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Guide Expeditions: Rome - what to do with the triarch Gemin

Guide Expeditions: Rome - what to do with the triarch Gemin

 Kill triarch Gemin or spare - how it will affect the companions and the game's plot

At the very beginning of Expeditions: Rome, you will find yourself on a Roman ship bound for Asia Minor: the republic is at war, at the same time confronting pirates and the foreign king Mithridates, who rules the Pontic kingdom. On the way to Lesbos, your ship will be attacked by a galley of pirates who will try to kill the entire crew. After completing this first training battle, the squad will decide that Triarch Gemin is responsible for the attack.

At this point, you can ask the triarch a few questions to find out if he is really behind the attack, and then listen to the opinion of your comrades, who have different visions of the situation. Then you can decide whether to execute or spare Gemin, allowing him to continue his journey to Asia Minor. So what happens depending on the decision you make?

If you choose to execute a triarch, this will cause your companion Bestia Taba to pierce him with his spear. This will also affect relationships with some characters. Each of them has their own character traits, and killing Gemin will improve relations with militant heroes (for example, Bestia), but will reward peace-loving comrades (Sineros) with disapproval. Obviously, Gemin will be dead and will not appear in the game again.

If you decide to spare the triarch, you will receive the disapproval of your militant comrades, as well as the consent of your peace-loving companions. This also means that you will be able to interact with Gemin in the future and he will play his role later in the game.

After you arrive in Asia Minor, new quests will begin related to the overthrow of the commander named Archelaus, and this will end with the siege of Mytilene. During the last part of the siege, if you spared the triarch Gemin, you can ask him for help. In this case, he will help you sneak into the harbor and get close to Archelaus. This will greatly simplify the current task!