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How to open a capsule in Astroneer? Game guide


How to open a capsule in Astroneer? Game guide

We continue to study the various game design mechanics that are ubiquitous in this game. Readers are interested in how to open a capsule in Astroneer, which is also a research chamber. This is a gigantic module used to open new research branches using a variety of resources.

Depending on the project you are running, you will need different amounts of raw materials. Compared to other modular designs that are abundant in the game, the nuance is the need to constantly supply power. The power will be 2 amps minimum, without taking into account the probable expansion.

Guide and walkthrough: how to open a capsule in Astroneer?

It is important to emphasize that you do not need to build a separate energy storage facility. Everything you need is stored in energy storage. If you cancel the research process, the test sample will be destroyed.

The developers themselves offer to dispose of resources in a similar way, hinting at this in training videos. At certain stages of the game, there really is an overabundance of minerals that differ on different planets. But who watches them, right?