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How to swim underwater longer in Horizon Forbidden West. Where to find a diving mask


How to swim underwater longer in Horizon Forbidden West

In the world of Horizon Forbidden West, primitive people live alongside sentient machines. As in the first part of the game, we still play as the red-haired beauty Aloy, who again sets off on an adventure full of dangers. As you progress through the sequel, you will need to swim underwater and hold your breath for a long time. We will show you how to do this in this guide.

Why Supplemental Oxygen Is Necessary

There were no underwater locations in the original Horizon Zero Dawn, they only appeared in Forbidden West. Already at the very beginning of the game, Aloy can hold his breath for a while. This is enough to swim a short section at depth or attack the enemy from under the water. However, if you want to explore underwater caves, you will quickly find out that you are clearly lacking in oxygen supply. This will require a special mask.

How to get a diving mask and swim underwater for a long time

Aloy will make a diving mask herself during the eleventh story mission called "Sandy Sea". Unfortunately, you won't be able to get this item earlier. According to the quest, you need to talk to Morlund, who will ask Aloy to dive into the depths and find a compressed air tank. It is marked with an objective marker, so you will not pass by. On the way back, the heroine will be attacked by cars that need to be destroyed. Don't forget to collect parts from them, as it will take a lot of resources to create a mask.

How to use a diving mask in Horizon Forbidden West

The game does not have a separate button that is responsible for using a diving mask. Aloy puts it on automatically when she dives deep. At the same time, the supply of oxygen is not limited, so you can slowly explore underwater locations and find all the secrets and rare resources.