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Guide Expeditions: Rome - answers to questions from the mission "Olympian"


Guide Expeditions: Rome - answers to questions from the mission "Olympian"

How to correctly answer all the questions of the task and help Sineros

The Olympian side mission can be started after conquering Mytilene and gaining access to your personal legion Victrix. You will be offered to go to the mainland of Asia Minor and visit the temple of Apollo. You will get here through the “Divide and Conquer” story mission, which we will talk about later. Once inside the temple grounds, walk past the mini-market and climb the stairs one-tier. Turn left and talk to Pigres standing near the statue. He will call Sineros a cheat and accuse him of dishonestly depriving his grandfather of the wrestling trophy at the old Olympics. Sineros confesses to his deed and will tell a little about his past. Pigres will demand revenge.

You can finish the quest here and right now if you say that you do not have time for this, or if you offer Sineros to fight Pigres' grandfather again. Pigres will accept the challenge on behalf of his grandfather, and Bestia will want to speak on behalf of Cineros. This is how pankration will begin. Beast will defeat Pigres by breaking his collarbone and you can continue your journey. However, this task will remain active in the task log. There will be an inscription "Something tells me that this is not the end." Alternatively, you can let Sineros fight Pigres by stopping Beast's impulses. In this case, Cineros will survive but will be injured, and the quest will still not be completed.

After completing this part of the mission, go about your business, but as soon as you return to the camp where your legion is stationed, the next part of the mission will begin. When you enter the camp, Diodorus, the grandfather of Pigres, who was deceived by Sineros, will appear. Come closer and he will speak to you personally. Sineros will join the conversation. Both will agree that it is necessary to continue the confrontation with battles of minds, not muscles. You can agree or refuse. The only way to continue the quest is to let them fight. Let's figure out how to help Sineros with riddles.

In this section, there was a place for random. In total, you can hear 7 different riddles that can be pronounced by Diodorus, with the last one being the same each time. You need to choose one of the three available options, suggesting to Sineros that he, as you think, is wrong. This means that your chances are higher than usual: there are 2 out of 3 correct answers (or rather, incorrect ones). Your task is to choose an option that is definitely not correct. The first two riddles can be solved automatically along the path of the Logos, and the last one - along the path of Paphos. Here are all possible questions and answers to them.

  • Question 1: about a person who returned home with his clothes completely soaked, but his hair dry. How did it happen?
  • Answer: The man was bald (choose options 3 or 4).
  • Question 2: imagine two fathers and two sons. One day they went fishing. They need to eat under one fish. How many fish do they need to catch.
  • Answer: three (choose options 3 or 4).
  • Question 3: think of a thing that exists but cannot be seen. You can grab it, but you can't hold it. She doesn't have a throat, but you can hear her.
  • Answer: wind (choose options 3 or 4).
  • Question 4: The more you have of it, the less you see.
  • Answer: darkness (choose options 2 or 3).
  • Question 5: Imagine an animal that devours all other animals. He gnaws at iron and turns stones into dust. He kills kings and destroys cities. He even destroys mountains.
  • Answer: time (choose options 2 or 4).
  • Question 6: It cannot be seen and it weighs nothing. Can be placed in a barrel. When you do this, it will get easier.
  • Answer: hole or hole (choose options 2 or 4).
  • Last question: Alexander the Great. When he defeated Gordius, how did he manage to untie the knot
  • Answer: he cut him down (choose options 2 or 3).

After you successfully solve the three riddles, Diodorus will declare Sineros the winner, and after a short conversation, the Olympian task will be completed. You will also receive an achievement for completing a companion's personal quest.