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Elden Ring Unlock horse and use his skills

 To be able to easily explore the big world of Elden Ring you need a horse. But contrary to what you might expect, you are not immediately equipped with a mount - you have to unlock it. We show you how to get the horse in Elden Ring.

This horse is the spectral steed and faithful companion in the Elden Ring.

Unlock the horse in Elden Ring

You can unlock the horse directly in the first area, Limgrave. You are allowed to move freely here and only have to go to the right places of grace. There are a total of three Places of Grace where you can encounter the NPC Melina. Resting in one of these locations will trigger the encounter with a cutscene. The following map shows you the three locations that lead to the encounter.

Head to any of these three locations to encounter Melina and get the horse.

During the conversation, Melina offers to accompany you. Accept her offer and you will get a whistle from her, with which you can call the horse at any time from now on. Grab the Spectral Horse Whistle and put it in the quick selection right away. You will also unlock the ability to level up your character this way.

What can the horse do?

In addition to the fact that you can hardly explore the vastness of the world of Elden Ring without a horse, the mount has other advantages. The Spectral Steed is fast, can double jump, and reach elevated levels that often hide treasure. You won't get there without the mount.

You can also fight your battles on horseback. First, grab a few small enemies to practice on them. Combat on foot differs from combat on the Spectral Steed. But beware! Your mount also takes damage in combat. If it dies, you can bring it back.