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Horizon Forbidden West: Choose Drakka or Yarra? (The Gate of the Vanquished)


Horizon Forbidden West: Choose Drakka or Yarra? (The Gate of the Vanquished)

During the course of the story in Horizon Forbidden West, you will come to the villages "Arrowhand" and "Burning Spear". There is a side quest series that gives you a decision at the end. Should you choose Drakka or Yarra as your desert commander? We'll tell you.

Choose Yarra or Drakka? - The Gate of the Vanquished

In order to be able to make the decision and to get to the side quest "The Gate of the Defeated", you must first go to the village "Arrow Hand". There you can accept the side mission "Hunt against Thirst", which starts the questline.

After completing the mission, you will receive the upcoming quest "The Wound in the Sand". After that, you will automatically get the mission mentioned above, “The Gate of the Defeated”.

By the way, the side mission is also important for all trophies if you want to unlock the platinum trophy. During the last quest "The Gate of the Vanquished" it comes to your decision. Do you want to choose Drakka or Yarra as the desert commander?

The Gate of the Vanquished - Reward & Consequences

Actually, it doesn't matter whether you choose Drakka or Yarra as your desert commander. If you choose one person, you will have to fight the other person in battle. There is no possibility of a peaceful solution.

Important: If you choose the third dialogue option (bottom right) before your choice, Aloy appeals that they should actually work together. This changes that the number of opponents in the upcoming battle is lower and there are fewer victims within the tribe.

However, the reward at the end of the mission remains the same no matter who is in charge at the end: the very rare "Firestorm Warrior Bow".

There aren't really any real consequences. Although the unchosen person dies, the subsequent quest that you can accept in Branding Spear does not change. Only the chosen desert commander will stand before you, depending on your decision. Even the dialogues are the same for both, no matter who survives.

So don't rack your brains over your choice of desert commander, the reward is always the same and so is the subsequent side mission.

Who did you choose as your desert commander? Drakka or Yarra? Write us in the comments, we are interested in your opinion!