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 One of the most useful tools in Dying Light 2 is the grappling hook. Unfortunately, you only get this quite late in the game. We explain how you can get the tool and how you can best use it.

What is the grappling hook? You can attach the tool to certain surfaces by throwing a barb connected to a rope. You then use this rope to swing and for example for long jumps.

The grappling hook has no effect on enemies, you can only target surfaces. These are marked by an indicator when you have the grappling hook equipped. However, it requires stamina to use and swing, just like the Paraglider or the Secret Flying Broomstick.

How do I get the grappling hook? During the "Transmission" mission, you will unlock the hook. The mission is one of the last story missions in the game and you will probably complete it in roughly 10 to 15 hours depending on how much you focus on the story or other content.

Towards the end of the mission, you will be given the grappling hook so you can use it to climb a building. From there, you have access to the tool and can use or upgrade it throughout the city.

Tips for the Grappling Hook - Get around town quickly and safely

What do I need the grappling hook for anyway? You won't be able to reach certain buildings in Dying Light 2 without the tool. The grappling hook unlocks more of the game's secrets, such as some of the special loot safes.

Remember to upgrade the hook at a master craftsman. Only then can you exploit its full potential. Here are some tips for you on how to best use the grappling hook.

1. Use the hook while falling and avoid your death

If you are out and about over the roofs of Villedor, it can happen that you make a mistake when jumping from one house to the next. This can often be fatal if you fall too low or crash into a horde of zombies.

You can prevent this with the grappling hook. When falling, throw it over you after the nearest possible surface to cushion the fall. You can even jump straight to safety or use the momentum to quickly take a different route.

2. Move around the city faster

The main application of the grappling hook is the swing on the attached rope. With this, you can explore previously unreachable places by swinging happily through the city.

However, an advanced way of moving is the combination with the paraglider. If you can't get any further with the glider, you can drop down a bit and swing forward on the next surface.

The speed of the fall and the momentum allow you to hit the paraglider again after you let go and continue sailing through the air.

By the way, if you use the hook in the run, you also get a small speed boost. While it's minimal and hardly worth mentioning, it can save your life, especially in a well-timed hunt.

3. Defeat opponents with new moves and more tricks

While the grappling hook cannot target enemies, it can target explosive gas cylinders. You can simply pull them towards you and then easily throw them at opponents. This is especially useful when you would either otherwise be spotted, or when you are in a sticky situation. Reddit user vulturevan shows what it looks like in the clip:

You can also use jump kicks with the swing of the grappling hook. They're similar in strength to the over-the-top Dropkick , and you can use them to kick whole groups of enemies off rooftops or into traps.

The grappling hook is versatile and one of the most important tools in the game. Especially if you want to see everything in Dying Light 2. Tell us how you like to use it and what tips you have!