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All Side Quests and Jobs in Horizon Forbidden West

All Side Quests and Jobs in Horizon Forbidden West

 We tell you how to complete each side task and close all cases in the Horizon Forbidden West action

Horizon Forbidden West has 28 side quests and 19 cases. You can complete them in any order, before or after completing the main story. Small nuances may be related to the location of the characters. So, if before the end of the story your allies are at the Base, and it is there that you can take their side tasks, then after the final mission, they should be looked for in other places.

A pinch of courage

The quest can be picked up in Mountain Grinder by talking to Chef Milduf inside the tavern. Listen to him and agree to help. You need to collect game meat, bitter leaf and find corrugated metal. Bitterleaf is a green tall grass (bush) that grows on rocks along with ponds. It can be collected near the Mountain Grinder or found near any body of water! As for the game, you can go to the area marked with the marker, although I have seen the game in other places in the region. Use the scanner (precisely while holding the right analog) to highlight and mark all games. It doesn't matter if you kill a boar or a raccoon: in any case, you will get one piece of game.

After collecting bitterleaf and game meat, get to the indicated region, where there are a norokop and three scavengers. Sneak up behind the trash bins and eliminate them. Search all the garbage heaps the cars have been digging into. In one of them you will find corrugated iron. You can destroy all machines to get additional resources. Return to Milduf to complete the task. Now you can buy food from him.


Another side quest that can be picked up in Grinder Mountain. Go to the "green exclamation mark" marker and talk to Javad and Ulvund. We need to figure out how the acid Cleavers got into the valley. Go inside the tavern and talk to the Carja Viceroy, Javad the Diligent, sitting at the far table.

Follow the marker and go inside the mine where the billhook came from. Run deeper, turn right, as there will be destroyed rails ahead. Inside the large adit, you will have to destroy two billhooks. You can use fireflame containers to blow up monsters. Climb up the slope to find the explosion site. Search the canisters with firefire in the pit on the left. You will also find a cargo manifest pointing towards Ulvund. Speak to Jawad inside the Gnawing Mountain to continue the quest. True, it will be possible to do this later, in the Deserted Lands, after the mission "Embassy".

When you get to the Desolate Lands, follow the marker. Use the scanner to mark all vehicles and all rebels. Finish them off. You can act covertly. To do this, move along the river to the right and rise at the far point. Then kill the first enemy and clear all the paddocks. After that, deal with two more enemies and a rebel on a lenthorn. Go to the bridge, lower part of it, then shoot the highlighted rope on the left. Get inside the cave so Aloy can explore it. It remains to return to the Grinding of the Mountain to Jarad, tell him about everything and expel Ulvund.

deep sorrow

The third side quest available in Grinder Mountain. To take it, you need to talk with another character, marked with a green exclamation mark marker. This is Arnouf, and he will talk about the problems at the mine. Follow the marker. By the way, on the way to the right place there will be lentrogers. Sneak up to one of them and take control to make it easier to move around the location.

Information about members of Lentorog:

  • Vulnerable to electrical projectiles.
  • Can be saddled.
  • Horns. Removed parts are destroyed after death, deprive the attack. At the same time, they are a key resource for improvement.
  • Flame container. It is located above the tail, in the back of the lentor. Removed, contain valuable resources, destroyed after death. Causes an explosion when hit by a fire arrow.
Approach the mine and chat with Corvend. Enter inside the mine, swim through the flooded tunnel. To dive, use the "square". Replenish oxygen periodically. Get to Lokuf and Torden, the two remaining miners. It is necessary to reduce the water level in the mine. Dive into the water, use the acceleration (hold the right analog) and push off the ledge to swim against the current. Climb up the stairs and swim towards the wooden structures. Jump up and climb the stairs. Jump further along the beams and find yourself in a cave with Norokops. Go around the cars or deal with them. Run up the slope at the far end, jump over the landslide on the rails and climb up. Throw down the ladder, then use the grappling hook to deploy the L-shaped mast. Jump on it, run up to the trolley and drop it down.

Then destroy the cars that have come running to the noise - norokops and garbage collectors. Walk back along the marker and talk to Lokuf and Torden. Talk to Corvend outside the mine to complete the quest.

Skirmish training

Complete the training in Grenade Mountain. Follow the marker in the form of a blue cube. Nothing complicated.

Shadow from the past

This side quest can be picked up in the Wasteland Light settlement. Chat with Conover and Ibril. They are indicated by a green exclamation point marker. Conover was locked up for killing a colleague, but the guy says that he contacted the Eclipse. Ride the Lenthorn to the marked clearing and inspect the traces of blood. It is important to interact with the blood through the "triangle". Use the scanner to find the purple footprints. Mark them and move from one to another. Examine the human footprints above, keep moving, marking them with a scanner. You will come across a clearing with Norokops. Deal with the cars or sneak past them. Examine the blood on the dead Norocop.

Continue following the trail, go across the bridge and look around the camp on the right under the bridge. Highlight the tracks and move on. There will be a Norokop and a trash can in the clearing, which you will have to deal with. Although you can bypass them and climb up the rocks on the right without killing anyone. So you will enter inside the car tunnel.

Eavesdrop on the conversation of the Eclipse soldiers, then carefully clear the tunnel. Try to act covertly for as long as possible. The later open battle begins, the better. When shooting at enemies, aim at their heads. Once you've killed all the Eclipse cultists, including the enemies outside, search the corpse of Rayad in the back. You can find it through the scanner. So you get a visor and learn about the plans of the Eclipse. Return to Wasteland Light and give the visor to Ibril to clear Conover. By the way, there is one data carrier inside the Eclipse tunnel.

twilight path

To start this side quest, visit Grinder Mountain after the mission "On the Edge" and speak with Petra. Locate Telland's Mountains in the Grinder's territory and talk to him. He is clearly not in the mood to talk.

Get to the Twilight Carja camp and help them destroy all the machines. Then talk to the marked refugee Lokesha. Search the camp, save by the fire and start climbing. Run up to the waterfall and jump to the ledge to the right of it. Climb up the rope ladder and run along the slope towards the top. You will find a destroyed staircase.

However, Aloy will still be able to climb it. Then jump up and pull with the grappling hook. Then you need to do a little trick. You can see the crossbars on two adjacent walls. Jump on any wall and push off on the "circle" to fly to the adjacent wall and grab the bar. Climb higher and higher, jump over the destroyed bridge and examine the traces of blood on the ground. Use the scanner to see the human silhouette. Light up the path and go through the clearing with cars. You can destroy them or bypass them covertly. Climb up and find a bonfire with Savohar. Talk to the old man.

The bridge to the tower is destroyed. Jump down and hook to the beam below. Climb to the right and up the cliff. Look for the destroyed boards, climb them closer to the tower and grab onto the protruding beam on the outer wall. Jump up the beams to get to the Thunderbird. Take the petrel's heart. Return the closest way to Savohar, who will be dead. Head down (you can use the bonfire) to the Twilight Carja camp to talk to Lokesha and Telland who appears. Regardless of the choice made, Telland will leave. The task will be completed.

Shadow in the West

This side quest will become available automatically upon completion of the "Shadow from the Past" mission. But it will be possible to complete it later, after the quest "Embassy". Once you're in the Wilderness, follow the marker and clear out the surroundings of the enemy camp, killing 4-5 Eclipse Warriors. Go to the gate, near which the guy will appear. Listen to him and go up the stairs to the left. Go around the camp on this side, and then find a hole in the fence through which you can get inside. Operate stealthily and destroy enemies. Once everyone is dead, go through the door to the rooms. Open the detention cell on the right to free the prisoners. Go to the next room and watch the cutscene. Destroy the car and kill Vezre, who is standing in the distance and shooting at Aloy.

After the victory, you need to explore Vezra's lair. Scan the data carrier on the bench on the side, go to the back room and examine another data carrier against the wall. Using the hook grab, tear out the ventilation hatch in the wall to the left of the bed and scan the data carrier in the adjacent room. Once you've examined all three data carriers, return to Ifu and speak with him to complete the quest.

reflections of the sun

This side quest in the Deeds category can be picked up near Wasteland Light. Climb up the hill to the right of the Wasteland Light to find the soldier pointed to by the green exclamation point marker. So you will find out that a woman remained at the top.

Run along the marker and jump up from the rock to grab onto the ledges above the pond. Climb up other sheer cliffs, climb right or left. The path is pretty straight forward. Here you need to mainly climb the walls. Deal with all the machines. Operate stealthily until they find you. Then climb up to the ledge and talk to the wounded woman named Rayna.

We need to get a signal lens for her. Climb down and use the grappling hook to destroy the wall, clinging to the metal parts. Get inside the ruins and destroy the wall ahead. Jump to the other side and climb up the beams on the walls. Go outside and destroy the wall on the right using the grappling hook. Get inside and look up. Find a ledge that you can pull on with your grappling hook. Exit to the passage on the right, jump on the ledges on the outer wall of the tower and climb to the top. Remove the signal lens from the satellite dish, go down and give the item to Raina. She will say that she will pay for each signal lens she finds. You should look for the girl in the Wasteland Light.

big boom

To pick up this side quest, return to Grind of the Mountain after completing the "On the Edge" story mission. Talk to Dela and her friend to find out what the girls need to prototype a new weapon. First, follow the marker to the field where the lenthorns are grazing. It's nearby. Shoot their horns. Each one can drop one horn. You just need to collect three horns.

Then you have to find the combhorn rib. Go to the new marker and inspect the indicated place. In fact, to get this edge, it is enough just to destroy the machine. No details need to be knocked down!

Information about the Fire Grebnerhorn:

  • Vulnerable to frost. Immune to fire.
  • A container with a flamer on the back, in the back. When fired with a fire arrow, causes an explosion. Removed, contains valuable resources, destroyed after death.
  • Cargo bay for resources. Next to the containers, on the back. Removable, causes a chain reaction when hit with water. Contains valuable resources and is destroyed upon death.
  • Horns. Removed, deprived of attack, destroyed after death. This is a key resource for improvement.
After collecting all the details, return to Dela and talk to her. She will give you a stud shooter. It is a weapon that fires a powerful projectile capable of hitting targets at a great distance. Due to the long preparation for firing, it has a low rate of fire. In addition, it is impossible to shoot from it in a jump and sitting position. In order for the spike to penetrate armor, it must be thrown with full force.

Countless Trophies of Keruf

To pick up this quest, visit Light of the Waste where you'll be heading in the "Embassy" story mission and speak with Keruf, who is marked with a green exclamation mark. He will talk about the fact that he is engaged in the extraction of various parts and the design of armor. The next time you will be able to meet him at the camp is after you find yourself in the Wilderness, meeting and defeating the rebels for the first time. Talk to Keruf. This quest will end only after you help all the craftsmen who collect the armor. Complete all the contracts that we talk about in a separate guide.


To pick up this side quest, speak to Odurg in the Grinder Mountain. He is the master of the fighting circle, marked with two crossed spears. You need to kill all the champions in order to fight the Fortress. In each of the four places there are 3-5 challenges, after which the battle against the trainer becomes available. After defeating everyone, you will receive a marker of the place where you should look for the Fortress. Go there, talk to the Fortress, follow and win in a fair fight. You will complete the quest and get the legendary weapon.

deep roots

In the Desolate Lands, you can encounter the first characters with green "diamond and exclamation point" markers. They act as intermediaries, talking about a particular place associated with the task. Near Longneck, you can find a woman by the fire and the tent, who will tell you about this mission.

Follow the marker to Riverwhisper and kill the Tenakt rebels. Run after Q, talk to him in the settlement and move on. When your paths cross, climb up inside the cave and climb the rocks. Enter the spacious cave with water and run to the right. Dive into the water and look for a passage there. After getting out in another cave, destroy the cars and climb up the ledges on the rocks. Run along the walls and jump down to another part of the cave. Be sure to drop the ladder for yourself so that you can climb it in case of a fall. Jump and cling to the rock opposite the stairs. With a run jump over to another rock, then jump and pull the grappling hook to the hook point. Climb the wall to the right until you reach an extended metal beam. Step on it and jump onto the rock ahead. Jump even further and pull with the grappling hook.

Here you will find Norocops and Swallows. You don't have to kill cars. The gulps drop grains that you can pick up. But if you decide to fight, then after the destruction, just search the cars. Then go downstairs and give the seeds to Q. Wait a bit and finish off all the Tenakt rebels. Among them will be both people and machines. After winning the task will be completed. Among other rewards, you will receive a highly accurate Q bow.

burning flowers

After meeting Mian in the Wilderness, chat with the girl to get a new side quest. Move to the marked area and help the Carja Hunter defeat a pair of Striders. Use the scanner to find vulnerable points of machines. There will also be several Water Sprayers. After the fight, talk to Talana and follow your friend Ela. After reaching the battlefield, use the scanner to find the purple dots. Carefully inspect each and interact with them without a scanner, through the "triangle". Use the scanner to find footprints and select them by pressing R1. Follow the trail and talk to Lel. Go to the western ridge to find Armortooth. Find vulnerable points on the machine. Use acid and fire arrows and traps against it, as the car is extremely vulnerable to these elemental elements. After the destruction of the Armored Tooth, enter the tunnel, use the scanner to find the corpse under the rubble on the left and interact with it. The task will be completed, but a new quest "Looking for Answers" will automatically begin.

Looking for answers

The quest starts in No Man's Camp. Visit the Ozeram camp to learn about Amadius, a friend of Talana's who has previously been here. He went to the Razor Marsh to meet with Aloy. after arriving in the Swamp and finding Talana, she confesses that she is looking for Amadis because she has feelings for him. Aloy will agree to help find the man. Follow Talana until you actually run into Amadis fighting Firefang. Aloy and Talana will join the fight. After defeating Firefang, Amadis will tell Talana why he did this. He wanted to know what happened to Nessa, his former lover. And the only way to find out is to go to the Rot, where she was held captive. Follow Amadis there until you find yourself in front of a complex with high wooden walls.

Aloy will ask everyone to stay while looking for another entrance. Run to the object, go around it and look for the entrance from the ocean. Once inside, get rid of a few rebels, and when you can, approach the gate and open it for Talana and Amadis by turning the valve on the right side. Talana will finish off the last rebel, but he will have time to summon the machine. Defeat the enemy and talk to Talana. Search the detention cells to find out that Nessa is still alive and has joined the Tenakt as a soldier, which cannot be done with the Carja. After the conversation, Talan and Aloy say goodbye, the girl will return to the east.

Divided Tribe

Go to the Song of the Valley in the Wilderness and speak to Embo who is working on the plantation. Run to the indicated place and talk to Jax, who is standing at the entrance to the cave. Follow Sokorra, climb the mountains and swim across the pond. Along the way, you'll come across a Carja camp, where you can pick up the side quest, Drowned Hopes. Arriving at the indicated place, deal with the Norokops, the kite and talk to Sokorra.

We need to find an entrance inside. Go left along the fortress and use the grappling hook to destroy the part of the wall with a piece of metal. Go to the basement and climb out the stairs. Once in the courtyard, go up the stairs and shoot the cargo hanging on the wooden structure above the building on the left. You will destroy the wall and you will be able to move the box to the other side, and then use it to climb to the roof of the building, grabbing the yellow ledge. Run along the wall and turn left. Using the scanner, find the capture points and climb to the top of the tower. Look for stairs leading even higher to find a quest box. Search the container and run to Socorra to destroy the water squirts and swallows. Talk to Socorra and Jax, then return to the Eagles to complete the mission.


In the Song of the Valley, go upstairs and chat with Bree to get a new side quest. Get to the indicated place, go upstairs and deal with all the machines. When you kill the ruminants and cloud-cutters, go to the bridge and study the tracks. Walk to the left along the cliff to bypass the mountain and climb to its top. At the very end there will be a waterfall, and Aloy will notice the wooden debris. Climb up the rocks. Use the scanner to highlight the hook spots. Move through a small cave where water is pouring from, and exit on its other side. Cross the bridge and keep running up the slopes. Climb higher and higher to get to the top of the Cape. Examine the stone table, then use the scanner to examine the other two points. Use the scanner and mark the trail, then move along it into the bushes. Examine the broken branches and continue following the trail. You will find two bodies. A hunter will appear, which you need to kill. Then another one will appear. Once you've finished both vehicles, examine the girl's corpse and return to Bree in Valleysong. Travel to Summerwind and talk to Kel.

old forest

At the very top of the Song of the Valley, find Shael and Yull, who will have a task for you. You can additionally communicate with the survivor in the village, and then follow the marker into the forest. Once in the search area, destroy all the cars and inspect the corpse. After taking the bag from the corpse, turn on the scanner and find the trail. Activate it on R1 and follow the trail to a new corpse. You have to climb up the ledges. Find the corpse, take the second bag and look for traces again using the scanner. So you get to the third corpse. Keep following the trail, across the river and up the rocks. Climb to the left on the rocks, where the fourth survivor fled. You will find yourself in a location with several Cloud Cutter machines. Destroy them, and then inspect the gorge where the survivor hid. Destroy the supreme beater, after which the task will be completed. It remains to return to Shaeli.

Drowned hopes

The quest can be picked up in the Desolate Lands at the Carja camp by talking to Gendas and Rushavid. Then go to the marker and destroy all the cars at the excavation site. Having done this, swim to the marker in the water. Unfortunately, you won't be able to view the flooded ruins if you don't have a breathing apparatus. You will receive it according to the plot of the game when you go after Poseidon. If so, come back here later.

After destroying the cars on the shore, dive to the depths of the reservoir and search the sunken ship to find the first security console, which will give you the first key to the vault. Head to the second location and climb up the building with the broken roof. Inside the flooded building, you will find a second security console, and with it a second key. You will also receive the coordinates of the place where you need to go next.

Enter the ruins, dive deep and swim through several rooms to find a third console and a third vault key. You will receive one more coordinates. Pass through the specified area to the south until you find a cave behind which is the entrance to the ruins. There you will find three locks for the vault keys. Use all the keys to get the required item. Return to scientists. After the cutscene, craft a new weapon, the Guardian's Rope Launcher.


You need to get to the flooded village, then the task will begin (automatically). First, look for the survivors on the small hill on the right and talk to their leader. The girl will tell you that in the flooded village there are other people who need help. Aloy will have to search the village, find survivors. The task covers several places in the village. Let's start from the left side, the metal tower. The tower has people stuck in a room with one exit and a ladder they can't get to. First you need to find the entrance. To get into the building, go to the tree on the small patch of ground in front of it and knock it over the building. So you will create a makeshift bridge and be able to get to the neighboring building. Inside it, use the grappling hook to climb higher. If you try to lower the ladder for trapped people, it will break. You will be locked up with the survivors. Use the rope thrower to lower parts of the building and create a lift. People can run away.

The second group of survivors is at the watchtower. They can't go down as cars roam the area. As soon as you destroy all the machines, the survivors will go down on their own. The last group got stuck on a rock. Aloy decides to use a huge crane so that people can get out of the cliff on his arrow. First you need to destroy the debris holding the crane on the rails. After that, jump into the water on the left side to get rid of other debris. This is not enough. Climb up the hill to the side of the crane and lower its counterweight using the grappling hook. After that, climb the crane and shoot the ropes on the boom to create a bridge for the survivors.

Move to the place where another survivor was last seen. Remove the rubble with the grappling hook to get into the mine. The man is seriously injured and cannot get out of here on his own. Aloy comes up with another crazy idea: to flood the shaft so that the survivor can ride the raft up. There is only one path in this place that you can take. And you will need to use the grapple several times. Keep doing this, then blow up the wall to flood the mines. Aloy will save the last survivor, although his fate is still deplorable. Return to the village leader to complete the quest.

Gate of the Vanquished

The task will start automatically after you complete the quest "Sand Hole". Travel to the Gate of the Vanquished and speak with Jetakka. A long conversation will start and you will have a choice. You can choose to side with Jetakka or Yarra. You can choose the third option, but after that you will still be asked to choose Yarra or Jetakku. The person you support will fight you against another. The choice will not affect anything, only who will ultimately lead the Blazing Spear. You will receive the achievement in any case, as well as the next task from Yarra or Jetakka.

signal spike

This quest can be picked up in two different locations. In the first case, you can take the quest in No Man's Camp, and in the second case, on the hill west of No Man's Camp, if you save a woman (Silga) who was attacked by machines (marked with a "question mark" on the map). In the second case, you will be able to skip the first objective of the mission.

At No Man's Camp, talk to Minda. She will talk about a woman who escaped from the camp, and that her chances of survival are negligible. Aloy decides to find her. Once you get to the quest location, you will see a woman fighting the machines. Kill the machines and talk to her. You will get something like a radio, but due to the lack of communication, the woman cannot pick up the entire signal. Aloy decides to climb to the top of the mountain to check the signal. Follow the ropes up and scan the area. Aloy will not be able to receive the full message. Return to the woman. Aloy will remember the ancient method of triangulation: you need to catch a signal at three different points in order to determine the exact location of the desired place. Since you have already visited one place, it remains to get into the other two.

Go to the indicated point where there is a high tower. This is the Burning Spear. Find a capture point on the side of the tower and pull yourself up to it. From there it will be easy to climb to the very top. Scan the area, then move up the mountain at Aloy's base. from the eastern exit from the base, you can climb a little uphill, along its southern side. If you're doing the quest after completing the story, it will be much easier to use the lightwing and fly it up.

By visiting all three locations, Aloy will determine the exact location of the source of the signal. Head there and destroy the wall with the spear. Dive into the water and swim across to the other side to find the box from which the signal comes. Return to Silga and explain what happened. The mission will end after the cut-scene. Go to the workbench and craft a new weapon.

Thirst for the hunt

After accepting the task, move along the marker and talk to Drakka. Follow her until you reach a new objective, right around the corner, up a short path. Talk to her, climb the wall ahead and enter the next area with the machines. Deal with them, search the four cars that were just killed to get their hearts. Then take the hearts to Drakka at the beginning of the location, near the place where the corpse was examined.

Follow Drakka to a new location. Gromozev will appear. Shoot the disc launchers and use this weapon to get rid of the car as soon as possible. Search the Thunderstorm, talk to Drakka again and return to the beginning of the location. Talk to Jetakka to transfer the hearts and complete the quest.


In the process of writing...

The Rise of a Soldier

The task can be taken in Vale. It will become available after the main story quest "Wings of the Ten". In Val, find two arguing female warriors. The brother of one of them goes up the mountain to become a soldier. His sister worries about him and asks to know how he feels. Go to the beginning of the climb. The first section of the ascent is a straight path up. As usual, you can click on the right analog to highlight the ledges. At the top, visit the camp and talk to Wakatta.

The two climbers have not yet returned. Follow the only path and help one of them in the fight against the hunter. He will say that Penttoh saved his life, but insisted on completing the ritual. Follow the path and look for footprints. Keep walking along them, uphill until the trail breaks off. Climb up the wall, use the hook on the wall and follow the ledge to the opposite side. After the climb, you will find Penttoh fighting the machines. Help the guy and talk to him. He still insists on ascending, and Aloy will join him.

The path is quite simple, except for one place. You must use your grappling hook to get across to the other side, knock down the tree and jump from the fallen tree to the ledge. And again, when you climb to the top, you will be attacked by a machine. This time it will be Icefang. Kill him and follow him to the top so that the guy gets the flower he needs. Return to Vekatta. You can use the fast travel kit.

Blood for blood

The task can be taken after completing the Kulrut story mission, in the same grove. Talk to Decca, move along the marker and kill the rebels at the outpost. Once you've done that, you'll need to explore the outpost where Nakkalla was. After going there, you will hear a dialogue. Scan and select the footprints with the R1 key. Immediately after the outpost, Aloy will tell you about traces of blood. Examine it, continue following the trail and soon return to the outpost. Examine the hatch under the tree, go to the right place and talk to Decca. Go to the camp outside the settlement to fight the rebels. Move towards the fire and use the triangle to wait for reinforcements. Follow Kawvoh a short distance to reach the next target area. Keep following. It is a linear path with some climbing elements. In the new area, you will find a Behemoth, and rebels will appear ahead. Kill everyone, then talk to Kavvoh and Arokeh. Return to the settlement and chat with Decca to complete the quest.

Sand Hole

The quest will start automatically after the "Bloodlust" quest. Travel to the Burning Spear and speak with Jetakka. Follow her and then talk to Yarra. Follow her to a new target, inside the Burning Spear. Scan the water tank underground, directly in front of you. Leave the scanner active and move along the underground pipes to reach the next objective, leading far beyond the Burning Spear. Keep following the pipes. You will have to climb up the wall in a new area. In the end, you will reach a dead end where you need to kill several cars.

After destroying the machines, you will be prompted to inspect the corpse above the log next to the place where you climbed. Use the scanner and keep moving along the pipes. After walking a little more, you will need to climb the walls. In general, the path is linear, and it leads to the cave. Use the scanner to examine the lever and valve. Look at the ceiling. Use the hook to open the grate. Also lower the beam on the wall to the left of it. Turn around and climb onto the yellow ledge next to the entrance you came from. Jump back onto the beam and towards the air vent. At the other end of the ventilation, turn the valve, jump down and pull the lever.

Turn around and climb back to the valve. Turn it around, use the ledge on the left and from the second ledge click on the "circle" to jump back and grab the ladder. The puzzle is timed, so you need to act fast to get back to the first lever. Return to the starting room through the ventilation and talk to Yarra. Go to the Burning Spear and talk to the guard at the breach. In the same settlement, meet with Yarra to trigger an automatic cutscene. Then the quest will be completed.

in the fog

This quest can be taken at the Quay. Fenirra will talk about her father Garokk and ask him to find him to find out if he has lost his mind. Head to Garokka's camp, but the man won't be there. Scan the area for footprints and activate tracking on R1. Follow the tracks until you find an enemy fighting a man. This is Garokka. Help him and kill the enemy. Talk to Garokka. He will want to escort you to his camp. Better to say, to the camp of his old team, which sounds strange. Follow the man who talks about the ambush. And you will be ambushed by two hunters. Take care of them and keep going after Garokka.

Soon you will reach the camp he talked about, but instead of his team, you will find a memorial set up for them. It turns out that Garokka is suffering from dementia-like symptoms and believes he is in the past. When he comes to, he will notice that something is missing from the memorial. Scan the area, mark the tracks and follow them until you get to the place where the ape-like machines are located. Destroy them all and then search the trash heaps. These piles come in different colors. The item you need is highlighted in purple. Return to Fenirra to have Aloy explain what is happening to her father. When he returns, the task will be completed.

high ambitions

This quest becomes active after the Sea of ​​Sands story mission. Go to the elevator shaft, climb up there or jump down, and at the end, open the wing shield to avoid damage. Go to the quest marker, jump down and go forward. When you get to a large open area, head straight for the target. On the way there you will meet several cars. Go through the broken window, follow the underground to another large room under the target marker. At the top you will see a golden dragon.

There is an air vent on the left wall of the room. Open the grate, get into the ventilation and immediately turn into the room on the right. Here you will find a fireflower and a crate. Blast the wall with the fireblossom, then drag the crate into the main room and place it so it jumps onto the ledge above. Walk left, turn around and look up to see another crate. Pull it and lean against the wall to get to the ledges and jump over them. On the last ledge, look ahead and lower this beam. Jump off the beam to the other side of the floor. Move to the end and lower the vent in the ceiling. Pass through it, move forward and to the left. Jump on the dragon and grab the burner that Morlund needs.

Return the same way you came here. Use the grab points in the elevator shaft to go upstairs. Talk to Morlund. After a long cut-scene, you will need to find Morlund, who is nearby. As soon as you move forward, cars will appear. Kill them and free Morlund, who is stuck in the rubble. Move with him to the next goal. Morlund will stop and ask you to cross the chasm. Cut down the tree and cross to the other side. Here you will find a Thunderbird guarding the burner. Finish off the car and talk to Morlund to complete the mission.

Explode or break

The task can be taken in No Man's Camp. Talk to Porguf near the workbench. He will tell you about the collapsed tunnel and ask you to clear the way. In addition, he asks to return some of the missing things. Head into the tunnel near the camp, inside it use the fuse to blow up the wall on the left and get into other parts of the tunnel. Then you have to destroy a bunch of small machines located inside the tunnel, but this should not be a hassle. Once you've dealt with the machines, use the grappling hook on the wreckage on the opposite side of where you came from. When you get out into the fresh air, you will have to destroy the Stonebreaker, who has caused real chaos. After dealing with him, don't forget to search the loot boxes to find Porguf's belongings. Go further, find the entrance to the second tunnel and shoot the barrels inside to blow up the wall.

Second stanza

Depending on what stage of the game you are on in the story, you can start the task in different places. During the storyline, you can start the mission at the Base by talking to Zo. After the story, Zo should be found in the Valley of the Song. Zo wants you to find the reset code and fix the tribal deities. She will tell you about the machines to the west of the Base, which you need to kill in order to get the control cores. Once you reach the target, interact with the bonfire to wait for Zo. After the cut-scene, go north to the enemies, kill the group of machines and collect the cores. Give them to Zo and return to the place where you took the task. Depends on what stage of the story you're at. Return to Base or Valley Song.

Returning to Zo, talk to the girl who will tell you that the reset code will be cracked after a while. You will be able to continue the task after you return Aether, Poseidon and Demeter. Zo will then give you a code to install on three machines while she takes care of the rest.

Three targets will appear on the map. You can visit the three places in any order. Go to Stillsands, south of Songvale, and find the shrine. From the temple, move south 50 meters to find a group of machines that need to be destroyed. Before you restart the machine, you will have to get rid of all the enemies. When you try to do it again, the Thunderbird will appear. Destroy the monster, and then apply the reboot code.

Travel to the second shrine on the lake southwest of Songvale. You need to look for a car at the bottom of the lake. Jump into the lake and swim to the bottom. Hide behind rocks and seaweed to avoid waterfowl monsters and interact with the car.

The final shrine is located in a canyon northwest of the Vale of Song. Head there and use the ability to cut through the vine, which you unlock in the Seeds of the Past story mission. Attack the metal flower and interact with it when it opens. You will find a third car covered in vines. Scan the nearby hill to spot a metal flower. Go around the hill, climb up and destroy the flower. Install the reboot code on the third machine. Return to Zo at the Valley of the Song and watch the cutscene. You will receive an achievement.


This quest can be picked up in Razorback Marsh. Follow Atekka to the river. On the spot, Aloy will lead. Move along the river until you find yourself in a camp with Tenakt combat vehicles. Help the allies, and then talk to Atekka. You have to climb up the waterfall to get to the rebel camp from above. Start climbing on the right side of the waterfall, move towards the waterfall itself. There is only one way to the top. Upstairs, kill all the rebels and Firefang.

Explore the camp, scanning different locations to find out what the rebels are up to. Scan the device in front of the dam and the scrap pile next to it. Climb up, to the right of the dam, and check the message and ballista at two different points. To destroy the dam, use the grappling hook, pulling the metal elements. Hold the grappling hook until the Atekka fires the ballista (1-2 minutes pass). You cleared the river! Return to Razor Marsh and speak with Atekka to receive your reward.

Valley of the Fallen

The task can be obtained automatically after completing the main quest "Kulrut". Go to the Valley of the Fallen and go to the entrance. Beside him, talk to Ivvira, go up the stairs next to her and go through the dilapidated bridge on the right. After the bridge, climb up and go around the circle. Climb up the pole and click on the "circle" to jump from it to the ledge. Climb the other pillar, drop down to the right and jump to the higher pillar on the other side. Climb up the small ledges using the grappling hook to climb up to the next ledge. Cross the long bridge ahead and follow the linear path to the red grass area.

In the middle of the path, turn around to face a tree that you can climb. Climb to the top and jump over the short broken bridge ahead until you finally get out into the Valley. Follow the only path leading into the valley until you reach an area with a waterfall. When you are around, hear comments from Aloy.

As you approach the waterfall, you will see several cars. Kill them, climb to the top of the waterfall to find a decoy that should be bypassed. Go to another target to find a new bait and enter a new area. There are several machines here, including the Burevestnik and the Giant. Destroy them, go to the far left corner of the area to find a new bait. Disable it. Climb the big wall to get to the bait. Take the only route to the third bait area. Kill all the cars and look to the left of the Tenakt decoy. The girl is on a small ledge. Talk to her. Ghosts will appear. Destroy all Ghosts and disable the last bait. Talk to Ivvira, who will appear where the wounded Tenakt was just now.

Forbidden Legacy

This quest can be started at two different points. If you are moving along the storyline, then during the “Gemini” task, after talking with Beta at the Base, you can take the mission from Alva. If you want to complete the task after the storyline, in this case, you should look for Alva on the Quay. Head to the shore and talk to Alva by the fire. Follow her to the research center. As soon as you get to the ruins, a dialogue will start. A car will appear that needs to be killed.

Go to the vent and click on the "triangle" to knock out the grate and get into the building. Swim forward, then get out of the water to the right. Walk forward, turn around and see the obvious path to the upper floors. Climb up and to the right. Go around the floor and interact with the console. Follow Alva to Atbay Headquarters. After going all this way, take down the wall ahead, move on and climb up and to the left. Climb even higher and turn right. Climb the other capture points, turn left, move in a circle and climb up. Lower the beam in front and walk across it. Shoot the ladder on the right to lower it and climb it up. Here you will find a couple of enemies. After killing the cars (or slipping past them), look for a wall that you need to climb up. Look to the right

On top of this wall, there is a piece of debris ahead with two grapple points to pull down (once jump into the building ahead). There is a door in this room that needs a code. Enter 102023 (Alva will give you this if you scan the storage media nearby, this is the date Atbay was founded). Go through the door and scan the data carrier next to the door. It will play automatically. Open the door on the left and go further. In front of the elevator shaft on the right there is rubble that needs to be sorted out with a grappling hook. Go through the open door outside, look to the right and jump to the capture point. Then jump onto the pipe on the left, go up and down twice so that it falls to the left. Walk along it to find other ledges. Jump on the ledges, move up the wall of the building, to the right and to the ledge.

Pull out the grate in the ventilation and use the capture point. Climb down, jump over the wall to the other side, climb a little higher to another point sticking out of the wall, and jump onto it. Look up and pull out the beam. Jump on it, then move to another ledge. Turn around and look up to see a capture point. Jump towards it and grab it with the grappling hook. Turn around to grab another point, then look up and grab a third. Look to the right, grab the ledge and see the last grapple point ahead. Enter the building, go through the doorway around the corner to see the firelight. Blow it up with a fuse and climb up the shaft to another floor. There will be another locked door here. Examine the exhibits to hear different numbers. Enter the code 402625. Go through the door leading outside, and look for a console to interact with. After the cut-scene, the task will be completed.

What is lost

This quest can be started in two different locations. If you are moving along the plot, then after the quests "Kulrut", "Sea of ​​Sands" and "Seeds of the Past", talk to Kotallo, who is at the Base. If you have already completed the story, look for Cotallo in the Grove of Memory. Talk to Cotallo, then destroy a few machines or go around them. Go to the lab entrance and go inside. Follow the linear path down to the lab and look around the large circular room with a couple of machines. Ignore them or destroy them. Leave the room through the doorway and follow the path forward where there is a Norokop.

Climb up the stairs, go down the corridor, turn right through the broken glass and find yourself in a large room where you found Beta earlier. Go to the far end of the room, turn right and you will see a green console that you need to interact with. You are attacked by two Ghosts. Eliminate the enemies and leave the room through the door below where you came from. Go through the door, jump down and run to the end of the corridor. Turn left, go up the ramp, then go right and forward. Climb up the same stairs as before. Follow the linear path back, turn right and make your way through the broken window. Exit the room through the door on the left side, go through the sparkling hole in the wall, then lower the ventilation grate on the ceiling and climb inside. Take a linear route through the ventilation shaft, until you find yourself in another room. Leave the room through the only door and turn right. There is a chest with loot on the right side of the room. In front of him you will see a wall with a fire gleam. Blow it up.

Return to the same room with the sparkling hole in the wall, go through it, then move through the small ventilation and use the other door. Go through the new door, hand over the components to Cotallo.

Leave the lab the same way you came here. Return to the beginning of the quest - to the Base or to the Grove. If you started the mission at the Base, you can continue the mission after the story quest "Tomb of Faro". Talk to Cotallo at the Base and head to the meeting point by the fire, 1600 meters northwest of the Grove. Follow Kotallo, talk to him again and kill the enemy that has appeared. Once you do this, the task will end.

Way back home

The task can be taken at the Quay, far to the west, on a separate island. Fly to the shipwreck on the Lightwing, which you receive in the Wings of Ten quest. A light wing is optional, but it makes things a lot easier. There are several cars at the location. Kill or ignore them. Scan the ship and Aloy will say that it doesn't have a compass. Search the heaps of scrap metal and in one of them, in the middle of the ship, you will find a compass. Return to the Quay and talk to the quest givers. Travel to the new area and fly south into the sea using Lightwing. Soon you will find another target ship. Dive under the water to get to the wreckage and examine the sensor block (satellite dish) from the outside.

There is a battery right under the block. Use a scanner to make it easier to find her. A little further than the battery you just found is a sunken building with a second battery. Go ashore and look for other shipwrecks. It has a battery inside. When you collect all three batteries, go to a new location. Once you get to the shipwreck, look for a car near the fire that needs to be destroyed. Use the two ropes to climb to the top of the ship. Pull to the capture point and take the sensor block. Return to the quest givers, talk to them and the quest will be completed.

Data from the "Sons of Prometheus"

To start the mission, loot the rebel champion at Shattered Rock. Then go inside the bunker using the key (all in the same camp) and finish off the Sons of Prometheus. One of them will contain the necessary data. Select a task that will start after some time. Return to the Base, enter Aloy's room and watch the cut-scene. When you approach the table and see the cutscene, the mission will automatically end.

Taste of victory

The quest can be taken from the Bite of Salt. Move to the target area north of the Salt Bite and you will see two islands in the middle of the water. You need to collect five eggs. Use the scanner to highlight them. They are highlighted in purple. Look for the last eggs (fifth load) on a distant island. Then move to another place where birds live. In principle, you can kill birds in any other place. You may even have the necessary supply of poultry meat. Birds can be detected with a scanner. They are highlighted in orange. After collecting eggs and meat, return to the quest giver.

Call and Response

The task can be taken in Vale. You are asked to get to the watchtower and tell the soldiers that it is time for them to return home. Upon arrival, talk to the leader of the Kivva. She wants to go back, but one of her people is on a nearby watchtower. Aloy must go there. Move to the beginning of the climb and follow the path. Once at the top, fight the flying machines, then look around the area near the tower and find the corpse of a soldier. Return to Kivva, help her fight the vehicles that have appeared, and speak again to complete the mission.

The flowering of feelings

Having received the task, go to the indicated place and collect three purple flowers (plants). Follow the Song of the Valley and talk to the herbalist. Speak with Nilo in Whisper of the River. He works in the garden in front of the location. After that, return to Darikka.

metal music

This quest will start after the side quest The Divided Tribe. Jax asks for your help in finding a leggy to create a musical instrument. Go to the marked area, find Jax and help him fight the machines. Move further along the marker and fight some more cars on the hill. After destroying the Supreme Longleg and other machines, talk to Jax and he will send you back to the Valley of the Song. Return to the settlement, talk to Korreh and craft a tool using the workbench. Give him the finished musical instrument. Mission completed.

night of lights

The task can be started at the location in the desert where you were looking for Poseidon. Go down the elevator shaft and go into a large room with a dome. In the dome, go to the southeast of the room, destroy a few cars along the way. Go through the building, go inside and turn around to see a locked door. Aloy will say that you need to find the code. If you want to skip the part with finding the code, then just enter 739135 and open the door. If you want to find the code like we did, follow the instructions below. To the left of the door, a little higher, there is a capture point leading to the next floor. Scan the data carrier to get the first half of the code - 135.

To the left of the data carrier there is an opening through which you can climb over to the other side. From here, move to the right, climb up and pull out the crate on top of the other. Now pull out another crate and place it next to the fence, exactly where it was pulled from. Climb onto it and pull the other crate to make it fall down. Pull one of the crates and place it next to the ramp on the left. Pull the other one up the ramp and place it on top of the first one. After placing the boxes on top of each other, move them to the fence in front, under the opening.

Pull the other crate to drop it down, then climb onto the two crates and jump over the fence. Pull out the ventilation grill, go inside and follow to the other side. After you exit the ventilation, look to the right and tear down the wall. Inside the room there will be a data carrier lying on a table. Scan it to get the first half of the code - 739. Go back to the locked door and enter the code 739135. Take the item inside the room. Go back the way you came here, through the elevator shaft. Look up and jump towards the capture points. Talk to Stemmur to complete the quest.

Broken locks

The task will be available after you complete the Wings of Ten story quest. Ikkota wants you to help him hunt. Meet him at the edge of the forest and follow to the hunting ground. This is a straight forward assignment. Kill all cars roaming the area. After you do this, another car will appear. Destroy the enemy and talk to Ikkota.


Go to the marked area. When you get to the place, go to the beach and kill all the cars. Examine the corpses on the beach, use the scanner and mark the footprints. Follow the trail until you find another corpse. Examine it, continue to follow the trail that leads to the tower. You need to climb this tower. Climb onto the ledge, turn around and climb up. Jump on the handles on the wall ahead, jump to the right and go up the stairs. At the top you will find a ledge that allows you to get out. Climb up the ledges outside the tower. Follow the obvious linear path until you reach the top. Jump down to the corpse marked with a marker. Examine the corpse, return to Jomar at the Quay and complete the quest.

The burden of power

To accept this quest, you need to complete the story mission "Faro's Tomb". It doesn't matter which side you took earlier, Yarra or Drakki, as the quest will give out one of these characters. Head south from the Searing Spear, where Yarra or Drakka will be waiting. On the left there is a screaming bird. Use the scanner and examine the ground next to the bird to find footprints. Follow the tracks to the next destination to hear the child calling for help. Go to him, then destroy Gromozev and Petrel. Once defeated, return to the child to complete the mission.

First in the sky

The task can be taken at the location Val. Using Lightwing, head to the top of the mountain to the northeast, where the target marker is. At the top of the mountain, you will come to a large yellow area. There are four places with Ferikk's armor. Collect everything. Look for the first part in the south of the area, at the edge of the rocks. When you pick up any part that will be the second, the Thunderbird will appear. Destroy it and take the item. Look for the third part in the western half of the area, on the edge of the cliffs. Look for the fourth piece of armor in the southwest corner, on the edge of the cliff. The remaining two parts are on the western side of the search area. Return to Val, talk to Ketta and Serivva, repair the armor at the workbench to complete the mission. No additional resources will be required for the repair, and the task will be completed.

Waves of retribution

Summon Lightwing and fly to this area, where there is a small island with debris. Talk to Yvvalla on the small island, travel to a new area and summon the Lightwing. Climb to the top of the building where the looters are. Land there and finish off all the enemies to complete the quest.

brilliant example

Talk to Marallo, who wants to thank Aloy for taking care of Regalla. He will tell you about the cache in Zelenishche at the top of the mountain and that you can get there on a flying mount. First, go to the southern marker and use the Lightwing to pick up the battery. Fly to the top of the mountain and drop this battery to stun all vehicles in the area. Destroy them and find a cave entwined with vines. Go to the metal flower above the cave and hit it a few times until it opens. Mount your staff to take on the powerful machine. As soon as you destroy the enemy, take your reward. The quest will be completed.