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Horizon: Forbidden West This is how you unlock the shield wing

 As an open-world adventure, Horizon: Forbidden West is quite a vertical game in which you have to climb and jump a lot. To catch a fall or to cover certain distances faster, it is worth using the glider known as a shield wing. Therefore, in this post, we explain how to unlock the shield wing.

A glider like that in Horizon: Forbidden West is great. We'll tell you how to get it in.

Surely you saw in the pre-release material about the game that you can also use a glider in Horizon: Forbidden West, just like Link in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. So, of course, you thought: "I want that thing too!"

But how do you get this glider? Is it difficult to unlock this? Do you have to prove your skill first? Does it take a long time to get the glider? Don't panic, unlocking the glider isn't particularly difficult.

How do I unlock the glider?

The glider or "shield wing" as it is actually called belongs in Horizon: Forbidden West to the category of so-called "special equipment", which also includes, for example, the " diving mask " or the "igniter" and the "vine cutter", with which you block paths opens.

In order to unlock the shield wing, you simply have to invest a little game time in the main story. You will receive the shield wing automatically after completing the main mission "The Legation".

You really don't need that long for this, since "The Legation" is already the fourth of the 17 main missions. So if you follow the main story quite stringently at the beginning, you can call the glider your own after just a few hours.

How do I use the glider?

Once you've completed The Legation and the Shield Wing is in your inventory, you can use it however you like. So if you fall or jump somewhere, just use the glider to break the fall and take no fall damage.

In order to use the glider, you have to hold down the square button and Aloy unpacks the shield wing. This takes between one and two seconds. Take this into account when you fall, so that you don't unpack the glider too late and suddenly make acquaintance with the hard ground.

What is the shield wing good for?

As already mentioned, you can use the glider to slow your fall if you fall down a large cliff or, for example, have jumped off a long neck you have climbed.

You also need the shield wing for some main and side missions. Even if you consider activities such as solving the relic ruins, you will only be able to do this completely if you already have the shield wing.

In addition, the glider is worthwhile to get from A to B a little faster, since you can travel a little faster with the glider than if you move by predes. Provided, of course, that you jump from high altitudes and unwrap the shield wing early.

The shield wing slows your fall from high altitudes and flying mounts.

You'll also need to use the Shield Wing if you're going for the in-game trophies and want to complete 100 percent of the game. For the A Long Glide achievement, as the trophy's name suggests, you must complete a remarkably long and/or wide glide.

The easiest way to do this is to complete the "Signal Search" side quest, which will take you to the perfect location for such a flight. Alternatively, you can fly as high as you can on a flying mount, then drop down and unwrap the shield wing. Either way, the glide will be long enough for this trophy.