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 Dying Light 2 mixes survival elements with a big story campaign. There you will meet several factions, two of which play a major role. You're always faced with the choice: Peacekeeper or survivor? We introduce them to you and show you what influences your decisions.

What factions are there in Dying Light 2? Strictly speaking, there are three major factions, but you can only directly influence two of them with your decisions. While these are more or less "among the good guys," the third is heavily tied to the main antagonist of the story.

  • Survivors: Sort of like the freedom-loving hippie community in the more rural neighborhood of Old Villedor. They believe in peace through community and as much freedom as possible, so there are few rules to live by.
  • Peacekeepers (PK): This faction is more militarily organized and relies on order and discipline. They see themselves as law enforcement and want to rebuild the world according to the old model.
  • Rogues: These are not organized like the above, nor can you ally with them or make decisions that affect them directly. So they don't really matter here.

As the story progresses, you will work directly with the survivors and the PK, and also get to know their leaders. They stand for different ways of life and are in principle even "enemies", live in a loose truce, and repeatedly come into conflict with each other. As a pilgrim, you are somewhere between the fronts and you have to decide again and again which of the two groups you support.

Your decisions relate almost exclusively to the PK and survivors. Both factions bring you different advantages. 

Dying Light 2 separates decisions between story and gameplay

How do the factions work? Dying Light 2 makes an interesting move not found in every choice story game.

The survival RPG separates the faction choices you make in the story from those choices you have to make while playing in the open world.

  • For example, you can decide against the PK at a certain point in the story, but in turn, conquer a certain part of the city for exactly that faction.
  • One has an impact on the course of the story, while the decision for the district makes playful differences.
If you conquer a district for a certain faction, you can unlock further advantages with each new district, which differ depending on the PK or survivors.

These can be locomotion tools that survivors set up in the game world or additional weapons and traps that can be built through the PK.

For additional perks, you have to start water towers and power plants

This is how it all works: For each conquered district, you will receive another unlocked bonus from the respective faction. In order to conquer these parts of the city or districts, you have to find power plants or water towers.

So you can decide for one of the factions with each district and thus determine whether the game world is dominated by a dominant faction, or whether you get a balance of power and distribute districts evenly.

What is most worthwhile? Regardless of which faction you prefer, you should definitely choose one. Because the bonuses are unlocked linearly, like perks or skills. The more you get from a faction, the stronger the bonuses become.

You should therefore hand over all districts to a faction in order to get the maximum benefit from the respective group. By the way, each of the groups has 7 perks.

Bonuses from Peacekeeper

The PK bonuses consist mainly of traps that can be useful to you in battle. On top of that, you get the crossbow from them.

  • Car bombs are distributed in the city.
  • The PK deploys razor cannons.
  • They place electric traps in passageways
  • The PK hangs Molotov lanterns that you can activate with a knife throw.
  • You can unlock pendulum traps.
  • UV traps serve you in the fight against zombies, but also for replenishing your immunity.

Bonuses from survivors

If you conquer districts for the survivors, you will mainly receive bonuses that you can use when moving through the game world, in the form of airbags that can be used as trampolines or other additional aids.

These are the bonuses of the survivor faction:

  • Additional zip lines in the game world.
  • Survivors distribute airbags that launch you into the air when you jump.
  • Landing bags that can save you in the event of a fall.
  • If you die from a fall, you will be rescued by a survivor.
  • Open up additional ventilation shafts so you can keep your glider in the air longer.
  • Increases the force with which airbags launch you into the air.
  • You can also go up zip lines.
Which faction should I choose? Well, that mostly depends on your playstyle. While the PK offers more combat-oriented bonuses, the Survivor bonuses focus on the parkour system.

So if you place a lot of value on traps and would like to kill as many enemies as wacky and tactically as possible, the PK bonuses are probably in good hands.

All in all, however, it can be said that you spend most of your playing time moving through the city and dashing or flying over the roofs. Here the bonuses of the survivors offer the greatest advantages.

The traps of the PK are nice, but extremely usable depending on the situation and can actually hardly be used by tools that the player usually has with him anyway. Bombs also have the disadvantage of attracting zombies.

But how do you see it? Which faction did you choose and why? Write us your experiences.