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Cheats (codes, console commands) for Projeсt Zomboid to get items and upgrade skills, as well as to administer servers


Cheats (codes, console commands) for Projeсt Zomboid to get items and upgrade skills, as well as to administer servers

Project Zomboid is a survival game set in a world that has survived a zombie apocalypse. In this article, we will talk about cheats and console commands that can be used in this game.

All cheats and console commands are entered directly into the chat via the "/" button or via the console. For them to work, you need certain permissions. The administrator and the people to whom he gave the authority of moderators have them. In addition, it is important that the server supports cheat input.

General server admin console commands

  • /addalltowhitelist - add all players with a password to the "white" list.
  • /alarm - trigger a siren in the room where the administrator is located.
  • /chopper - call the sound of a helicopter near a random player.
  • /connections - get information about all connections.
  • /gunshot - trigger the sound of a gunshot near a random player.
  • /help - show all available commands.
  • /players - call up a list of all connected players.
  • /quit - stop the server with a pre-save.
  • /reloadoptions - reload settings from the "ServerOptions.ini" file.
  • /sendpulse - Display server performance for the client.
  • /showoptions - display server options.
  • /startrain - Make it rain.
  • /stoprain - stop rain.
  • /thunder start - summon thunder.
  • /thunder stop - remove thunder.
  • /save - save server progress.

Server admin commands that are associated with the name of a player, item or file

Please note that when entering these commands, instead of the word "name" you need to write the nickname of a particular player, instead of the word "number" - enter the desired value, instead of "SteamID" - the digital identifier of the player's account, instead of the word "reason" - indicate the reason for blocking .
  • /additem "name" "item name" - add an item to a specific player. If you do not enter a name, then you will receive this item.
  • /adduser "name" "password" - add a new player to the "white list" with a password.
  • /changepwd "password" - change the password.
  • /addusertowhitelist "name" - add a user with a password to the whitelist.
  • /addvehicle "name of vehicle" "name" - Provide the selected player with a new vehicle.
  • /addxp "name" "parameter name"="number" - provide additional experience in a certain skill for a specific player.
  • /banid "SteamID" - Bans a player based on their Steam account ID.
  • /unbanid "SteamID" - Unban a player by their Steam account ID.
  • /banuser "name" -ip -r "reason" - ban a player by name and IP address with a reason. The IP address and reason can be omitted.
  • /unbanuser "name" - Unban a player by name.
  • /voiceban "name" -true - Block the player's voice chat.
  • /voiceban "name" -false - Unblock the player's voice chat.
  • /createhorde "number" "name" - summon a certain number of zombies from a specific player.
  • /disconnect "number" - disconnect the player from the client server by connection number.
  • /godmode "name" -true - make a certain player immortal.
  • /godmode "name" -false - disable immortality for a specific player.
  • /invisible "name" -true - enable invisibility for a specific player.
  • /invisible "name" -false - disable invisibility for a specific player.
  • /kickuser "name" -r "reason" - Kick the player with a reason. It is not necessary to enter it.
  • /noclip "name" -true - Allow a specific player to walk through walls.
  • /noclip "name" -false - disable the ability of a certain player to walk through walls.
  • /reloadlua "filename" - reload the lua file.
  • /removeuserfromwhitelist "name" - remove a player from the "white" list.
  • /servermsg "message" - Send a message to the entire server.
  • /grantadmin "name" - grant the authority of a server moderator to a specific player.
  • /removeadmin "name" - remove server moderator rights from a specific player.
  • /teleport "player" - teleport yourself to a specific player.
  • /teleport "player 1" "player 2" - teleport one specific player to another.
  • /teleportto "number", "number" - teleport yourself to the specified coordinates.
  • /changeoption "setting name"="value" - change server settings.