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Horizon Forbidden West Beginner's Guide. How to open the map, tame cars, earn a lot of money and get the most powerful weapon


Horizon Forbidden West Beginner's Guide. How to open the map, tame cars, earn a lot of money and get the most powerful weapon

Horizon Forbidden West is closely related to the first part. Players familiar with the original will encounter old characters and familiar mechanics. However, if this is your first game in the series, it may be difficult. In this guide, we have collected all the information that is useful to know for a beginner in the world of the Forbidden West.

How to quickly open the map and unlock all regions

The first thing you will encounter is the Fog of War. When moving, it disappears, but there is a way to open the map quickly and completely.

There are no towers in Horizon Forbidden West, but there are long necks - huge machines that resemble giraffes or dinosaurs. Please note that their icons are visible even when the map is closed.

As in the first part, you need to climb on their heads and hack the program. There are five such cars in the game. Capturing each is a small puzzle. For example, to climb the very first one, you will have to move an old satellite dish, and for a long-necked one in San Francisco, you will have to look for missing parts.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to find out all points of interest through hacking cars. Basic objects such as campfires, settlements, and ruins will appear, however many question marks remain. Find out what is behind them, you can only personally.

How to quickly move around the world. Where to find fast travel kits and how to use campfires

The size of the Forbidden West is awe-inspiring - walking from one end to the other can take about an hour of real-time. Use fast travel to speed up.

You can find travel kits at almost any merchant. Regardless of the distance, spend one to instantly be at any previously explored points of interest.

There is a way to save money on moving. As you travel, you will find fires every now and then. Near them, you can make a quick save or move without using kits.

Another option is driving cars. At the beginning of the journey, not far from the settlement "Grattle of the Mountain" there is a herd of lenthorns - something between horses and goats. Aloy already knows how to subdue such robots. Sneak up on one and crack its code. Now you have a vehicle.

Much later, a flying hand-held pterodactyl will appear, which will make moving through the air even faster.

The advantages of riding vehicles are that they do not get tired, are summoned with a single button, wherever you are and are able to take Aloy away from any danger. If they get hurt, use the shards to repair them, or just subdue the new runners.

How long to swim underwater

Aloy can swim and dive, but the air supply underwater will rapidly decrease. Underwater research is very useful - there are a lot of herbs and resources at the bottom.

As you progress through the story, you will unlock a portable scuba gear that will allow you to stay underwater indefinitely, and you will stop worrying about the supply of oxygen. Read more about how long to swim under water, we told in this guide.

How to get to closed areas

As you explore the open world, you will occasionally come across various objects - red crystals on the walls or strange iron flowers. They interfere with the passage, but there is nothing to remove them.

Most likely, you have not yet opened the desired plot tool. For example, red crystals can be blown up with a special fuse that is attached to a spear. To get such a device, complete the main tasks, and when you are ready, return to your place and gain access to closed areas.

Why boilers are needed

On the world map, you can notice the symbols that are indicated as "cauldrons". You will have to go to some according to the plot, but there will be those that you need to visit on your own.

Boilers are ancient factories for the production of machines. After overcoming a series of obstacles, you will reach the core, where a particularly vicious machine will usually be waiting for you. Having dealt with the mini-boss, Aloy will receive new programs that subordinate certain types of machines.

How and why to tame cars

As you learn programs to hack machines, you can tame them, making them your allies for a while. This mechanic is one of the main features of the game, but it is easy to miss if you only move through the main story.

Unlike the first part, even after passing all the boilers, you will not be able to subordinate any machine. For especially rare specimens, you will have to find additional parts and load them into the Aloy-based fabricator. The device will also tell you exactly what resources are needed for each type of robot.

Is it possible to upgrade the base and squad members?

In the course of the story, the heroine will have her own base and a team of allies. The camp cannot be upgraded, but the further you advance in the story, the more rooms will become available. In addition, the appearance of the base will change over time.

As such, there is no pumping of party members, but you need to talk with them regularly. A white exclamation mark will hang above your friends who are ready to talk. This should not be neglected, because after finding out what worries the allies, Aloy can receive a personal task.

How is pumping

The heroine has six branches of development:

  • Warrior - melee abilities;
  • Hunter - abilities that affect traps;
  • Archer - abilities for shooting at a medium distance;
  • Witch Doctor - increased resistance and effectiveness of treatment;
  • Scout - everything for stealth;
  • Machine Master - Strengthening allied machines.

You can pump any one or all directions at once. In any case, by the end of the game, even without careful research, almost all abilities will become available.

Most skills are passive. Active ones are always tied to a certain type of weapon, so if you haven't found or bought it yet, it's better to get something more useful.

What is weapon stamina and courage? How to download these indicators

Aloy has two new stats that affect the combat system. As you level up, you will receive some special hits. Their use requires weapon durability, which is replenished over time. You can determine its amount by the yellow bar in the lower right part of the screen.

In addition to special attacks, there are buffs in pumping that give serious bonuses for a short time. For example, Aloy activates a shield or enhances all types of shots. The duration of these upgrades is capped by the purple Courage bar. It can be replenished with any active actions, so there is no point in saving.

Is it possible to replace the spear with another melee weapon?

The main and only melee weapon is the spear. It cannot be dropped, replaced, or upgraded (with the exception of story upgrades). If you want to hone your skills, try participating in fighting competitions.

Note that Aloy can't block, so the only way to avoid melee damage is to dodge.

How to quickly defeat machines. Effective battle tactics

A visor will help in almost all matters related to cars. Scan the robots to see a small round menu in which you can use the arrows to select various weak points and analyze the enemy as a whole. There will also be information on what shells are best to hit. Weak spots can be fixed so that they are highlighted even during combat.

By separating the various components, you will not only collect more resources (many parts burn out after the death of the machine) but also cause significant damage to the enemy faster.

How to craft arrows, traps, and other weapons

All arrows, projectiles, and other weapon charges can be crafted by Aloy on the go at any time, even in combat.

However, traps, potions, and equipment upgrades require a workbench. You cannot make weapons or armor on your own - you need to buy them.

At the workbench, pouches are also improved, expanding the inventory.

On your own, without a workbench, only spirals and fabrics can be inserted into equipment, which increases several indicators of resistance.

Where to find merchants in the game

There are merchants in every settlement or base. Only from them, you can buy armor and weapons. Sometimes equipment is given out as a reward for quests, but this rarely happens. It is important that each merchant has his own assortment.

Most often, fragments (money) alone are not enough to buy. You will also have to give away certain parts. In addition, sold items can be redeemed from any nearest merchant.

How to earn a lot of shards (money)

You can earn money in several ways at once. The most obvious is to open the boxes and the remains of cars that come across.

The second option is to study the ruins and objects of the Forerunners. There you will find a lot of loot - old-world items that are only good for sale (broken watches, phones, and more). So you can make a fortune in record time.

How and why to create activities in the game

Please note that in the menu of the workbench or when trading, there is a button "create an activity" at the bottom. This is a very useful feature that makes it a little easier to grind regularly. So you can separate the collection of the necessary spare parts or ingredients into a side task. The game itself will tell you the nearest pasture of the right cars.

The lesson will greatly help in collecting materials for the fabricator.

How to increase the size (capacity) of inventory

Initially, the size of the inventory is quite modest. You can expand it by improving the pouches. If there is no space left, all collected resources are automatically sent to the bottomless storage. These boxes can be found in large settlements. Regardless of the location, all your goods will be there, which can be returned to inventory at any time if there is enough space.

Where to find the best weapons and armor

All equipment is divided by color - from gray to purple. Due to the changing assortment, finding a powerful bow can be a challenge. However, there is a secret that will make life easier.

Near the base of Aloy there is a small camp Tennakt. There are only a couple of people and a fire. The woman will tell you about interesting places, and the merchant will offer to buy something.

It is he who will find the best armor and weapons that are currently available. You can upgrade almost the entire arsenal at once.

Some purchases will require parts from dangerous machines that an unupgraded Aloy simply cannot defeat, but it will still be more convenient and faster than comparing the assortment of 50 merchants all over the world.