusions, puzzles, and more

The main villain of Far Cry 4 is the eccentric, cruel, and vicious dictator Pagan Min, whose only weakness was his adopted son Ajay Gale. Also, in his own way, he missed his beloved Ishwari, Ajay's mother, and his daughter Lakshmana.

Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control Plottells of Pagan Ming's attempts to come to terms with his ambitions and aspirations. We are shown a version of Kyrat as it appears in Pagan's head - partially distorted and exaggerated due to the whims of the hero. The objects located on the island, giant statues and bright decorations, emphasize the pomp and megalomania of the dictator. There are references to scenes from the previous game. For example, I started from the famous scene at the dinner table, where the main character was served Rangoon Crab. There will be moments of Pagan's vulnerability, melancholic situations in which Ming talks about "what would happen if ...". In moments, Pagan wants to show himself in a different light, as a dramatic, misunderstood character, although his own subconscious once again reminds him of who he is - a corrupted, deeply narcissistic tyrant.

Walkthrough Far Cry 6 - Pagan: Control - game guide

While a different story is waiting for players, the main disadvantage of Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control can be called the fact that the add-on uses the same mechanics and functionality as the previous Vaas: Insanity DLC. This is another bagel where the protagonist starts his journey with a gun and a couple of stimulants. After exploring the map of the game world and searching for points of interest, you can unlock new weapons and modifications. Unfortunately, some mechanics are rudimentary or lack variety. In this edition, only one set of perks has been changed. Statue Challenges include simple tasks like "stand in the marked area until the bar fills up". They are less exciting compared to the trials of Citra, where each battle in the caves looks unique in its own way. Then we get to the end

With all of the above in mind, let's remember another tedious factor - conservation. As in most roguelikes, if you die, you will lose everything that you managed to accumulate (partially). In addition, in Far Cry 6, there are crashes right at the time of saving. You can save your inventory if you exit the game while in the hideout. But this, in turn, will reset the progress of the task (all completed story quests). That is, you will have to re-pass 3 main missions. It turns out that you need to complete the game in one sitting. But before that, you will have to farm money, buy and upgrade weapons, unlock perks, and much more.

Walkthrough Far Cry 6 - Pagan: Control - game guide


In addition to the main base in Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control, there are additional shelters that are guarded by tyrants. These are Pagan Ming clones that wear masks. Ideally, you want to destroy the Tyrant near the shelter as soon as possible, using the most powerful weapon for this. If you fail to do so within a few seconds, additional opponents will appear. You can get into the shelter only after all the enemies nearby are destroyed.

Dining Table - Similar to the dining table from the opening scene of Far Cry 4, in which Pagan Min invites Ajay to enjoy Crab Rangoon. In the southwest corner of the map is the same table that represents Pagan's main base of operations and spawns point. Then there are three additional shelters:

  • Shelter on the lake. Located in the western part of the map.
  • Country house, which is located in the northern part of the map.
  • A hideout in the mountains, located in the southeastern part of the map.

By gaining control of these areas, you will have access to everything you need to progress. There are mirrors here that allow you to unlock abilities and armories where you upgrade weapons. After leaving the game, being in the shelter, or at the dining table, you can save your current inventory (weapons, powers, gadgets, money). However, you will lose all of this if you die, crash, or crash while the Pagan is outside of the hideout. Only unlocked skills, stashes, and power slots will remain.

In addition, any exit from the game will reset the current progress of the mission. For example, if you have already completed one of the three tasks to get the Pagan mask, you will have to replay it too. Another example: when you took control of a hideout. If you exit the game while inside the hideout, save your weapons, and so on, you will lose the progress of completed missions. You will have to complete them again.

fast travel

The fast travel points in Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control are similar to those you used in the previous expansion. You cannot teleport to points of interest on the map. Instead, you can use three pairs of mirrors, moving from one to the other and back. The mirrors are connected in pairs, which means that each mirror only leads to one place and back.

  • Mirrors 1 - connect the northwest and southeast corners of the map. In these directions, there are plot tasks.
  • Mirrors 2 - connect the southwest and east corners of the map. The first mirror is located next to the base of the dining table.
  • Mirrors 3 - connect the western and northeastern parts of the map.
Walkthrough Far Cry 6 - Pagan: Control - game guide

How to get Pagan weapons and Kyrat armor

If you have a Season Pass or have purchased the Pagan: Control DLC, then you will automatically receive Pagan's weapons and vehicles in the main game (for Tribute) - the Executioner bow and the Rangoon buggy. When you start the main game, you will see a tooltip on the screen indicating this fact. As for the Executioner bow, it is actually a pistol with a unique mechanism. He has the following perks:

  • The sight is a double medium-range sight.
  • Additional weapon damage to enemies with low health points.
As for the Kyrat or Pagan Ming armor set, you will only be able to access them after completing the story part of Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control. Try to unlock all of these on your first playthrough without leveling up your consciousness:

  • Kyrati Cut Stop, Shoot - Increases weapon damage against the last enemy hit by it. You need to escape Pagan's mind with at least 25,000 points. This can be done by completing all 20 waves in the Royal Palace during the final game.
  • Kyrati Suit That's Me - Get pesos for freeing civilians in prison columns and on roadsides. You need to escape Pagan's mind. Complete 3 main missions.
  • Kyrat Pants - A bonus charge for the Supremo for melee kills. You need to accumulate at least 8000 respect. This is the in-game currency of this add-on. You can sell powers.
  • Kyrat Shoes - Significantly increases walking speed, but reduces running speed. You need to open all the attractions on the map.
  • Kyrat Gloves - Slightly increases damage against marked enemies. You need to unlock all the weapons in Pagan's arsenal. Read below.

The best weapons, modifications, and gadgets

While traveling around the island, you will stumble upon activities: by interacting with the chest, you will summon several opponents. Defeat everyone and the chest will open, and inside you will find a new weapon for Pagan. The number of enemies you have to kill varies depending on the specific chest. For example, for a chest with a bow, it is enough to kill 8 people but to unlock the grenade launcher, you will have to deal with at least 20 opponents. You also have to be careful as some mobs can use the weapons hidden in the chest. Once you kill everyone, interact with the chest again. The weapon will be forever stored in your arsenal. You do not have to repeat the same test, but in case of death, you will have to spend respect to acquire it. Let's list all available weapons ...

Main slot:
  • Submachine gun MP34
  • Crusher KSG
  • Rifle SSGP-58

Second slot:
  • M9 pistol (available by default)
  • Automatic pistol GP13 Auto

Special Slot:
  • Sniper rifle SR-A
  • Light machine gun MG21
  • M-79 grenade launcher

By default, weapon crates in Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control are of normal rarity. To improve them, you will have to spend respect points, thereby unlocking additional slots for modifications. Subsequently, it will be possible to change combinations of modifications, although the cost will gradually increase (the more improvements, the more expensive they are). If you are satisfied with the combination of modifications, you can buy this type of weapon. The only ways to reset the mods are to further improve the main weapon or exit the game. In the latter case, you will reset all current progress of the story missions.

Similar mechanics are used in gadgets, but you have to unlock the slots with a mirror and traits. There is a panel associated with the arsenal. Select the gadgets you would like to "re-release". For example, if you want to replace a fragmentation grenade with a Molotov cocktail.

The best weapons I would consider:

  • The M9 Pistol that you receive automatically at the start of the game. I'm serious. You can spend money to upgrade its body, and even with modifications, you can get it for free. I would advise you to take armor-piercing rounds and a silencer so that you can destroy dangerous villains. You can also take temporary skills that increase the damage of pistols and weapons with a silencer. It will be powerful!
  • Light machine gun MG21 - in this game there will be many battles with dozens of enemies, so the light machine gun will be more useful and relevant than ever. I recommend using explosive shells.
  • Shotgun KSG - good in its own way. A great option for instant kills of enemies located in close proximity to the Pagan.
Walkthrough Far Cry 6 - Pagan: Control - game guide

Best mirror traits and skills

Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control mirror skills (traits) are divided into five categories. Each perk in the column will have to be unlocked in a specific order. The more perks you unlock, the higher the cost of subsequent ones (in respect points). All unlocked traits are retained for subsequent playthroughs, regardless of the number of deaths or mind levels.


  • Provides two healing syringes that automatically regenerate over time.
  • Minor increase in health.
  • Health increase.
  • Moderate health boost.
  • Significant health boost.
  • Huge health boost.


  • Save 500 cash.
  • Save 1000 cash.
  • Save 3000 cash.
  • Save 6000 cash.
  • Visit the last place where they died to return their booty. Mechanics similar to Dark Souls. A very useful skill that will probably only be useful at higher difficulty levels.


  • Adds 2 additional healing syringes.
  • Shows silhouettes of enemies through obstacles.
  • Unlocks the wingsuit, parachute and grappling hook. They are all useful for exploring the island, although the wingsuit can be a dangerous item if you run into trees or obstacles.
  • Increases squatting movement. Great for stealth kills.
  • Adds two more Healing Syringes.
  • ATVs (buggies) appear in shelters, including the main one and all three additional ones.
  • Adds 2 more Healing Syringes.


  • Device slot #1. Projectiles - hatchets, knives, smoke bombs, distracting grenades.
  • Device slot #2. Explosive shells - Molotov cocktails, fragmentation and poison grenades, sticky grenade, sticks of dynamite.
  • Slot for devices №3. Installable Explosives - Claymore, Poison Proximity Mine, Flame Proximity Charge, Proximity Explosive, Fuel Canister.
  • Slot for devices No. 4. Miscellaneous - pipe bomb, C4, blinding grenade, healing canister, items from other slots.


This is the only branch that differs from the abilities used in the Vaas expansion. The focus here is on headshots and kills with silenced weapons.

  • When you headshot enemies, you mark additional targets.
  • Increases reload speed after a headshot kill.
  • When you kill enemies with silenced weapons, you mark nearby enemies.
  • Marked enemies drop more money.
  • Killing enemies with headshots restores some of your health points.
  • Deal additional damage to marked enemies.

Statue trials

Compared to Vaas: Insanity, these challenges take place in an open world (you won't be teleported into a small cave). These battles are kind of Pagan Ming's slight frustration with Ajay Ghail (in the way the latter defaced the statues in Far Cry 4). In order to complete the Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control statue challenges, you will need to stand in the illuminated circular area near the statue while fighting off the enemies. The progress bar will slowly fill up to 100%. Ajay's clone will appear at around 50%, although no one asks him to be eliminated. After filling the scale, all remaining enemies will turn into golden statues. Destroy them to gather strength.

The first statue is north of the main base with a dining table. You will be able to get to it if you have unlocked the wingsuit and grappling hook upgrades. At the bottom there is an entrance to the cave and a slope. The listed tools will be useful to you in order to climb higher and pass through the abyss.

In the northern part of the map is the second statue. This place is more difficult to defend, as enemies can approach from different directions. Try to complete this quest during daylight hours to prevent exploding spirits from spawning.

The third statue is located east of the lake. Mobs will come towards you from two directions. There are also traps that spit fire. Be careful as it's not uncommon for enemies to drop oil cans, which will spread the flames.

After completing the test of the statue, you will receive a new power. It will act as an extra life: in case of death, you will restore all your health, get a second chance. However, this power can be traded for 1000 Respect each. After selling it, return to the shelter, restart the game: you will reset the progress of the tests and you can go through it again. This way you can accumulate the amount you need.

Illusion "Thinner than water"

The Chal-Jama Monastery is located in the southern part of the Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control map. East of the dining table safe area. Once you reach your destination, you can start the illusion. Initially, you are asked to repair the statue by finding its head. Climb the nearest hill and find a well covered with wooden boards. Break these boards and jump down. Make sure you hit the water and not the rock ledge. Raise the head of the statue, then shoot the lock on the gate and interact with the statue. This will dry up the pond. To open the monastery, you need to interact with any statue. The statue you choose will lead to different layouts and scenes. For example, the pagan statue on the left will have a monastery filled with fire traps. You can easily bypass them. When completed, hear the voice of Lashkaman,

Sound and Fury Illusion

The ruins of the bell tower are located in the western part of the Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control map. However, before heading there, I suggest unlocking upgrades for the parachute, wingsuit, and grappling hook. There will be plenty of enemies in this area, but you will also need to climb a lot, so the tools listed above are needed. The presence of a hook will allow you to quickly climb the ledges. Meanwhile, a parachute and a wingsuit are your only means of survival if you make a mistake with the jump. If you fall down, Pagan will surely die. Once you've cleared the first room, keep moving forward until you reach an open area. Soldiers will appear on the platforms and need to be destroyed. Once you've taken care of them, use the grappling hook or simply climb up the cliff to get to the top ledges. Further you will find yourself in a small room with boarded up windows. Destroy the obstacles, go inside and continue climbing. Beware of abysses. Soon you will reach the roof. Climb up the ledges until you find the radio. Interact with him and the illusion will be dispelled. For these efforts, you will receive three random powers.

Illusion "House on fire"

Ishvari's house is located in the eastern part of the Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control map. Go there and find actually two buildings - a house on the left and a house in the middle of the street on the right. You need to do the following ... go to the front door of the house on the right and take the key to the first floor. Enter the house on the left and take Ishwari's Diary #1 from the living room. Go to the second floor of the same house and look under the TV to find Ishvari's diary #2. Picking it up will also give you the key to the second floor. Use it to open the blue door nearby and go through the balcony of the left house. Move to the balcony of the house on the right and open the door. Examine the broken door frame and pick up Ishvari's Diary #3. Go down the stairs to find Ishvari's Diary #4. Go to the large tree in the yard to see a vision in which they show how Mohan Gale killed Lakshmana, daughter of Pagan Min and Ishwari Gale. After that, the battle will begin. Masked Pagan clones will appear. These are extremely dangerous opponents, so try to find cover. You can run back to any house.

god game

Jalendu Temple is located in the center of the Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control game world. You won't be able to miss it as it stands in the middle of the lake. As soon as you get to the place, your task will be updated. You need to find and activate three cylindrical prayer wheels. Two are on opposite sides of the main temple, and the third is located away from the water. The more wheels you activate, the more opponents will get in your way. When you activate all three wheels, a clone of Mohan Gale will appear. Kill him and the remaining enemies. The area near the temple will become available. Make your way up, clearing each floor. On the top floor is the spirit of Lakshamana, the dead daughter of Pagan Min and Ishwari Gale. You will see a vision and learn that during his lifetime, Pagan spent little time with Ishvari and Lakshamana.

Rewriting history

Banapur can be found in the northwestern part of the Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control game world. There are several enemies in this location, but the quest can be completed regardless of whether you destroy them or not. As for the main objective, you need to burn three supply caches in this region. They look like stacks of boxes covered with hay and wheat. If you approach one of them, a marker will appear. Get closer and interact. After a few seconds, the boxes will be set on fire. However, the task will be complicated by the appeared enemies. The best option is to use ignitable projectiles and shoot boxes from a distance. When you burn all three caches, new opponents and a clone of Mohan Gale will appear. Kill him quickly or he will. When you destroy the main enemy, the remaining mobs will disappear. You will see the second memory. This time with Ajay Gale.

For king and country

Durgesh Prison is located in the southeast corner of the Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control game world. Next to the first pair of mirrors. You can go through the tunnel there. Once inside, the main door will be locked. You will be able to go to the tunnel on the left or right. However, you will have to visit both, and now you choose in which order. There are a couple of small caves in the left tunnel where you fight opponents. There is also an open area where you need to climb over the ledges along the cliff. In the end, you will reach the treasure room, where you will find the first vision.

Walkthrough Far Cry 6 - Pagan: Control - game guide

There are several traps in the right tunnel. You can interact with the brazier to dispel the flames. Soon you will reach a large cave with a bottomless pit. In the end, you will find yourself in a cave where you need to kill enemies by avoiding fire traps. Then you need to find a statue in the treasury with another vision.

After gaining access to both statues, the main passage will open. Inside the room there will be fire traps that can be disabled using the three braziers located on the sides of the room. Along with the usual enemies, Yuma Lowe will appear. I would suggest using a shotgun or light machine gun to deal with Yuma as soon as possible. At the last stage, Yuma will use a flamethrower. Beware of this weapon, stay away from Yuma and bypass the fire traps. Try to shoot Yuma in the back to blow up the fuel tank. Review the vision to receive new power (extra life). Take the third mask.

Royal Palace (20 waves)

The moment you get all three memory masks, Pagan's mind will begin to give way. Thunderclouds and avalanches will appear. If you fall into this wave of destruction, you will immediately die, and you will have to start over. Thus, you will have to act as quickly as possible to get to the Royal Palace, located in the northeast corner of the Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control game world. The gate will slowly open and you just have to follow through until you find Lakshamana's spirit. The next room will have a mirror that allows you to open new perks, as well as an armory for modifications. I would suggest upgrading the shotgun and light machine gun, preferably with a silencer and armor piercing rounds. Also unlock gadget slots and reroll until frag grenades or claymores drop. I recommend that you first collect two masks, and then farm the right amount of money and modifications. Only after that go for the third mask (in any order).

After collecting everything you need, go up the stairs and open the door. You will be teleported to a new region with vegetation, calm waters. Near the small house will be Ishvari, Ajay and Lakshmana. When Pagan decides to approach them, everyone will disappear. The final battle will begin.

The first part contains 5 enemy waves. After the destruction of the last wave, a 60-second timer will start. You will be able to leave this area by walking towards the light source, which will essentially end the walkthrough. Or you can stay and wait a bit for the timer to stop, and then fight even more enemies. Among the opponents will be ordinary soldiers, dogs, clones of Mohan and Yuma. The latter are especially dangerous as they wear armored masks and sometimes use a flamethrower. You can shoot the canisters on their backs to blow up your opponents as soon as possible. Unlike the ending of Vaas: Insanity, I didn't encounter ghosts. Probably because my final was held during daylight hours.

The next parts will contain 3 waves. Each time after these waves you will receive stimpacks, ammo and gadgets. The last will be the 20th wave. You can use the waterfall as a campsite to wait a bit. Destroy the enemies that will go straight there. Try to kill anyone with a flamethrower before the enemy can get close to you. You can also jump onto one of the ledges.

After clearing all 20 waves, you will see the true ending of Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control. Now you really need to leave. You can exit by using the brightly lit doorway. The passage will end. In future runs, you will be able to increase the level of consciousness, which will increase the difficulty, the quality of the drop-down loot and rewards.