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Co-op in Dying Light 2: Stay Human - how to play with friends, is there cross-platform and cross-gen, how to connect to other players


Co-op in Dying Light 2: Stay Human - how to play with friends, is there cross-platform and cross-gen, how to connect to other players

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a first-person co-op action game in which players will have to fight hordes of zombies and discover the story of Aiden the Pilgrim. Sometimes players may encounter problems when connecting to other users. In this guide, we will cover cross-platform and multiplayer in detail.

Is there cross-platform and cross-gen in Dying Light 2: Stay Human

The developers have not yet implemented the cross-platform feature, so at release, players will not be able to connect to users of other platforms. This also applies to cross gene. For example, PlayStation 4 owners will not be able to join friends on PlayStation 5.

This will be the case on all platforms, but not always. Techland is actively pursuing co-op technologies, so cross-gen between console generations and cross-platform between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation should appear in Dying Light 2: Stay Human in some time.

How to play with friends in Dying Light 2: Stay Human

To activate cooperative play, users must first complete the prologue. It will end after the main character, the pilgrim Aiden finds the biomarker for the first time along with his friend. After that, you need to do a few simple steps to enable co-op (as an example, the keyboard shortcuts on the PC version of the game were used):

  1. We start the game and in the main menu click "Continue" to load the last save.
  2. Press Esc to open the Pause Menu.
  3. Use the "F4" key to go to the "Online Menu" section or click on the item of the same name in the list.
  4. Hold down the "S" key to activate the "Call for help" function.
  5. We use the "F" key and in the window that opens, select a friend to send an invitation to the game.

If desired, in the "Online Menu" you can click the "Log in to Epic Games" button and connect your account. This will allow you to invite friends with another digital store's version of the game.

In the "Multiplayer Settings" section, the user can configure the type of game ("Public", "Private" or "Friends Only"), the frequency of connecting players ("Never", "Occasionally" or "Regularly"), enable or disable voice chat and change its volume.

Joint game. Is it possible to go through the story with a friend?

The game provides the opportunity to complete story missions in cooperative mode, however, there are some nuances here. During dialogue forks, invited users can vote for various decisions, but the final choice always remains with the host.

In addition, the progress of the passage will be preserved only with him. Despite this, invited users will keep the experience gained, armor, weapons and other valuable items that will help in the development of their character.