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All codes and passwords for doors in Horizon Forbidden West. How to open locked gates


All codes and passwords for doors in Horizon Forbidden West. How to open locked gates

While progressing through Horizon Forbidden West, the player will encounter locked doors that can only be opened by entering the correct code on the electronic panel. Some users may have trouble finding the right combinations. In this guide, we will talk about all the existing door codes in the game.

Where to find a clue to break the door

To get the correct combination, the player needs to scan a variety of electronic devices using a visor (laptops, servers, and other equipment). In this case, Aloy will receive some useful notes that can be studied in a notebook.

Most often, they store the key to unraveling the code from the door. To activate this function and inspect the nearest area, hold down the “R3” key (right stick) and aim at the highlighted equipment.

How to open the doors in the quests "Death's Threshold", "Cradle of Echoes", "Forbidden Legacy", "Nights of Lights"

Aloy first encounters such locked doors in the story and side quests Death's Door, Cradle of Echoes, Forbidden Legacy, and Nights of Lights. Below are all the door codes in these quests:

  1. Death's Threshold (Main Quest) - 7482.
  2. Cradle of Echoes (Main Quest) - 237.
  3. Forbidden Legacy (side quest) - 102023 (first door) and 4020625 (second door) .
  4. Nights of Lights (Side-Quest) - 739135.

How to open the gate in the ruins with relics

In the ruins with relics, the player can also find several doors with a combination lock. They can be opened with the following combinations:

  1. Base door (The Base Door) - 9626118.
  2. Waterlessness (The Daunt) - 1705.
  3. Desolate lands (No Man's Land) - 2204.
  4. Anxious Wasteland (Restless Weald) - 1923.
  5. Isle of Spires - 2109 (on the seventh floor).
  6. Isle of Spires - 109 (on the ninth floor).
  7. Isle of Spires - 2109109 (on the sixth floor, main door to the relic).