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Horizon Forbidden West workbench guide. How to improve equipment, how to increase the capacity of bags and inventory


Horizon Forbidden West workbench guide

Like the previous installment in the series, Horizon Forbidden West allows players to upgrade equipment and increase the capacity of ammo bags. To perform this action, you will have to carefully search the surroundings in search of resources and kill animals. In this guide, we will detail how to improve equipment and increase inventory capacity.

How to use the workbench

At the end of the prologue, after activating the Reach for the Stars quest, Aloy will meet with familiar characters in a small village. Here she will receive a new spear and will be able to use the workbench for the first time.

After receiving the On the Edge quest, the player must head west. We use the lift and find ourselves in an open world. From now on, Aloy will be able to use the workbenches in the hideouts at any time.

How to improve equipment and increase inventory capacity

We approach the table and press the "Triangle" button to go to the upgrade menu. Now you need to select the appropriate pumping section. In this menu, the player can improve weapons, clothes, and pouches, as well as craft traps, potions, and special equipment that will be unlocked along with the storyline.

To upgrade an item, use the instructions below (I used Freeze Blast Sling as an example):

  1. After opening the workbench menu, go to the "Weapon Upgrade" section.
  2. Choose an item to improve. The menu that opens will display the available upgrade levels, their cost, and information about the characteristics of the equipment.
  3. We hold down the button "Cross" to increase the level of uniforms.

This principle applies to any section. Please note that at the beginning of the game there are only six types of pouches: potions, hunting arrows, resources, traps, and bombs. As you explore the world and progress through the storyline, the player will have access to others: tripwires, spikes, high-precision arrows, shells, and food.

Rare weapons and armor can be purchased from the store. In addition, it is not possible to change the color of rarity, so when pumping, you can only increase the characteristics of the device.

What are fabrics and spirals for?

There is another way to improve weapons and armor. The player will constantly find various spirals and fabrics in chests and after killing robots. The former can be inserted into weapons and the latter into armor. With the help of them, the user is able to add additional damage or increase protection against certain characteristics: acid, cold, electricity, water, plasma.

What resources will be required to upgrade equipment

Upgrading items requires a wide variety of resources. The most important of these are metal shards that are scattered all over the world. Many resources are hidden in chests, but the rarest can only be obtained by examining defeated enemies and games. It is worth considering that plants and animal meat are also needed to create arrows and potions.

For a simplified search for the necessary resources that are mined only from robots, it is recommended to use the map. Throughout the game world, there are special points, habitats, marked with certain symbols. With the help of them, you can find the location of any robotic machine.

Ordinary animals are easy to find in the forest. They constantly appear in real time, so it’s enough to spend some time looking for animals and pumping pouches. To detect them, you need to hold down the "R3" key (right stick) - the visor will turn on, which will illuminate all living creatures in the area with a bright orange color.