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Who currently holds the world record for the highest Paragon level in Diablo 3?

 Paragon levels let you level up in Diablo 3 even after the maximum level of the character. But who actually has the highest Paragon level in Diablo 3 right now?

This is the current record: The world's highest Paragon level is said to be 20,000. The Chinese player Edey is currently the only player in the world with this level. He reached this record in November 2021.

His official profile can only be viewed in Chinese and has not been available for some time. However, a screenshot of his achievement was shared on a forum and discussed it.

Incidentally, the player Devil has the highest level in Europe with 16,544 (as of January 5, 2022).


Is there a maximum Paragon level? According to the screenshot and statements, there are no more experience points after Paragon 20,000. So it shouldn't be possible to level any further. But only very few will get that far at all.

How long does it take? The player himself did not provide any information about how long he was playing. According to some comments, however, the journey of 10,000-20,000 alone should have taken over 6,000 hours.

The experience required for Paragon levels increases exponentially with each level. So while it is faster in the beginning, it takes longer and longer in the end. So it should be a good few hundred hours more. According to the Paragon calculator from Maxroll.GG , the entire journey from 0-20,000 with ideal setups and 16 hours of playtime a day should take roughly 400 days.

"Only hackers can manage such high levels"

Did he honestly manage it? The discussion about high Paragon levels has existed before. As early as 2021, players complained that Paragon 20,000 could be reached through cheats or exploits (via ).

Even before that, many in the community were sure that Paragon beyond 10,000 could not be reached without cheats. However, Edey is said to have played fairly, at least there are no reports that he was banned.

Diablo expert Wudijo looked at the record and analyzed the milestone in more detail in his video.


In any case, the time investment in such a record is enormous. If you want to try it, you have to devote yourself entirely to Diablo 3.