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Cauldron guide in Horizon Forbidden West - how to use the fabricator and get all blockers in the game


Cauldron guide in Horizon Forbidden West - how to use the fabricator and get all blockers in the game

Taming cars is one of the main features of Horizon Forbidden West. In this guide, we will tell you how the mechanics have changed after the first part, as well as what cauldrons are and why a fabricator is needed.

What are cauldrons in Horizon Forbidden West?

When studying the map of the "Forbidden West", you may notice strange triangular symbols in different parts of the world - cauldrons. They also occupy a separate section in the task menu.

Boilers are ancient factories for the production of machines. Some of them may not be in the best condition, but still function properly.

Also, factories are a kind of "dungeons", at the end of which a mini-boss is always waiting for you. The developers have tried to diversify the gaming experience, so each boiler is different from the others.

There are five such places in total, two of which Aloy will visit during the main story. All boilers have names and divisions according to recommended levels.

  • "Mu": the simplest cauldron of all. You will get there with Varl and Zo. Required level -18;
  • "Iota": after passing it to the end, you will open a secret long neck. Required level - 22;
  • "Gemini": a separate cauldron, in which you will also find yourself in the story. Required level - 30;
  • "Chi": you will need to defeat the poison whip (a huge snake). Required level - 30;
  • "Kappa": the most difficult of all. You will have to spend a lot of time underwater, and the last boss will be the Wavebiter. The required level is 40.

Why do we need boilers and how to get blockers in Horizon Forbidden West?

Passing the boilers, you will receive blockers - access codes for different types of machines. This will allow you to tame robots, making them temporary allies. Aloy's skills in the Machine Master branch are responsible for the characteristics of such "friends".

Hacked robots can make life much easier, but in open combat, you can’t subdue them - you have to sneak up.

How to use the Fabricator in Horizon Forbidden West

Unlike the first part, even after going through all the boilers, you still won't be able to establish control over any car in the game. For particularly powerful instances, blockers must be created in the fabricator, which is located at the base of Aloy. To do this, you will have to collect the necessary spare parts for the machines.

To make the search easier, create an activity for a specific blocker. This will allow you to immediately see the pasture of the desired robot.