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ESO: How to reach the maximum level with the provisioner in 5 minutes

 If you create a new character in the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online, you start at level 1 in each skill line. In the crafting skill lines, it is now necessary to produce and disassemble. The provider is fixed with a little trick and some preparation. We show you how it works here?

What is the provider craft? The provisioning craft involves the production of drinks and food. These have special effects that mostly affect your maximum stats or regeneration. But there are also some exceptions that have other effects.

When it comes to prepared food or drinks, one generally speaks of buff food.

This is how you prepare yourself to level the provider

What do you need for this? You need a few prerequisites first. But don't worry, it's just little things. You'll need some skill points, some provisioner recipes, or some loose change to purchase some recipes.

Here is an overview of the things you need:

  • at least 5 skill points
  • optional: 6 more skill points
  • Recipes of different levels
  • the appropriate materials
  • optional: correct champion points

Set your champion points correctly

If you have already (generally) reached level 50 with a character, then you unlock the champion point system. In the green champion tree "Skill" you can put up to 45 points in the point "Inspiration". This increases your crafting inspiration gain by 10% per level.

Where do I get skill points from?

Skill points can be obtained through various quests when increasing in alliance rank (PvP) or by collecting 3 skyshards per skill point.

Here you can find out where to find the skyshards in Blackwood and where to find the skyshards in Deadlands.

Where can I get the recipes from?

You can always purchase the recipes for your level from the cook or brewer. On the map, you can recognize the two by the symbol with the jug. The chef is usually next to a cooking place and the brewer is often in a tavern. In the town of Leyawiin in Darkwood, the cook is right next to the cooking area.

If you don't have the Blackwood expansion, then try, for example, in Mournhold (Deshaan) in the Flaming Nix Tavern. The cook and the cooking place are in the basement.

You can purchase the recipes according to your “Recipe Improvement” level. This is the first passive ability in your provisioning skills.

The quality of the recipes does not matter.

Where can I get the right materials?

You can either use the appropriate materials:

  • found in boxes and bags
  • buy in the guild shop
  • buy at the grocer (very expensive)

If you are a newcomer to ESO and don't have many materials yet, just ask nicely in your guild or in the community in general. Most players are very helpful.

Incidentally, you can also combine the collection of ingredients with leveling up the “Lug und Fraud” skill line by stealing ingredients that are openly at the market stalls and pushing them to the helper in the shelter. It also costs you significantly less gold than buying ingredients from the shopkeeper.

This is how you level your provisioning craft to level 50

When you have made all the preparations, it goes to a cooking area. You can find them in Leyawiin, for example. The principle now works as follows: You always produce food or drink with the highest possible level. And you keep doing that until you can put another skill point into the first passive ability from the Provisioner.

You can see your level progress in the top left corner when crafting a buff food.

Here you get an overview of the level at which you can use skill points:

  • Recipe Improvement (2/6): Level 20
  • Recipe Improvement (3/6): Level 30
  • Recipe Enhancement (4/6): Level 40
  • Recipe Improvement (5/6): Level 50
  • Recipe Enhancement (6/6): Level 50

If you want to earn a little gold on the side, it's worth investing more skill points in the passive skills "Cooking" and "Brewing". These skills increase the amount of buff food produced per operation. So you can later sell more items to the dealer.

Here you get an overview of the level at which you can use skill points in “Cooking”:

  • Cooking (1/3): Level 7
  • Cooking (2/3): Level 23
  • Cooking (3/3): Level 33
Here you get an overview with which level you can use skill points in “brewing art”:

  • Braukunst (1/3): Stufe 9
  • Braukunst (2/3): Stufe 25
  • Braukunst (3/3): Stufe 36
Feel free to tell us how well leveling in ESO went. We hope it was successful for you.