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How to make a lot of money in Dying Light 2 Stay Human


How to make a lot of money in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

In the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, resources and money matter a lot. If you can easily find the first one while exploring the city, then there may be problems with the currency. In this guide, we will tell you how to quickly earn money in order to buy everything you want in the game.

Why do you need money?

Unlike the first part, in Dying Light 2 money is very important. From now on, you will not be able to craft weapons, increasing their durability with regular repairs - all armor and sharpenings must be bought from merchants. Even if in the process of exploring the city you stumble upon a particularly cool stick, sooner or later it will break.

Shops also save time if you're not prepared to spend the advertised 500 hours in the game looking through every bus and room for new ammo or medicines.

It is important that, unlike weapons, clothing does not wear out. At first, purchased pants with high strength can greatly facilitate the passage.

Also, merchants have modifications and tablets. At night, the level of infection of the character is constantly growing, so you will have limited time to move around. To hold out longer, you will have to take special pills or mushrooms. They can be found in the open world, but it's much easier to restock in stores.

How to make a lot of money in the open world

At the beginning of the game, the hero will be taught how to use the Survivor's Intuition. This ability conveniently highlights all active items, making it easier to find valuables. Most often you will find old backpacks, bags, boxes, and containers. Try not to miss them, as there can be a lot of interesting things inside. Conventionally, everything found is divided into active items that can be used or put on, and resources needed for recipes.

To view all the finds, open the "Things" section in the character's menu. Any of the items can be sold, but there is a special category that is suitable exclusively for the trade. Select "Backpack" - there will be resources for the artisan, components, ammo, and miscellaneous. It is "Miscellaneous" that can be safely sold. In other games, trash plays a similar role. Here, the items are quite valuable but useless for Aiden.

Also, collect all the weapons you find. Even if its characteristics are too low, another stick or pipe can be sold.

Sometimes, rummaging through abandoned things, Aiden finds the money itself. You can't earn a lot of coins, but at the beginning of the game, even 1000 local credits will be an impressive fortune.

How to earn a lot of money in story and additional missions

After completing story missions and additional tasks, you always receive a reward. It can be pieces of equipment, rare materials, or money. There will not be large sums, but it is still a stable income that will allow you to buy a lot. If you really do not have enough credits - focus on additional missions. There are quite a lot of them, which means that the amount of money will quickly increase. In addition, in some tasks, there will be a choice. Make the best decision and do the right thing - the reward will increase. Do not be lazy to try to save everyone and act like a real hero, as this will further speed up the accumulation of coins.

How to make a lot of money at points of interest

Thanks to the binoculars, Aiden discovers points of interest on the map. At first, the number of places available to explore can be daunting, but soon you will begin to navigate easily. Each such place has a description that can be read on the map. The expected reward is also indicated there - loot or trophies. It is the trophies that are in the backpack under the “Miscellaneous” category and are suitable for sale.

A large number of items can be found in abandoned shops or convoys. You won’t be able to get into the shops during the day - there will be too many zombies inside. Convoys are available at any time.

Crystals also grow in shops - one of the most expensive items in the game. Approach the glowing clots so that Aiden breaks the hard shell and takes out the crystal. In one store you can find 5-7 of these trophies. The cost of one is 200 coins, and this is already good money.

Pay attention to army cargoes on the roofs of skyscrapers. These containers are hard to get to, but the reward is worth it. Inside there will always be high-level equipment or valuables for sale.

Finding cargo is as easy as shops or convoys - they are marked with a parachute icon on the map.