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How to repair and upgrade weapons in Dying Light 2 Stay Human - a list of all available modifications


How to repair and upgrade weapons in Dying Light 2 Stay Human - a list of all available modifications

There are no firearms in the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, so you will fight with pipes, axes, and even makeshift swords. Each "stick" has its own advantages and disadvantages, in addition, almost any can be strengthened with the help of modifications. In this guide, we will tell you how to improve weapons and restore their durability, as well as share a list of useful modifications in the game.

How to repair and upgrade weapons in Dying Light 2. Where to find a mechanic

For the first time, you will get acquainted with the mechanics of upgrading weapons after completing introductory quests. Complete the "Spark of Discovery" story mission in the Bazaar to get the Spark Mod and meet Old Man Alberto.

Engineers can be found in the main bases of any faction or in safe areas. On the map, such characters are indicated by a wrench and hammer icon. For example, on the ship of peacekeepers you will find two masters at once, and in the bar of survivors "Fisheye" - one. Use them to purchase various modifications for weapons, as well as enhance the blueprints of consumables you create.

There are three equipment upgrades in total:

  • Top (top);
  • Base (pole);
  • Handle.

After purchasing a blueprint from an artisan, you can increase its level in the “Improve” section or immediately install it on a suitable “sword”. Any upgrade will restore 50 points of durability to your weapons.

To install the modification, it is not necessary to run to the master, since the equipment is upgraded in the inventory. Open your backpack, hover over any weapon, and select Edit. You will be taken to the menu where you can install the previously purchased upgrade recipe. It is worth noting that one recipe is not enough. For modification, you will have to spend a certain amount of scrap and other resources.

List of available upgrades in the game. How to level up blueprints

Tops and Bases mods can apply different effects to weapons:

  • Shock: Electricity passes through enemies and deals elemental damage;
  • Freeze: Opponents become immobile for a few seconds;
  • Poison: Acid hits the body, causing opponents to double in pain. At this moment, you can use a knockback blow and attack a nearby enemy;
  • Burning: for a while, ignites the opponent and all nearby targets;
  • Explosion: On impact, there may be an explosion that sends enemies flying backward.
  • Bleeding: The bleeding enemy will gradually lose health.

Upgrades to the Handle provide the following bonuses:

  • Tightening: Increases weapon damage and makes it more deadly;
  • Fortify: Since all melee weapons in the game have the ability to break, this upgrade will allow you to save your weapon and use it in an extra five to six battles.
These first-level blueprints can be bought from mechanics or received as a reward for completing additional tasks. To increase their effectiveness, be sure to upgrade items.

To do this, you will need "trophies of the infected", but if you prefer to avoid fighting the undead, collecting such resources can be a real challenge. For example, in order to upgrade the Lightning or Poison mods to the second level, you will have to collect 5 unusual trophies from the infected. In this case, be sure to check out our trophy guide, in which we described in detail the habitats and tactics of fighting each monster.

Which modifications to use first

Melee weapons in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, no matter how rare they are, should not be left in the backpack for a long time. As you constantly level up your character and unlock new locations, weapons found early on are bound to lose their relevance.

For example, we found a cool, unique Tier 4 cleaver with good damage and additional stats. If you do not use it in a timely manner, but leave it “for later”, then after two levels the damage of any pipe found on the street will be several times higher. Moreover, all the "sticks" in the game have a certain margin of safety.

We would definitely not recommend that you "strengthen" your weapon with a handle modification. Instead, it is better to strengthen the mace or saw for damage. And do not worry about the fact that you will have nothing to fight with - there are a lot of axes and swords in the game.

As for the “natural” improvements, here everyone will choose a modification suitable for the gameplay and personal preferences. If you prefer to quickly deal with enemies, then it is best to upgrade weapons with Explosion. Only this improvement will increase the main and add elemental damage to weapons.