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How to get into the core in Astroneer? Survival game guide

How to get into the core in Astroneer? Survival game guide

 The addictive gameplay in this space sandbox needs some explanation for beginners, as it is not easy to get used to. Let's learn how to get into the core in Astroneer, if necessary. The activation of the main planetary mechanism occurs in different ways and depending on the specific celestial body.

The first planet is Silva. To get started, collect enough resources, the benefit around them is available in abundance. We need one quartz, additionally use a planetary rover for accelerated movement. We attach a drill to the car, then we move to the center of the map. I advise you to collect the ore found on the way. Don't miss the precious Astronium located near the core.

How to get into the core? Astroneer guide walkthrough

To activate, we come close. Usually, players prefer to leave the vehicle somewhere at the entrance, since the gravity here has changed, and the rover's passability is reduced. It's better to get close on foot.

What resources will be needed on different planets? For example, on Desolo it is zinc, and on Silva it is quartz. The game will tell you the correct mineral. Otherwise, the process is identical and does not change until the end of the game.