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Horizon: Forbidden West This is how you solve all relic ruins


Horizon: Forbidden West This is how you solve all relic ruins

On Aloy's journey west, she passes many relics of the past civilization. Among these are the so-called relic ruins, in which secret ornaments are hidden. In this Horizon: Forbidden West post, we'll show you how to solve all the relic ruins and get the secret ornaments to culminate in a legendary reward.

What are relic ruins?

The relic ruins are still more or less well-preserved buildings from the time before the apocalypse. Secret ornaments are hidden in each of these ruins, which together form a whole. In order to unlock their secret, you must solve all 8 relic ruins and find their ornaments before continuing with another search.

The relic ruins are characterized by the fact that you have to invest some brain power here to get to the objects of your desire. So you have some riddles in front of you, the solutions of which are not always immediately apparent. But at least you don't get to deal with machines as much in the relic ruins, so you don't have to concentrate on fighting as well.

How can I solve the relic ruins?

In fact, you won't be able to solve all the relic ruins right away; They all assume that you already have some special gear, which you get by progressing through the main story.

This special equipment like the "pull launcher" will help you to overcome certain obstacles by using a rope to pull yourself up on some ledges or by destroying individual wall sections with your "lighter".

For the completion of each relic ruin - that is, after you have collected the respective ornament - you will also receive 5,000 XP and two skill points as a reward.

How do I get the special equipment?

The required special equipment can be obtained by playing the main story. After certain main missions, you will receive the respective special equipment one after the other. You get them after the following missions:

  1. Pull Launcher: "Reach for the Stars"
  2. Lighter: "The Legation"
  3. Vine Cutter: "Seeds of the Past"
  4. Shield Wing: "The Embassy"
  5. Diving Mask: "The Sea of ​​Sand"

Solve Relic Ruin #1 "The Terror".

The Dread Relic Ruin is the easternmost relic ruin in the game, so it will likely be the first ornament you'll attempt to acquire.

Special Equipment Required: Draft launcher

To get the first ornament, you must first find a way to open the locked door on the first floor. You need two things for this: the key module and the four-digit access code. You can reach the locked door by entering the northeast part of the house and pulling up the yellow ledge to the first floor.

Find the access code

To get the access code you have to turn around from the door and jump over the small chasm to get to the southwest part of the building. If you then jump down inside, you will see a text message in front of you. If you scan this, you will find the access code.

The access code: 1-7-0-5

Get the key module/hotel room key

To get the key module, turn left and use your pull launcher to pull the box down from the first floor. Then you turn to the right and also use the pull launcher to pull the steel beam into the correct position and open the air shaft.

Now push the crate in such a way that you can pull yourself up from there on the steel beam that has been pushed out and jump to the ventilation shaft. When you get to the other side, turn around and use your pull launcher to tear down the holed wall behind you.

Now go down the hole in the ground and turn right. In the end, you will see a mark in the ceiling above you where you can use the pull launcher. Do this to poke a hole in the ceiling/floor.

Now run back upstairs and push the crate from the next room into the newly created hole. Now push the crate to the back wall so that you can reach the yellow climbing ledges here. Climb onto the roof like this and from here jump onto the balcony on the left to grab the hotel room key.

Now you return to the locked door, use the hotel room key and enter the four-digit access code 1705 to open the door. Behind it the relic/ornament is waiting for you and the first relic ruin is complete.

Solve Relic Ruin #2 "No Man's Land".

This is probably the second relic ruin you'll come across, as it's the second farthest east in the middle of proverbial no man's land.

Special Equipment Required: Launcher & Igniter

You approach the ruins from the east and use your lighter to ignite the fire mica on the left and destroy the wall. Behind it, you take the energy cell out of the holder and enter the passage outside with it. At the end of it, you use the traction launcher to open the ventilation shaft. Squeeze through and open the ventilation from the inside to the outside. Leave the power cell here.

Here you use the crate by pushing it in front of the opposite wall to climb up on it. From here you run to the wall with the fire mica to ignite it and tear a hole in the wall and get to the inner area.

Find the charging station for the energy cell

Inside, jump down and use your train launcher to destroy the wall to your left. Left behind you should now find the energy cell that you left in front of the ventilation shaft.

Pick this up and go through the broken wall and wade through the water. Go up the ramp on the right to find the charging station on the back right wall. Now insert the energy cell into it to charge it.

Bring the charged power cell to the other side

You can already see a door on the first floor on the other side with a power cell slot on the ground floor below. You guessed it: to open the door, you have to insert the energy cell into this slot.

The only problem is the water between you and the other side. If you walk through the water with the charged energy cell, it discharges and you have to recharge it.

Use the pull launcher to pull yourself up to the first floor above you. To your right is an alcove from which you can see a crate on the other side. With the Zugwerfer you pull them up. Now run back to the right into the open and now pull the crate from here with the pull launcher so that it falls into the water below you.

Now push the crate in the water to the edge in front of the charging station. Then take out the energy cell and use it to climb onto the crate without falling into the water. Now place the energy cell on the crate (triangle) and jump down yourself to pull the crate through the water over the ramp to the other side.

Now climb back onto the crate and pick up the energy cell. Then use this to jump down and insert it into the power cell slot to power the door.

Find the access code and open the door

Right next to the power cell inlet you will see a text file. Use your focus to scan these and get the access code for the door on the first floor.

The access code: 2-2-0-4

Now push the crate to the right against the wall directly in front of the water's edge in order to climb up the yellow ledges to the first floor. Here you interact with the lock and enter the access code 2204 to open the door and collect the ornament in the office behind. This completes the ruined relic in "No Man's Land".

Solve Relic Ruin #3 "Restless Wilds".

You can find this relic ruin by following the road from Pure Resonance northwest toward the "Turn" to avoid the mountain range to the south. You will pass this old train station.

Special Equipment Required: Launcher & Igniter

You can jump over the reddish brick block in the western part of the relic ruins to the yellow handles on the wall behind it and thus reach the half-down ladder. If you climb up this, you will once again come to a locked door, for which you will need a key module and an access code again to unlock it.

Obtain the key module

Jump down and run to the rails north of the train station. Then follow it to the east. Here you will see a cart that you can move on the rails either with your pull launcher or by manually pushing/pulling it. You can now push this cart against the wall of the train station to climb over it onto the canopy and collect the local green glitter splinter.

But to get the key module, you have to push/pull the cart backward on the rails until you get past the fork in the rails. Next to this fork, you will find a lever. You pull this to realign the rails so that the cart no longer turns left, but goes straight when you push it.

You do this until you reach the end of the rails and from here you can climb the canopy using the lorry. From here you jump onto the yellow rope and climb to the other part of the building in front of you. Here you will find the key module.

Find the access code for the Restless Wilds relic ruin

If you scan the text files next to the locked door and in the niche below, you will get the information that the access code corresponds to the year the station was founded. To find out, you should take a good look at the building from the outside.

So run to the southern front of the building and look at it from a certain distance. Here you can see the iron founding numbers 1623. You should immediately notice that something cannot be right here, as James Watt - as we all know ;-) - only filed the patent for his steam engine in 1769, which marked the invention of the steam locomotive and thus resulted in the industrial railroad.

The solution is very simple: The 6 is actually a 9, but the top screw has come loose, so the number is now hanging upside down and looks like a 6. So go back to the door and enter the actual founding year of the station as a code.

The access code: 1-9-2-3

Obtained the ornament in the Restless Wilds

The door is now open and you can use the rope to slide into the locked part of the station. From here you can't just get to the upper floor where the ornament is waiting for you. So you still have to do something:

Use your lighter to ignite the fire mica on the back wall and tear it down. Now run outside to the cart and pull it all the way back to park it behind the fork in the rails. Now you press the lever again to realign the rails so that the lorry would now run around the curve to the left again.

So push the cart around the curve and through the new hole in the wall inwards. Climb up here and scale the rear right pillar. Climb around to the other side and push yourself backward by pressing the circle button. Climb to the right handle and pull yourself up. Here you will find the ornament and have thus completed the "Restless Wilds" relic ruin.

Solve Relic Ruin #4 "Drying Wish".

This relic ruin is an old tunnel or deposits east of Burning Spear and west of the base. Geographically speaking, this should be about the fourth relic ruin you come across.

Special Equipment Required: Draft launcher, igniter, and vine cutter

Unlike previous relic ruins, you don't need to find a key module or access code to obtain the ornament here. Well, at least no access code... But you still have to search and tinker a bit.

Raise the fire door

In the beginning, you use your tendril cutter to first open the metal flower to your left and then to dispose of the tendrils. Now pull out the crate behind it and push it to the right in the direction of the large fire protection door, then climb onto the crate and from there get onto the iron bridge above you.

Use the yellow wheel to raise the large fire door. Since this then lowers again, you have to jump down quickly and run under it to the other side.

Find the key module

You can see a box on the left. You now align this so that you get to the iron bridge. Above you can see a door, but you need a key module to unlock it. Jump back down and use your pull launcher to pull the three steel beams on the opposite wall horizontal.

Now climb up the yellow handles and edges of the fire door and jump from them onto the newly aligned steel beams. Use this to jump to the iron footbridge on the far right, where you will find the key module. You can now use this storage facility maintenance key to unlock the door.

Hold the fire door up

At the end of the tunnel, you will see a spot where you can use your Zugwerfer. A lorry is hidden behind it. Pull it out and push it in front of the fire door.

Now climb onto the iron footbridge to open the locked door with your key module. Inside you open the ventilation shaft with your traction launcher and climb through it. On the other hand, you use your lighter to ignite the fire mica on the back left wall and destroy the wall.

Now use the wheel again to lift the fire door. Then immediately jump down and push the cart under the fire door. This is held by the cart so that it no longer closes completely.

Reach the ornament in the longing for dryness

Now climb onto the cart and from there along the yellow handles of the fire door to get to the gallery on your left. Here you use your Zugwerfer to rip open the wall and go through it. Jump down onto the iron footbridge on the right and collect the relic.

Obtain the Greenglow Fragment in the Dry Wish Relic Ruin

If you still want to get the Greenglow Fragment and the box on the insulated iron walkway, you have to turn the wheel again to raise the fire door. Then you pull the cart away from underneath and push it in front of the iron bridge with the green luster fragment on it. You climb up the lorry and collect the coveted loot.

Solve Relic Ruin #5 "The Stillsands".

To the south, in the perpetual sand-covered remains of once-glamorous Las Vegas, you'll find the fifth relic ruin. It's a little northwest of Glimmer's Angle.

Special Equipment Required: Draft launcher

Approach the building from the west and run towards its concave front. In terms of style, it is apparently supposed to be a fusion of famous hotels in the show metropolis, so elements of the Caesar's Palace Hotel and the Hotel Bellagio can be found here, for example.

Climb up the Greek columns in front of it, then jump to the concave facade of the building. Climb to the left and scale the canopy. Here you will find an opening into the interior of the building.

Flood the building

Unrope and turn around. Here you can see a glimmer of fire that you can explode with your lighter. In the exposed room behind you will find a crate. Align them so that you can climb onto the iron bridge. Turn right and open the valve to fill the room with water.

However, since the water is draining away, you have to jump down and push the crate in front of the drain grate. This is how the water level rises. Dive outside quickly to avoid drowning if you don't already have a diving mask.

Find the key module

When you reappear, you will see a locked door directly behind you. A key module is required to open this. In order to get this, you don't have to solve any big riddles or puzzles this time.

Just swim left to the east wing of the building. On the steps of a staircase, you will find the storage key here. You collect it, swim back, and open the locked door. This time you don't need an access code.

Get to the ornament of the relic ruin in the Stillsands with the floating cost

Ok, now it's getting a little tricky: behind the now open door, you can see a box. You push this into the water in front of you. The key now is to move this box to the other side of the room.

In the water, you can see so-called caryatids. These are statues of women that double as pillars. Climb onto the ledges of their pedestals and from there use the drag launcher to pull the crate through the water.

In order to align the box correctly, you first pull it to the western closer caryatid and then swim to the eastern one. Here you pull the box again, but let go halfway so it floats in the middle.

Now you swim to the eastern rear caryatid with the steps in front of it and pull the box closer. Now swim to the west and pull her towards you, then swim to the east again but this time stand behind her and pull the crate towards you.

Now go to the central pillar of the south wing and pull the box towards you. Do some tweaking here so she swims more to the left and then jumps on it. From here, jump to the yellow ledge and climb the pillar all the way to the top, where you pull yourself up and collect the ornament.

Solve Relic Ruin #6 "Wilderness Path".

This relic ruin is located in the north of the map between the settlements "Burning Spear" and "The Bulwark". This is a former church. It all depends on how you deal with the local crates.

Special Equipment Required: Launcher & Igniter

Stack the boxes on top of each other

Approach the church from the northeast campfire next door. On the left, you will immediately see a cracked wall that you can rip open with your pull launcher. Now turn right where you will see a box on the altar. You pull this down with your pull thrower and adjust it so that you can jump over it to the yellow ledge.

Climb up the edges of the church tower here, climb around to the left, and drop down. Use your igniter to ignite the fire mica to your right while tearing down the wall behind you with your pull launcher. You can also use your pull launcher to pull out the crate under the church tower.

Then run through the hole in the fire mica and pull/push the box in. If you want to climb up the edges inside the church tower, you will find that they break off and you have to find another way.

So push the crate through the torn wall to the back and place it under the yellow edges on the right. You climb up this and push the second crate onto the collapsed canopy before you jump after it, push the crate down, and then push it into the small niche made of rubble.

Then pull back the other crate under the yellow edges and push it onto the first crate. If you then jump down, you can move these stacked boxes together.

Find the key module for the sanctuary and open the door

You now push the two boxes in the direction of the altar and, thanks to the hole that the fire mica has torn, inside the church tower. Now that there are two boxes, they are high enough that you can climb up the yellow ledges where you will find the Sanctuary Key.

Now jump down again and push the stacked crates through the broken wall. You can then use the crates to jump over the wall on the right and get to the door. Now open it with the key module.

Reach the ornament in the bell tower

Now go through the open door and use the train launcher to tear down the wall to your left. Then jump out of the hole and push the two stacked boxes in front of it. Squeeze past the crates and pull the top one in towards you.

You then push this through the door up the ramp to the church tower and park it in front of the wall in order to reach the yellow edges and climb up. You will then find the relic you are looking for in the bell tower and the relic ruins on the wilderness path are complete.

Solve Relic Ruin #7 "The Long Shore".

This relic ruin can be found near the beach northeast of Thornmarch. This is apparently a former theater.

Special Equipment Required: Draft Launcher, Igniter & Shield Wings

Find and use the first crate

Starting from the nearby campfire northwest of the relic ruins, you run to its northeast corner. You enter through the gap in the concrete. Turn left and jump over the yellow handle onto the iron walkway.

Run backward to the red steel beams on the back wall. At this, you climb over the yellow handles to the right and let yourself fall into the small room. With your lighter, you ignite the fire mica. Take cover behind a pillar on the right behind you.

If the wall is open, run to it and turn around. Now use the pull launcher on the lever you can see through the gap in the concrete. Now you have to hurry:

A spotlight will now be moved around on the rails above you, which you can use to pull yourself up with your towing launcher. Once you've done that, immediately push yourself backward with the circle button to get onto the iron bridge

After a few seconds, the spotlight moves back and you have to repeat the whole procedure if you weren't fast enough on the first try.

You will see a crate on your right. With the tow thrower, you pull it towards you so that it falls through the hole in the bridge. Jump down and slide the crate from the stage into the water below.

Now run past it and pull out the crate on the other side with your pull launcher. Then push it through the door and into the elevator further back. Use the traction launcher to rip open the hatch in the elevator ceiling.

Find the power cell and activate the elevator

Exit the elevator again and jump up to use the pull launcher to pull yourself up on the gallery on the right. Run around to the left until you reach the wall at the very end. Here you will find the power cell.

Hurry and run down the stairs with this in hand and put it in the power cell slot of the elevator. Don't dawdle! If you take too long, the energy cell loses its juice on the way and you have to recharge it at the top first.

Find the second box

Now use the tow launcher to the right of the elevator and climb up the tower from here using the yellow edges and handles. From a beam pointing inwards, you now jump to the upper spectator stand. In order to be able to jump far enough, you need the shield wing.

On the upper grandstand, you let yourself fall and first chase up the wall behind you with your lighter before you pull out the box and push it through the now open wall and let it fall to the ground from there.

Find the ornament in the Tower of the Long Shore

Now enter the elevator and switch it on so that you go up. Here you push the first crate (crate A) that you previously placed outside. Then take the elevator down to push the second crate (crate B) into the elevator as well.

Now exit the elevator again to use your pull launcher to pull yourself up to the gallery where you previously parked crate A. You now push said box A into the elevator shaft so that it lands on the elevator car.

Now also jump into the elevator shaft and enter the elevator through the previously opened hatch. Inside, turn on the elevator to go up. Now align crate B inside the elevator cabin so that you can use it to climb out through the hatch at the top.

You can now jump over crate A on the roof of the elevator cabin to reach the yellow edges inside the tower and thus climb up. Here you collect the relic. With the Zugwerfer you can now tear open the wall of the tower from the inside and step outside. The relic ruin on the Long Shore is thus complete.

Solve Relic Ruin #8 "Island of Towers".

You will find what is probably the last relic ruin that you need to solve in the extreme west of the map in the center of the offshore "Island of Towers". Here you have to use all the gameplay and puzzle skills that you have been able to try out for the relic ruins so far. The search for this ornament is correspondingly complex.

Special Equipment Required: Draft Launcher, Igniter, Vine Cutter, Shield Wings & Diving Mask

Approach the large office building from the nearby campfire east of it. Climb the east facade of the building via the yellow edges and handles until you can enter at the top. The Zugwerfer proves to be very helpful here to get to the top even faster.

Charge the power cell and activate the elevator

Run past the elevator and through to the back. Here you can see an energy cell on a shelf and a suitable charging station in the room to the right. You have to charge this energy cell and then insert it into the corresponding slot in the elevator to activate it.

If you take the energy cell and charge it using the charging station in the room to the right, you will find that the energy cell loses its juice before you reach the elevator. So there must be another solution:

For this, you walk past the charging station through the passage. Behind it, you can see a ventilation shaft in the ceiling, which you open with your traction launcher. Pull yourself up and climb through. In the room you come out of, you'll see another charging station.

Use your igniter to ignite the local fire mica and blast open the wall. You are now in the room to the left of the power cell. So take this one, charge it in the left charging station, and then quickly run with it to the elevator to use it here and activate the elevator.

Lower the ladder of the neighboring building

So enter the elevator and go down with it. When you get to the bottom, first let the fire mica go up on the wall in the back left to tear a hole in the said wall and then turn right.

Here you use your pull launcher on the crate in the water and pull it towards you on land. Now push it to the right by hand and push it back into the water here. Swim to the other side here and use your vine cutter to get rid of the metal flower and the vines.

Now you pull the crate towards you with your pull launcher. Jump onto it and turn right. Through the gap in the wall, you can see a ladder on the wall of the neighboring building. Shoot the target square with your bow to lower the ladder.

Get the key module to the main office

So you run outside to the right, jump into the water and swim to the lowered ladder. Now climb up this and pull yourself up to the edge. From this, you push yourself off with the B button to get to the opposite floor, where the key module to the main office is located.

Obtain the first half of the Access Code - Leo's General Code

Now jump back into the water and swim to the right and then turn left to get inside the other building. Here you see a locked door. In addition to the key module, you also need an access code. The text message next to it reveals that the access code is a combination of Leo's general code (7th floor) and Astrid's general code (9th floor).

So hop back into the water and pull yourself up using the yellow handles and edges on the piece of the wall opposite. You can then use the tow launcher to get up to the next floor. Jump up again and use the traction launcher to pull yourself up to the next floor.

Climb the long beam next to you and jump from it to the other long beam diagonally to the left below you. To make this jump, you need the shield wing.

Now use the pull launcher to pull the crate behind you and drop it down. If the crate becomes wedged in the debris below, use the pull launcher again to free it and fall into the water.

Now jump into the water as well and go back onto land behind you. Use the pull launcher to pull the crate onto land as well. Behind you in the ceiling, you will find a hatch that you can open with the tow launcher. Then adjust the box so that you can climb over it through the hatch.

Squeeze through the ventilation shaft. Back outside, turn around, and climb over the ledges. You will then see a locked door in front of you, for which you need a four-digit code. In the next room on the left you can see a text message that tells you the general code with which you can get through the door:

"Start with the two, and then you press each number counter-clockwise. So from right to left."

Leo's general code: 2-1-0-9

Get the second half of the access code - Astrid's General Code

Now jump into the water below you. Turn around and dive. Here you see a door underwater, but you can open it. If you turn left behind it, you will find an old safe for valuables. It contains, among other things, two old sculptures.

If you dive further, you will find a gap at the back that you can squeeze through. Then, when you surface, you'll find yourself with the crate in the water, which you needed to shoot down the ladder next door. Run past the broken elevator on the right and run outside. Climb the facade as at the beginning to get back into the building at the top.

At the top, call the elevator and take it down. Step out and use your tow launcher to pull the crate on the right in the water towards you on land. Then push the crate into the elevator and go back upstairs. Then push the crate to the opposite wall to reach the edges from there.

Loot the chest with the two Ancient Sculptures in it, pull yourself up to further to the right, and then jump over to the other building, where you will also find a chest with two Ancient Sculptures. Now jump into the hole in the ground in front of you and go to the locked door.

In the middle of the room you will find a text message that gives you a hint about the three-digit access code here :

"I know you're the trusting one, but I don't feel safe when the access code to the office complex is just 1-0-floor."

Astrid's general code: 1-0-9

Collect the complete access code and the ornament on the Isle of Towers

So jump down into the water and go to the locked door. As the text message alongside says, the 7-digit Access Code is now a combination of the two General Codes you just collected.

Keep in mind that Astrid's general code adapts to the respective floor. You are now no longer on the ninth floor as you were when you found her general code, but now on the sixth. In this case, your code is no longer 1-0-9, but 1-0-6.

Seven-digit access code: 2-1-0-9-1-0-6

So you have opened the door and can collect the last ornament behind it for the time being and thus complete the last relic ruin. All relics point to Las Vegas. If you talk to Stemmur in Glimmerangle, you will receive the quest "Night of Lights" from him, which puts all the ornaments together.

"Night of Lights" - Find the final ornament

Did we just say that you have now found all the ornaments? Well, that's not entirely true. Stemmur wants you to search the subterranean ruins of lost Las Vegas for one last ornament, an ominous "thing" and bring it to him. After that you're really done with the ornament search, I promise!

Requirement: Connected all relic ruins and the quest "The Sea of ​​Sand".

In order to be able to receive this quest, you must first have completed the main mission "The Sea of ​​Sand", which already leads you to lost Las Vegas. When you're through with that, you can then speak to the articulate Stemmur in Glimmer's Reach.

This sends Aloy into the dune cave under the earth, for which you should climb down the old elevator shaft under Glimmerwinkel. If you use the shield wing, you can descend faster without having to actively climb.

Below you simply follow the path to the building with the large hanging Chinese dragon and step outside. Now keep to the right here until you come across some machines, which you must kill first.

At the back, you will reach the building you are looking for. You can penetrate through gaps in the wall at the bottom right, where you will find a locked door behind which the "thing" you are looking for is located. In order to be able to open the door, you first need a six-digit access code.

Find the first half of the access code

To the left of the door, use the pull launcher to pull yourself up the stairs. At the top, slip between the lattice wires on the left and scan the text message to the left. This tells you what the first half of the access code is, although technically it's the second half.

The second half of the access code: 1-3-5

Solve the box puzzle

In front of you, you see two crates stacked on top of each other in a lattice wire construct. Go right and hop onto the boxes here. From there you turn left to the crates, of which you can see the top one through a gap. Use the pull launcher to pull them towards you.

Now slip out again and run to the crates, from which you can now also pull out the lower one with your pull launcher. Now push this box up the ramp on the left onto the gallery.

From the other side, you now use the pull launcher to pull the formerly upper crate towards you, so that you can now pull it through the gap from the bottom right, as you did with the lower crate.

Now pull it out and push it next to the ramp under the gallery so that you can now push the crate that you previously pushed onto the gallery onto this crate to stack it.

Now turn around to look at the opposite area enclosed by the wire wall. You can see a box on the right. Use the gap in the wire and your pull launcher to pull it towards you and thus down.

Now push the two boxes stacked on top of each other across from the wire wall and climb up to jump over it. Turn back right and drop down here. Since you just pulled down the crate that would otherwise have blocked your way, the way is now clear.

Find the second half of the access code

In the ground, you will find a hatch that you tear open with your tow launcher. Follow the ventilation shaft, collect the loot and step on the hatch on the left from the inside to get back outside.

On the wall to your right, you will see a sign that you can use your Zugwerfer here. Do this to rip a hole in the wall. On the counter in front of you, you will see a text message containing the second half of the access code - actually the first half.

The first half of the access code: 7-3-9

Run outside and jump down to the right. Walk along with the building until you get to where you got in at the beginning and where you found the door. Here you enter the full six-digit access code.

Complete access code to the last ornament: 7-3-9-1-3-5

Collect the legendary reward from Stemmur

You now walk back the same way you came underground to the former Las Vegas in order to get back to the surface. In Glimmer's Reach, speak to Stemmur again.

This connects all the ornaments you collected to show what it's all about. He uses them to create a beautiful light show that you can decide for yourself, depending on the holiday you have chosen.

As a thank you for your efforts, Stemmur allows you to loot the previously locked box behind him. In it you will find, among other things, a legendary weapon. This is the Legendary Return of the Ancestor Chopper Glove.

You have now collected all the ornaments in the game and picked up your well-deserved reward. We hope that we could help you with this guide in your search.