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 It may happen that the mention of API Outage appears when trying to connect to Discord. We explain to you where this problem comes from.

In recent years Discord has established itself as the preferred communication platform, especially for gamers. The application allows you to send messages, join a voice conversation, stream your games and more. However, it is not immune to problems like the Outage API .

The API manages the sending of messages but also many other operations such as connecting to Discord. An Outage API is therefore simply an outage of the application .

API Outage, why can't we connect to Discord?

An Outage API is simply a failure of the main element managing the sending of messages, but also the connection to Discord. This problem comes directly from the servers of the application, so there is nothing users can do . To follow the progress of the resolution of the problem the best and to go to the Discord Status site or follow the Discord Twitter account.

These Outages APIs are quite rare but nevertheless problematic since they completely paralyze the platform. The technical teams are therefore doing their best to resolve the bug as soon as possible so that users can resume their activities.

Discord nevertheless remains a stable application with few problems. As an example over the last 90 days, an API Outage took place for only 2h23, an operation rate of 99.88% according to the Discord Status site.