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How to defeat the bosses Fahar, Sean, Kuroka, Jinfeng, Yan and unlock the secret (true) ending in Sifu


How to defeat the bosses Fahar, Sean, Kuroka, Jinfeng, Yan and unlock the secret (true) ending in Sifu

In Sifu, all five boss fights are incredibly difficult, so don't expect an easy walk through the locations and a quick victory on the first try. Each of them uses a unique set of tricks - they will have to be learned and repeated races over and over again to improve results. Battles with such rivals are divided into two stages, which differ significantly from each other. In this guide, we will explain how to defeat each boss in the game.

How to beat Fahar (Nerd)

How to beat Fahar (Nerd)

First of all, the player is advised to stock up on a pipe, which is located in the previous location on the first floor. In this room, you will have to defeat a crowd of bandits. Also, instead of a metal weapon, you can break a couple of stands and grab a wooden stick. Without weapons, dealing with the boss is a little more difficult.

At the very beginning of the fight, the opponent will fly into the air and use a somersault, so the player needs to immediately block or dodge it. Otherwise, the enemy will deal a lot of damage to the hero. It is necessary to reduce the distance and attack the opponent so that he does not repeat his signature blow. It is much easier to do this with a pipe, but without it, the strategy is to constantly try to parry and block the blow. As soon as the right moment comes out and the boss takes a break, you need to immediately carry out several attacks.

Successful moves, parries, and blocks will level up the Botanist's structure. This is the key to quickly ending the fight. It is enough for the player to be on the defensive and he will still be able to defeat the boss.

Do not forget about your structure indicator. If an enemy lifts it to its maximum and it breaks, the hero will remain immobile for a short period of time. With a high structure value, it is advisable to retreat a little or hide behind an object, but you should be careful, as Fakhar can roll under the tables and knock the player down.

One of the most useful moves is "Powerful Sweep, Concentration", which allows you to throw the enemy on his back. After using the technique, you need to approach the enemy, hold the corresponding key and inflict several precise blows on him. As soon as the boss rises from the ground, the player will have a short period of time to use accurate attacks. This will greatly increase the level of the structure of the enemy.

At the beginning of the fight, we also recommend playing more defensively. Block attacks more often and watch your opponent's behavior. In addition, Fakhar is one of the easiest bosses in the game. As soon as his structure is broken, immediately use a takedown to finish off the enemy and move on to the second phase.

At this stage, Fakhar becomes angrier and often uses bamboo as a hiding place. In the same place, he prepares a powerful throw, which causes significant damage to the hero. It is possible to dodge the attack, but we recommend moving away from the bushes and a possible enemy landing point. As soon as the enemy jumps out of the bamboo, you should immediately run up to him and inflict as much damage as possible. Periodically, Fakhar will return back to the bushes, so you will have to repeat this process several times. You can also immediately go around the bamboo shelters and find wooden sticks on the other side. They will make it easier to fight the enemy.

Moves outside the bushes are very similar to the initial stage of the fight, except that the boss will use a machete. Melee attacks can be parried and blocked. Before the start of an enemy attack, the tip of the weapon will shine - this will tell the player about the enemy's further actions.

After a few precise combinations, the concentration counter should already be restored, so we again use an enhanced sweep technique. During blocking and dodging, the boss's structure will fill up, so don't rush headlong into open combat. We use the finishing button as soon as it appears and completes the first serious battle.

How to beat Sean (Fighter)

How to beat Sean (Fighter)

As soon as the fight starts, be sure to run up to the counter and pick up the staff. If you have a weapon, then move away from the boss, as he will try to hit you. Keep Sean in line of sight, because he can attack the hero while he is arming. Before you hit the enemy, close the distance. It is worth considering that in the tactics below, the presence of a weapon is not necessary to defeat the boss.

The key to the successful completion of the battle is to dodge enemy attacks in the opposite direction from the blow. To do this, hold down the block key and use the move button to the side (on the controller, hold L1 and reject the stick to the left or right). This is better than a regular block, as many of Sean's attacks quickly break through the hero's structure and deal a lot of damage. Being in a defensive stance, study the first combinations of the opponent. As soon as he opens up for an attack, you need to land a couple of hits and immediately return to dodges.

Sometimes it's safer to avoid several consecutive boss attacks and wait for the right moment than to try to attack him right away. If Sean is open to tricks, then the player will be able to land more than ten hits. It is not recommended to beat the boss without dodging his attack.

Such an attempt will significantly increase the value of the main character's structure to a critical value, so it is necessary to wait for the enemy's blow, dodge it, and use a response. For this reason, it's a good idea to come into the battle with the dodge and parry upgrades unlocked.

Do not forget about attacks with a focus - this will allow you to deal good damage from a blow, stun your opponent and carry out several accurate attacks. In this case, it is better to use the “Powerful sweep, Concentration” technique, and then hit the lying enemy. After rising, the enemy will be confused and miss several player attacks.

In the second phase, the arena will be on fire. The fight itself will not change much, however, Sean will use higher attacks more often. You have to learn to dodge them. The enemy will almost always perform three or four moves in a row, so don't try to land a hit until the combo animation ends. When the structure of the boss is reduced to half, it will be harder for the player to find an opportunity to attack, as the enemy will try to retreat back after the combo is completed.

In the process of dodging, the enemy’s concentration scale increases, after filling which you need to apply a powerful blow. It is advisable to rely only on the use of such attacks. This will increase the duration of the battle, but will allow the player to avoid losing health more often.

How to beat Kuroki (Artist)

How to beat Kuroki (Artist)

It is possible to come to this fight with a weapon, but this is fraught with negative consequences since the player will need to parry and block blows very well. This is not the best tactic for this battle.

Run up to the enemy and stop within a radius of five meters. Kuroki will start his combo and the hero can easily avoid the attack by dodging to the side. Each series of attacks of the girl is five or more hits, so step back often to get an idea of ​​the enemy's full set of moves.

You should pay attention to the finishing round attack, which the boss likes to use when the player approaches. Go from the side - this blow will not hit the hero and will open up an opportunity for damage. Now you need to attack Kuroki three or four times, step back and repeat the whole process.

The key to success is balance. The player needs to be at a great distance from the opponent and not receive damage, but at the same time be close enough to the enemy. This will allow you to quickly pounce on the girl and carry out a combination of blows. Sometimes the boss changes the default set of moves and finishes moves earlier or later. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the invented plan and have time to inflict damage. It's better to move away and not get hurt. If desired, you can use concentration techniques and cause some damage to the enemy.

The second phase differs significantly from the first. If the player learns to dodge the blows of the previous boss, Sean, then the fight with Kuroki will be easier. The principle is the same - we dodge in the opposite direction from the attack of the enemy. There is no need to change position since the hero must always stand still, deflecting only the body. If you start running around the arena, the girl will throw knives and shurikens, which are very difficult to dodge on the move.

Stand still, repel attacks and wait for the somersault from the boss, with the help of which the girl will launch projectiles at the hero. After the first throw, Kuroki uses even more daggers and then jumps towards the hero. Keep dodging like before and repeat the whole process.

As a hint, pay attention to the monologues of the boss, who will report the next attack. You need to avoid this jerk by holding the block and moving the left stick left or right. After a successful dodge, there is a great moment to attack the enemy. Kuroki uses a complex set of moves, however, they can be avoided in this simple way.

How to beat Jinfeng (Gendir)

How to beat Jinfeng (Gendir)

The first stage of the fight is similar to the fight with Kuroki. Jinfeng is not that difficult to fight, especially at close range. The woman uses a whip that has a long-range. The boss uses a series of sweeping high and low attacks and makes direct throws that are harder to react to.

At the beginning of the fight, stay as far away from the enemy as possible. After dodging the boss's attacks, close the distance quickly and land a few accurate strikes. You can also grab a staff for battle. It makes it easier to block the damage of the boss, but this is not necessary. After closing the distance to the enemy, use several combinations of techniques, activate a strike with concentration, and attack again.

It is worth considering that Jinfeng's health and structure are much worse compared to other bosses, so a few accurate attacks at a short distance will allow you to quickly move on to the next phase. The woman can also jump away and increase the distance. Use dodges again and close the gap between characters.

In the second stage, the battle takes place in the same spirit as in the first, however, the enemy uses more combinations that can confuse the player. In addition, the opponent's movements are accelerated, and the defense against them is more difficult. At close range, Jinfeng will be able to successfully defend against many of the hero’s attacks, so it won’t be possible to deal much damage in one go.

It is advisable to keep the tactics of the first phase - defend against enemy attacks, close the distance, beat the boss, and use attacks with concentration.

How to defeat Yan (Leader)

How to defeat Yan (Leader)

If your hero is over 30 years old, then the boss fight will be difficult. It is recommended to come back early and defeat the bosses with the fewest deaths. At first, you will have to study the enemy's attacks in order to avoid damage. In addition, some of the fastest moves require the player to quickly press the block or dodge button.

In the first phase, the villain is constantly defending, so it will be difficult for him to deal damage. Focus on dodging. In addition, Yang is the only opponent who knows how to restore his structure. Do not retreat to prevent the enemy from replenishing this indicator. In such a situation, it is even better to die than to help the enemy reduce the structure.

Stay close to him, keep parrying and dodging, wait for the combo to end, and land some hits. Yang's combinations most often end with a short throw, similar to a slap in the face. This attack cannot be blocked, so you need to dodge it to the side. We do not recommend trying to interrupt the reception of the boss. It is better to use one light hit and then go into defense. You can fully attack only when the enemy is stunned or finishes a series of tricks.

In the second stage, Yan will become even more aggressive, so the player will not be able to parry his attacks. Hold the block if it is not clear what move the boss can use. When falling to the ground, dodge immediately, otherwise the enemy will make a powerful blow to the hero lying on the ground.

Yang mainly uses strikes from the first phase. Some of them can easily break through the structure, so dodge with your body more often. Be aware that the enemy sometimes finishes a combination of moves earlier than usual and immediately starts another one.

How to unlock the secret (true) ending in Sifu

In the second phase of each combat, the player may choose not to use a finishing move. The main character must be close to the enemy and not use takedown. In this case, you cannot lower the enemy's health bar to zero, so parry attacks to break the structure of opponents. You can open the real ending only after the mercy of all the bosses.

In addition, there is one more additional stage of the fight with the final opponent, Yan. If the player did not kill all the bosses, then the fight will move on to the third phase. There are no health indicators for the characters. Yang will quickly restore the structure, so you need to constantly parry blows and dodge with your body.

The enemy is very aggressive, and the player does not have to attack him on his own. Once its structure is destroyed, a takedown can be made. This time, he doesn't need to be spared. Hold down the indicated buttons and watch the video. After the fight is over, the player will have to walk a little up the mountain and stand in the center of the circle. After the end credits, we will see a small cut-scene.