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How to save Damien from the Missing Persons quest in Dying Light 2 Stay Human


How to save Damien from the Missing Persons quest in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the developers have added a wide variety of side quests. In the Missing Persons quest, you have to help Damien and make an important choice that will affect the fate of the character. In this guide, we will tell you how to save a guy from death and describe the complete walkthrough of this quest. Beware of spoilers!

How to activate the mission "Missing"

You can take the quest after meeting Sophie when the girl asks Aiden to help the inhabitants of the Bazaar. As soon as you enter the church building, Damien himself will speak to you. Please note that this quest cannot be completed after completing the Water Tower main quest.

When we talk with Damien, we go to the marker and talk to the guard. We go inside and go down to the lower floor.

After talking with the thug, we kill all the thugs. Now you need to go in search of brother Damien.

How to find Cliff in the Missing Persons quest

After successfully eliminating the opponents, Damien will appear. The man will inform Aiden that his brother is being held, hostage. He will also convince the hero that he did not know about the atrocities taking place. We select the option "Help Damien" and go in search of Cliff. Otherwise, the man will attack Aiden and he will have to be killed.

We get to the next point and talk with the twin brother. The man turns out to be an accomplice of the bandits and confesses to the crimes. The guy will hide, and Aiden will have to deal with several thugs. Having done this, we rise to the second floor and find Cliff, after which we deal with him. Damien will not answer on the radio, so to complete the quest, you must go in search of him.

How to save Damien in the Missing Persons quest. Which answer to choose

We return to the Bazaar and communicate with Roger. Damien has locked the door and won't let anyone in. We go outside through the nearest exit and on wooden boards we begin to climb onto the roof of the building. To do this, we use numerous ledges and cables. Once on a hill, open the hatch and find a man.

Damien will repent and take all the blame for his brother's crimes. To save the guy in the dialogue, select the options “About life?” and "I'll jump too!". Otherwise, the interlocutor will commit suicide.

If you stop the character and prevent him from jumping off the roof, then Roger will intervene in the dialogue. Select the option "Interrupt Damien". Aiden won't let the man tell Roger the truth about the atrocities. Otherwise, Damien will confess to the crimes and be hanged.