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Guide Expeditions: Rome - who to sell wine to

Guide Expeditions: Rome - who to sell wine to

 Which merchant is best to make a deal on the sale of wine

Once you return to your family villa in Rome, you will be able to interact with your mother and Sineros. After that, you will be asked to finish the chapter by talking to the mother again, but instead, you can take a short break and complete a few side tasks. One of them is taken from Sineros, who is located in the kitchen of the first floor, in the side building.

Chat with Sineros, who will report that your vineyard brings a lot of harvests and now you can sell wine to one of the local merchants in the market. After that, you will be prompted to choose a name for the wine, which does not affect the task in any way, so choose the option that you just like best.

After that, go to the market of Rome, located on the streets, and talk to a merchant named Quintius. He stands under the counter with red and blue stripes. Chat with him and ask if he is interested in buying your wine, which will lead to a meeting with the rest of the vintners. All of them will taste the wine and make you a certain offer. Then you can decide which offer is the best, but it's not that simple. Yes, you can choose the merchant who will offer money, but there are some nuances.

The first merchant to agree to the deal is Cordium. He offers a contract for five years at a cost of 1,000 denarii per year. That is, in total, you will receive 5000 dianirev. You may not know, but at the end of the prologue, time will be rewound 5 years forward, which means that in just a few minutes you will receive all 5000 denarii. By accepting the deal, you will not receive an advance, but after the time skip, 5,000 denarii will be credited to your account. This is the best deal in terms of profit.

Quintius will offer another deal and give you 3400 denarii immediately. In addition, he previously collaborated with your father and was his faithful partner, so this choice can be called traditional, morally correct. Obviously, as Quintius says, you will immediately receive all the money, 3400 denarii. In this regard, the risk is lower, since the player is not exactly sure whether Cordiy will stick to the agreement and whether he will pay for all 5 years. But as a result, you will receive 1600 denarii less.

The last merchant to offer a deal to your legate is the dubious Vipsanius, who wants to buy all the goods at once, paying half now and half on delivery. In total, he offers 4,000 denarii. You'll get a decent amount upfront, albeit less than the merchant above, but after the time skip, you'll find out that Vipsanius won't complete the second part of the deal. And you won't get 2000 denarii.

As a result, Cordy offers the best and most profitable deal. You will receive 5,000 denarii, which is 1,600 more than from Quintius and 3,000 more than from Vipsanias. In second place is Quintius, who collaborated with your father, so you can give preference to him. Vipsania's deal is the worst ever. He will deceive the legate and will not pay the second part of the agreed sum. You will only receive 2000 denarii.