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Guide Expeditions: Rome - how to complete the quest "Smuggler"

Guide Expeditions: Rome - how to complete the quest "Smuggler"

 Is it better to go to the smugglers' cave or sail to the galley with evidence on Scaevola?

During the "Smuggler" quest in Expeditions: Rome, which will appear after conquering enough regions in Asia Minor, you will be asked to return to the camp. Upon arrival, you will be able to chat with a mysterious informant. In a conversation with him, you will learn that an unknown fisherman is helping the enemy bypass the Roman blockade in Chalcedon, the city that you are trying to capture. It can be found on a small pier in the fishing village of Troad.

First, return to Luculla's camp on Lesbos to inform him of everything, and then you can go to Troas and find the fisherman. When you find a fisherman and his ship at the Troas pier, move closer. You have several options. You can find out that this fisherman is Corwin, who works for Scaevola. Ultimately, you will have to fight Corwin and his guards. After defeating Corwin, the rest of the soldiers will scatter, which simplifies the task in battle. Talk to him, and he will admit that he is going to the galley belonging to Scaevola to transport ammunition to a cave near Chalcedon for Mithridates.

Note. If you kill the girl during the meeting with Corwin, then you will avoid the battle, but at the end of the game he will not want to communicate with you, and you will not be able to avoid the most difficult battle.

You can then go to Corvin's ship, but there will be another choice. You have to choose between visiting the galley at sea, where there is evidence of Scaevola's involvement in what is happening, or traveling to the smugglers' cave, which will allow you to strengthen your legion and make it easier to confront Mithridates in the future (you will save more of your troops).

If you decide to head to the cave on Corvin's ship, a battle with smugglers will begin. The cave is large, so you will need to fight in several places. This is much more difficult than fighting in a galley at sea. You will then be able to collect supplies, which will prevent them from reaching Mithridates in Chalcedon, making the final siege of the first act easier. Since you will not collect the necessary evidence, upon returning to Rome at the end of the first act, you will not be able to prove the involvement of the Viteliev brothers.

Choosing a galley, you will fight traitor Roman soldiers on the deck of a small ship. After completing the combat scenario, your companions will start a conversation and Cineros will point to a promising looking chest in the bow of the ship. Move towards it, interact and find boxes with the seal of Scaevola. This is important evidence of his involvement in helping Mithridates. Having found these boxes, you will be able to talk again, and upon returning to Rome there will be a chance to prove the guilt of the brothers. However, this will not affect the further plot.