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Horizon: Forbidden West Unlock the diving mask - how it works

 In Horizon: Forbidden West you cannot complete tasks on the ground, you can also take to the skies with a bridged flying mount. In addition, you can now also experience a lot underwater. In order to be able to do this particularly intensively, you need a device with which you can breathe underwater - the diving mask. In this article, we will therefore explain how to unlock the diving mask in Horizon: Forbidden West.

We tell you how to unlock the diving mask in Horizon: Forbidden West to be able to breathe underwater.

The sometimes very wide underwater passages in Horizon: Forbidden West are just one of the many innovations compared to the predecessor. You can now search underwater for a wide variety of loot or collectibles, such as flight recorders.

In the game world, you will also come across some sunken caves, where you will find that in most cases you will drown before you can complete them. You, therefore, need a breathing mask with which you can also endure longer underwater passages.

How do I unlock the diving mask?

In Horizon: Forbidden West, the diving mask, like the shield wing, belongs to the category of so-called "special equipment". This group also includes the "igniter" and the "vine cutter", which you need to open blocked paths.

As is the case with all other special equipment items, the diving mask also requires you to invest some game time in the main story. You will receive them automatically after completing the main mission "The Sea of ​​Sand".

This is the eleventh of the 17 main missions, so you will have to spend quite a bit of time until you get the breathing device. Whether you want to do this right away is of course up to you. However, keep in mind that some side missions and/or activities are very difficult or impossible to do without a diving mask.

What do I need to be able to breathe underwater for?

Apart from the last main missions, there are a few areas for which the diving mask brings you a lot. Last but not least, it helps you to solve some relic ruins or even to find a certain vantage point. Apart from that - as mentioned above - you can not complete most of the sunken caves without a diving mask.

So if you're looking for Greenglow to trade or upgrade your weapons and outfits, be sure to unlock the Diving Mask, as Sunken Caverns are perfect for Greenglow farming.

So you see: Overall, the diving mask is a very useful special item that lets you experience the beautifully designed underwater world of Horizon: Forbidden West even more intensively and extensively and lets you do a lot more things. So it's definitely worth working towards the scuba mask fairly quickly and playing the main story first.