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 For Dying Light 2 you can now get weapons and masks as Twitch Drops. There is a new item for every hour viewed. We show you all 5 new Twitch Drops in February and how to unlock them.

What are these drops? If you want, you can add five items to your Dying Light 2 arsenal. All you have to do is watch selected Twitch streams. You will then be rewarded with the drops for the hours you have watched.

Here we show you an overview of which drops are currently available and how you can connect your accounts so that you receive the items.

These Twitch Drops are available in February - you have to watch for 5 hours

These are your rewards: For watching Twitch streams you will receive:

  • The Extinguisher
  • Time-out
  • protective mask
  • Plated Savage
  • Funkadelic

How long do you have to watch it?

  • For The Extinguisher you have to watch 60 minutes
  • For timeout, you have to watch another 60 minutes (total 120 minutes).
  • Protective Mask requires you to watch an additional 60 minutes (180 minutes total).
  • For Plated Savage you have to watch an additional 60 minutes (240 minutes total).
  • For Funkadelic, you have to watch another 60 minutes (300 minutes total).

Link TechlandGG account to Twitch - Here's how

How to connect the accounts?

  1. Create a TechlandGG account if you don't already have one.
  2. Now link the account to your Twitch account - this can be done on the website
  3. Now link your TechlandGG account to the platform you are playing on. That could be Epic Games, Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox.
  4. Look now on TwitchTV in the Dying Light 2 category for streamers who have activated "Drops" - This is usually directly in the title of the stream
  5. After watching a full hour of Dying Light 2 drops streams, you'll unlock the first drop. You will receive a notification on the Twitch website. Then redeem the reward. You can unlock a total of 5 drops by watching for 5 hours.

Tip: You don't have to own Dying Light 2 to get the items. If you buy the game at some point in the future but don't want to miss out on these items shown, you can already get the drops now. The main thing is that you have a TechlandGG account that you have linked to your Twitch account. Then all you have to do is claim the content on Twitch after watching. Once you own the game, they will then be unlocked for you.