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How to enable drill in Astroneer? User guide


How to enable drill in Astroneer? User guide

The process of terraforming the local landscape is not as simple as it might seem when you first start the game. Consider how to turn on the drill in Astroneer and use it for the specified purpose. The main mission of the device is the selection of a variety of resources, the arrangement of tunnels, and the removal of the top layer of soil. Beneath it are often hidden deposits of useful minerals and other secrets.

First you have a vehicle, you should install a crane on it. Only after that, start the installation work, after the installation is completed, the further process seems elementary. Won't work without installation!

Astroneer guide: how to turn on the drill?

The developers have provided a flexible hint system, so pay attention to the messages that pop up on top of the screen. Check in the settings the full inclusion of all interface elements.

The space sandbox provides for several types of resources, including organic ones. For them, you need to process wood and various plants scattered around the area. In the future, the main character will visit many more planets, each of which has unique features. There is enough variety, which motivates to explore the area in more detail.