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How to pay a fine in Elite Dangerous? Beginner Tips

How to pay a fine in Elite Dangerous? Beginner Tips

 A small note on the space simulator from Frontier Developments will tell you how to pay a fine in Elite Dangerous. Penalties can be applied to the player for various offenses. Since the developers implemented a flexible economic model, they had to be introduced to maintain the overall balance. 

If you received a penalty receipt and are visible in the interface, go to the station of the organization that issued it. Individual fines can only be paid after a certain period of time. There was a case when I had to wait 24 in-game hours before the payment went through.

What do you need to pay a fine in Elite Dangerous?

There are many violations for which sanctions will follow. You cannot dock without permission, stay at the object for longer than the time (indicated in the timer), crash into other ships directly in the station's gateway, and also land on someone else's platform. If a zone is prohibited, you cannot open fire.

Smuggling of illegal goods is a separate issue since the guards can identify such cargo and immediately open fire on you. Taken trade missions should not be canceled: the recipients of the containers are waiting, you let them down, hence the punishment. It is also not recommended to throw garbage near the station complex.