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Horizon: Forbidden West Playing time and scope In detail

 As an ambitious and extensive open-world action-adventure, Horizon: Forbidden West takes up a lot of time that should not be underestimated. Exactly how long does it take to complete the game? We'll tell you about it in this post.

Estimating the total playing time is not that easy, as it depends not least on your playing style. Nevertheless, we can give you a rough overview of what to expect.

How long is the main story?

Horizon: Forbidden West consists of many campaign missions, side quests, contracts, activities, and more. If you concentrate primarily but not exclusively on the main story, you should reckon with around 28 to 33 hours of your time.

However, so that you are not completely underleveled and have passable equipment when the finale comes, you should complete some side missions and/or orders. If you don't do this and only play the 17 main missions on one of the easier levels of difficulty, the main story should take between 19 and 23 hours.

Horizon: Forbidden West Playing time and scope In detail

On the other hand, if you're playing organically, meaning you've completed the main story and completed a side mission or two along the way and invested some time in a few different activities, you're more likely to invest between 30 and 40 hours before the credits roll.

The complete duration of the game with all side missions

Aside from the main story, the Forbidden West has a lot to offer that you should also take advantage of. Get to know the people and races and their worries by playing the numerous side missions, some of which are very detailed. This will also help you better understand what is happening in the main story.

In addition, you will be confronted with various orders and activities. So not only should you hunt different types of machines, but you can also complete battles in the arena, try your hand at the machine quarrel mini-game, compete in races, complete challenges, or use your gray matter to solve the relic ruins and find the lost ornaments.

Many activities await you in Horizon: Forbidden West, such as the machine dispute mini-game.
Many activities await you in Horizon: Forbidden West, such as the machine dispute mini-game.

If you take all the side missions with you, mount the longnecks, find the hatcheries, collect the drones, etc., then you should rather count on a playing time of 50 to 60 hours.

How much time do I need for the 100 percent?

If you really do everything, complete every activity, level up all weapons and armor, and even get to platinum rank in trophy hunting, then you should plan up to 85 hours of play.

So you see, Aloy's adventures in the forbidden west have a lot to offer and will or can keep you busy for an amazingly long time. If you don't know what to do with your time, you have a place in the forbidden west where you can let off steam.