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Guide Total War: Warhammer 3 - how to play for the demons of Chaos


Guide Total War: Warhammer 3 - how to play for the demons of Chaos

Detailed Faction Guide - Legendary Lord Skills, Gameplay, and Best Units

Chaos the Indivisible is led by a demon prince named by the player. The faction is unique in that it does not have the technology, and its gameplay is focused only on battles and gaining demonic glory. After capturing each settlement, the player chooses one of the four Chaos Gods to whom he can be dedicated. In response, the gods bestow glory on the demon prince. It is automatically spent on a branch of a certain god or on a branch of Chaos indivisible. By leveling branches, the player gains access to hiring units of a specific god and an item that can be put on a demon prince. In total, the commander-in-chief has 10 slots for items - from head to tail.

The first 8 settlements captured are best dedicated to Tzeentch and Khorne. The former will give the Demon Prince a protective barrier, some powerful spells, and cheap Blue Terror units that have ranged attacks. They will play the role of shooters for the first time. Gifts of Khorne - melee infantry and powerful melee damaged items. Considering that the first 20-30 turns you will have to fight with the factions of the Norsca and the Empire, a combination of infantry and shooters will be ideal. Once the required units of Khorne and Tzeentch are available for recruitment, cities should be dedicated to Slaanesh. This is necessary to hire cavalry. The last to upgrade is the Nurgle branch, whose units are inferior in usefulness to the rest.

Among the skills of the demon prince, the first thing to do is to level Seduction in the Slaanesh branch, then Rising-Chaos in the Chaos Indivisible branch, and after it - Rotting Food in the Nurgle branch, Subtle Cunning in the Slaanesh branch, and Strict Rule in the branch "Khorne". Subsequent skills should be pumped in the Indivisible Chaos branch, which reduces the cost of maintaining the units of each of the gods. The remaining skills will level up depending on the playstyle.


The Demon Prince has the units of all the Chaos Gods at his disposal. For the first 30 turns, you should rely on starting units, as well as Tzeentch's Blue Horrors, Khorne's Chaos Warriors, and Chaos Furies. By turn 40, the Chaos Warriors are replaced with more powerful Khorne infantry, the Blue Horrors with Tzeentch Flamers, and the Chaos Furies can be replaced with either Slaanesh or Nurgle Rotflies. By the time of the collision with Kislev, it is necessary to have the warriors of Chaos Khorne, who will repulse the infantry of the northern faction. Monsters and spear units will be useless until about turn 75-80 when the player will encounter powerful monsters at the ogres, chaos gods, and Cathay. Kislev by this point will either no longer pose a threat or will be completely destroyed.