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Horizon: Forbidden West Wings of Ten - Spare or Kill Regalla?


Horizon: Forbidden West Wings of Ten - Spare or Kill Regalla?

The rebel leader Regalla is one of the main antagonists in Horizon: Forbidden West and often makes life difficult for Aloy. In the main mission "Wings of the Ten" there is a duel between the two women, at the end of which Aloy is to decide Regalla's fate: should she live or die? In this article, we will tell you the consequences of this decision and how it will affect the further course of the action.

The fight against Regalla

The rebel leader emerges early in the game as one of Aloy's main antagonists. The two (almost) meet again and again. The conflict that escalates as the story progresses, both between the rebels and the individual tribes as well as between Regalla and Aloy personally, culminates in a major battle in the main quest "Wings of the Ten".

In this mutually devastating battle, you must first aid your comrades before going head-to-head with Regalla herself. In this, she shows why she is the leader of the rebels and offers Aloy a tough fight.

Regalla presents herself as a treacherous opponent here, as she's a kind of dark reflection of Aloy. She is fast, agile, and tricky. Similar to Aloy, she fights with an arsenal of different weapons and ammo types.

In this fight, it's worth robbing Regalla of her freedom of movement, for example by using the Sticky Slingshot and using your extended concentration ability to headshot the rebel leader with your Sniper Ground.

Regalla's fate - Should she live or die?

Once you've defeated Regalla in a duel, Chief Hekarro lets Aloy decide whether Regalla should live or die. This decision is not an easy one, as it is not only a question of a misguided woman's life but also whether she might still be of use.

The defeated rebel leader is undeniably dangerous, but she is also a formidable fighter and the machines she bypassed could be of great help in the fight against the Zeniths.

Decision #1 (Faust) - Kill Regalla

If you sum it up again and consider how much suffering and death Regalla has brought with her rebels and her bypassed machines, it is an understandable decision if you do not want to take any risks and sentence her to death.

Regalla will accept this fate with her head held high and walk like a warrior in welcoming death. While Hekarro isn't exactly happy about her death, as she was once his best marshal and meant a lot to him, he doesn't get angry with Aloy either.

After you have decided to kill Regalla and she has breathed her last, Hekarro will give you a reward that corresponds to your offensive mindset as thanks for your help in the fight against the rebels: Regalla's own sniper bow - "Regalla's Fury".

Decision #2 (Hearts) - Spare Regalla

Despite all that Regalla has done, despite all the deaths and all the suffering, she is responsible for, in the end, she is just a misguided woman who actually had good intentions but fell further and further into darkness. Can't she still be saved?

Aloy muses that a great fighter like Regalla, and the machines she and her people bypassed, could be of great help in the merciless fight against the Zeniths.

So if you spare Regalla's life, she is tempted by the prospect of fighting overwhelming opponents and, in case of doubt, being able to die the warrior's death in battle. She gives Aloy her word to help her fight the Zeniths.

Even after you have spared Regalla, Hekarro will show his gratitude for your help in this conflict: In accordance with your cautious nature, you will receive armor from him, which should protect you in your future fights - the armor of the "Tenakth High Marshal".

Regalla's role in the decisive battle

If you spare Regalla, she promises you that she will support you in the fight against the Zeniths. Well, she's a woman who keeps her word. If you return to the base at the beginning of the main mission "Singularity", you can talk to your companions here again, including Regalla.

If you go down into the basement, you will meet the disgruntled former rebel leader. You can chat with her to learn more about her, her motivations, and her mindset.

Regalla will eventually join your fight and assist you in the main quest "Singularity" and fight against the Zeniths. Especially in the fight against the phantoms, she cuts a fine figure.

Ultimately, some of the machines bypassed by Regalla and her people also get an appearance in the final battle, so it seems Aloy's decision to spare Regalla was the right one. However, we won't tell you at this point what fate awaits Regalla in the end, because we don't want to spoil it.