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 Today, February 4th, is the official release of Dying Light 2 . To start with, we are giving you a few tips that can help you familiarize yourself with the mechanics.

Dying Light 2 is quite a massive game that combines elements of different genres. The game can be described as an open-world RPG with survival mechanics. Accordingly, there is a lot to consider, especially when you take your first steps.

Therefore, we would like to give you some helpful tips that can help you survive in the zombie apocalypse. Currently, these are primarily designed for beginners, but we will gradually expand this article with more tips.

8 tips for Dying Light 2

Our choices relate to different aspects of the game. In Dying Light 2, the various mechanics intertwine.

The parkour system is closely linked to the combat system but is also crucial to locomotion. Equipment, on the other hand, is important for surviving in combat, but it also influences the way you play.

There are also useful tools such as throwing knives, grenades, or Molotovs that you can make yourself and use for various tactics.

Not every battle needs to be fought

That's why you shouldn't fight every fight: In Dying Light 2, zombies, bandits, and other threats want to constantly threaten you like leather. Above all, there are zombies on almost every corner.

There's pretty much nothing you can do but walk the streets and kill every zombie. But you shouldn't necessarily do that, because there are a few points that speak against it:

  • Normal zombies bring hardly any experience points
  • They hardly drop any loot
  • You wear out your equipment without really benefiting

If you want good loot, you'll have to look elsewhere. Abandoned GRE vehicles and containers often contain useful equipment and items.

Apart from that, you should focus on the stronger opponents. Special zombie variants usually have loot in their luggage. Human opponents also have the equipment and other items with them again and again.

It's hardly worth knocking down every standard zombie wuss.

Don't hoard gear

Why it's not worth it: In Dying Light 2, your weapons can break after too much use. There is also no real repair option. This is currently only possible with a trick and only to a very limited extent.

This quickly tempts to pick up cool or strong weapons. It could break. But as the game progressed, I realized that it was not worth hoarding weapons. You level up faster and quickly find new and stronger weapons before you can even destroy your hoarded things.

Before you know it, the once-powerful rare weapon is down a tier or two and suddenly can't compete with the common weapon you've found. Therefore, what you find, you should use! Don't hold back and smash your strongest weapons straight into quick selection.

How about clothes? In Dying Light 2 you will find clothing sets as well as weapons. There are four different categories:

  • Brawler - For melee fighters with one-handed weapons
  • Medic - For all-rounders with a focus on parkour and healing
  • Ranger - For ranged fighters with bows and crossbows
  • Tank - For melee fighters with two-handed weapons who want more endurance

You will find parts of these four categories from the beginning. But it's not worth making certain builds or sets at the start. Before you have a ranged weapon, you are already well advanced in the game. In addition, your level and loot faster than you can really use your sets for a long time.

So don't be shy and sell everything that doesn't match your level. That leads to our next point.

Save your money - you'll need it later

Why you should save: It's just not worth buying equipment at the beginning of the game. You will find more than enough on your missions and forays through the city.

In the later course of the game, the offer of the various dealers gets better and better, but also significantly more expensive. It is therefore worthwhile to already have something on the high edge financially.

Be careful with nocturnal forays

You have to keep this in mind: The game world is much more dangerous at night. Most of the zombies "sleep" in the buildings during the day. But at night the streets are full of them.

Then there are some of the dangerous specimens and there are screamers everywhere. As soon as they see you, they alert all zombies around and suddenly the whole block is after you.

How does a hunt like this work? If you are spotted by screamers, you will now see a bar that fills up over the course of the hunt, the more zombies you draw attention to.

There are also 4 levels. With each level, more and more dangerous zombies come and join the hunt for you. To escape a hunt, you must either get far enough away from the pack to break the line of sight long enough or go to a safe zone that has UV lamps. As soon as you are in the protection of the UV lamps, the pack will let you go.

Otherwise, stay off the streets as much as possible and stay on the rooftops if you're just out and about. But if you go into buildings, you have to pay attention to other things:

  • Always keep an eye on your immunity meter. Without UV light, you turn yourself into a zombie after a certain time and are therefore "dead".
  • If things get tight, there are two life-saving items: immunity boosters and UV mushrooms. They increase your immunity for a certain period of time.
  • So always have enough of them in your luggage.
  • Sneaking can be very useful inside buildings. Because even though most zombies are now playing outdoors, there are still enough of them indoors ready to munch on you.
  • So proceed carefully and try not to alarm the whole pack.

One last note: be careful when using grenades and any other item that makes a lot of noise. Explosions attract particularly fast zombies, which can also follow you on roofs.

Use your distraction tools

You should note that: Dying Light 2 not only offers you offensive tools for aggressive action. There are also numerous other items that expand your tactical options.

So you can distract zombies and living enemies with various lures and other items. There are the following deduction options:

  • Gold Coins - Used to distract individual enemies.
  • Firecrackers - Used to distract human enemies and zombies
  • Meat Bait - Attracts zombies to where you place it.

Depending on the situation, you can use these items to lure zombies to you or to distract them from a certain spot.

For example, you can grab valuable loot guarded by a zombie horde, or cause confusion in bandit camps. In addition, you can even rush zombies to bandits.

Be economical with upgrades and weapon mods

What are upgrades? Thanks to the crafting system in Dying Light 2, you can upgrade your tools and weapon mods if you have the appropriate materials. The upgrades then improve the properties of the respective items.

That's why you should wait with it: With each upgrade level, the requirements become higher and you have to spend more money and rarer material. However, it is quite expensive, especially at the beginning.

In the later course of the game, you can get the items you need faster and make money faster. So wait for your upgrades.

With a bit of luck, you can also find items that already correspond to higher upgrade levels at dealers and when roaming the game world.

Unlocks fast travel points

Things to note: Dying Light 2 offers a fast travel feature, although it is not unlocked at the beginning of the game.

If you want to use the feature, you need to find the subway stations in the game world and activate their power to turn them into safe houses and fast travel points.

For this, you have to activate a different number of generators and solve smaller and simple climbing puzzles.

Uses the game world as a weapon

You should note that: In Dying Light 2 you should not only rely on your weapons and items. Your parkour and climbing skills are also particularly important.

Not only can you use them to move around, but you can also use them in battle. With the right skills, you can launch acrobatic attacks, use your environment to your advantage and become an absolute whirlwind.

As you progress through the game, you'll unlock skills that allow you to knock enemies off rooftops, trap them, or simply confuse them. So take a good look at your surroundings and think about how you can use them to your advantage.

The combat system seems simple, the further you get in the game, the more possibilities open up to you.

Do you find the tips helpful? Have you made any useful discoveries yourself that you want to share with others? Write to us!