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A guide for beginners to Sifu. How to defeat enemies, how aging and death mechanics work, why totems are needed, how to save moves after death


A guide for beginners to Sifu. How to defeat enemies, how aging and death mechanics work, why totems are needed, how to save moves after death

The new action game Sifu, where the player takes on the role of a martial artist, turned out to be a harsh "bagel" that makes your fingers suffer. There is almost no training in the project, and you have to learn all the nuances from your own experience. In this guide, we have collected all the information that is useful to know at the beginning of the "path of revenge" so that the game does not become hell for you.

What is the main task in the game Sifu?

The hero (or heroine) faces the non-trivial task of taking revenge on the murderers of his father. In total, five villains and five levels are waiting for you, respectively. As you explore the location, you will move between small arenas, defeat enemies and collect useful information. The main goal is to kill bosses and not die. Yes, it's that simple.

How to use combos and win fights

All combos in Sifu are quite simple and are tied to three buttons. However, they must be used wisely and at the right time. Don't miss the opportunity to practice to get a better idea of ​​punch timing. It is important that the game has a specific pace. If you quickly press the combination (as in Mortal Kombat), the technique will not work. This approach will seem strange and unusual to many, and it will take a lot of time to get used to it. It is precisely because of such disruptions in the chain of strikes that the game can seem impassable.

Buying a lot of new tricks at once is not the best solution. Open one and use it until you learn automatism.

Strive to use all your arsenal. If the fight drags on, opponents start to remember your blows. Defeating such enemies can be a real challenge. Do not miss the opportunity to finish off the villains with combinations - then you can restore some of your health.

Since the hero has a block stamina bar, learn how dodges, blocks, and parries work. Most often, you will have to fight with a large number of enemies - dodges will definitely save you from premature death.

Sometimes villains attack only after some time. Once in the new arena, look around, perhaps there will be useful items nearby that you can use as a weapon.

Pay attention to the types of attacks from opponents. In addition to normal attacks, there can be enhanced ones. At such moments, the legs or arms are covered with fire. You can't block them - just dodge them.

How do block, dodge, parry, and jump over obstacles work

To block, you need to hold down a special button. In addition, you can choose directions - this way the hero is able to better bounce off directed overhead and low attacks. But do not forget that the block spends stamina. If the bar fills up, you will begin to lose health.

By pressing the block once at the right moment, the hero parries the attack. The enemy will be shocked, and you will have the opportunity for a combo.

Finally, dodging and jumping over obstacles is also very important. The advantage of dodge is that it does not waste stamina, which means you have no restrictions on its use. Any low obstacle can be jumped over. A table or sofa will separate some of the opponents from the hero and give a slight head start.

How to use the environment

Very quickly you will find weapons. It can be a brick, an empty bottle, a pipe (stick) or a real knife. It is extremely important to use them because otherwise the objects scattered around the location will be picked up by opponents. Each weapon has a margin of safety: bottles break on the first hit, and pipes are enough for several full-fledged arenas. Initial durability can be increased with the help of totems.

Sometimes it will be more useful to throw a brick or a bottle at enemies than to use them in an attack. However, you should not throw sticks and other durable things - they will break immediately, although they could last quite a long time.

How the mechanics of death and aging work

The main feature of Sifu is the mechanics of aging. The hero wears a magic amulet with five coins. If you are defeated, you can spend one for an instant resurrection. After each new attempt, the "counter of deaths" grows. The higher it is, the more years the hero will be after revival.

If you managed to win in the arena and did not die anymore, the counter is reset to one death, and the coin is restored. With a good game, you will always have much more than five attempts. However, in a bad scenario for one battle, you can add 10-20 years and even more.

Upon reaching the age of 30, the hero will begin to become stronger, but his health will decrease. Also, some abilities and improvements depend on age. For example, weapon durability can only be increased up to 25 years, and endurance can be increased up to 60.

When all attempts are exhausted, the game will end. You will lose all upgrades and purchased techniques, and the level will have to be completed again.

How to save skills after death and upgrade your character

You will see the skill tree every time before resurrection. The cost of skills is from 500 points and above. However, they are bought only for one "run". There is still a way to keep pumping. Each move must be purchased multiple times to unlock it "permanently". Sometimes it will take three purchases, but more often five. Outside of death, you can pump around the totems.

How to use green dragon totems

On each level you can find green dragon totems. They make it possible to distribute experience points, as well as choose an improvement. There are three groups in total:

  • Improvements depending on age;
  • Account-specific improvements;
  • Improvements depending on the number of points.
As with tricks, each buff can be pumped up to three times, but after the final death they will not be saved.

It is important that improvements that depend on points, when purchased, the same points are spent. Thus, in the third column, you will have to choose between tricks and buffs.

What is concentration and how does it work?

In the lower left corner you can notice a blue bar - this is concentration. Initially, the hero has only one cell, but thanks to the totems, you can buy more. Concentration allows you to use a strong technique that does not require any combinations. Sometimes such a skill can instantly knock out the enemy or break his defense.

Is it possible to cut the path. How to get to the boss as quickly as possible

Since your task is to get to the boss as young as possible, the developers have provided shortcuts. Once on the level for the first time - you will go along the only road. This will allow you to pump and explore the area. Over time, you can get various keys and access codes that you need to use in the next playthroughs.

When buying skills is no longer a priority for you, the shortcut system will save you a lot of time.

It is also important to note that the game remembers the age of the hero when he first enters each of the levels. This saves only the best result. The younger the hero, the more attempts he has. As a result, you can not only open shortcuts, but also constantly improve your performance in order to get to the last boss with minimal losses.