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How to upgrade the Construction skill in Project Zomboid. Where to find a hammer, nails, saw and how to connect a barrel to a drinking water sink


How to upgrade the Construction skill in Project Zomboid. Where to find a hammer, nails, saw and how to connect a barrel to a drinking water sink

There are many useful skills in Project Zomboid that will help you survive during the zombie apocalypse. One of them is "Construction", since with its help you will not have difficulty building a house or even creating your own base. In this guide, we will tell you several ways to level up a skill, as well as share some useful tips.

How to improve the Construction skill in Project Zomboid. The main ways to level skill in the game

First of all, I would like to note that in the game you have to fight zombies, look for water and food, as well as items for survival. At first, developing the “Construction” skill is completely optional. It will come in handy in the later stages, when you fully master the game, find or repair several cars with a large trunk and learn how to collect food in the open world. All this, of course, is best done together with friends on a personal server.

The main motivation for leveling this skill is to create your own base away from the city. In this place, you will rarely be visited by uninvited guests, and you can feel safe

To create a character with builder starting skills, you can choose one of several professions:

  • Ranger: 1 level, bonus + 75%;
  • Builder: 1 level, bonus + 75%;
  • Repairman: 1 level, bonus + 75%;
  • Engineer: 1 level, +75% bonus;
  • Carpenter: Level 3, bonus +125%.
In addition, in the character creation menu, you have access to the "Skilled Hands" feature. It will allow you to put up barricades faster and make them stronger. With a combination of profession and characteristics, you will get a hero with the fourth level of skill.

In the Survivor or Apocalypse modes, it will not be easy to level up Build, as you constantly have to move from house to house and destroy various objects with a hammer. We have prepared a list of furniture, for which you can get experience for dismantling:

  • Armchair: 1.25 experience;
  • Round table: 1.25 experience;
  • Door: 2.5 experience;
  • Sofa: 2.5 experience;
  • Dining table: 2.5 experience;
  • Bookcase: 3.75 experience;
  • Bed: 5 experience;
  • Double bed: 10 experience;
  • Picnic table: 10 experience.

Note: To dismantle furniture, you must first remove all items from it.

This method is not the most effective, since hitting furniture with a hammer will definitely attract nearby zombies. But if you're determined, here's a little tip: you can find a lot of double beds in "wealthy homes," and picnic tables are often used in school cafeterias and other catering establishments.


There is another, safer way to level up a skill. For example, to install and dismantle barricades. For each such action, you will receive 0.25 experience (no bonus to the multiplier). To create a wooden obstacle, you need one board and two nails. Only window and door openings can be barricaded.

Watching video cassettes

Sometimes when looking at bookshelves and other containers in private homes, you will come across video cassettes that will help you level up the skill. The disadvantage of this method is that cassettes come across infrequently. In addition, the TV recordings you find may be on a different topic. The search for such items should be done at the initial stage of the game when the light in your world has not yet been turned off.

How to build a base in Project Zomboid

One of the best ways to level up a skill is to start building your own base away from the city. First of all, you need to learn to gather, find the necessary tools, and transport them by car to a place suitable for creating a shelter. If you have finally decided to move out of town, then we recommend stocking up on a large number of nails.

When everything is ready, start cutting down trees with an ax and sawing the logs into planks. With each sawn log, you will receive 0.75 experience (no bonus to the multiplier). Thus, in a few days, you will master the first level of "Construction" and will be able to install primitive wooden structures. Each object you build will also bring some experience. For example, for the installation of one part of the "wooden floor" is given 0.75 points.

At first, you will not build the strongest elements of the house, but with an increase in the skill level, their quality will increase. By the way, you will be able to create the first "wall frame" only at the 2nd level of "Construction".

When the frame around your future shelter is installed, click on this RMB block and select the level of the window or wall to be installed. The best objects for construction will open only at skill level 7. To improve the quality of an object, it is not necessary to disassemble it. Click on the RMB object and select "Strengthen to level III".

To install the door, you will need to find one door handle and two hinges. Sometimes these materials are found in the hardware store, but most often they can be found by destroying doors in any house.

By the same principle, you can dismantle the windows and install them in the window openings of your house. To do this, you need to find the mount. Usually, such an item is found in garages, sheds, or in a tool store.

Keep dismantling various items and preparing your base until you have upgraded the skill to level 6. From now on, you will be able to install ladders. Place it next to your house and then build a roof. In fact, the "roof" is the floor, since at the moment there is no other makeshift roof in the game.

After that, you can build a log fence around your house and transport useful items from the city. Here is a list of items you will most likely need:

  • Water cooler (office boiler): at first, it will help you quench your thirst. The main thing is that with it you do not need to constantly collect rainwater and boil it until the water in the cooler runs out;
  • Bed: for a good sleep, it is enough to install a single bed;
  • Gasoline Generator: Generates the electricity needed to power electrical appliances. For example, a refrigerator;
  • Refrigerator: great for storing perishable foods;
  • Sink with Cabinet: This item is useful for getting drinking water. See below for more details on how to build a liquid collection barrel;
  • Wooden Crates: You can build these crates yourself and store items in them. If you place boxes around the house and make a kind of barricade with their help, then this will block the path of the infected.

Note: To move any item to your inventory, you do not need to "disassemble" it. Click on the box icon in the top left menu and select "raise". If the object is empty and there are no other items on it, then you can collect it and place it in a backpack. At one time, the character will lift no more than 50 units of weight.

How to plaster and paint the walls of your house

The Exterior and interior decoration of the shelter will give your home an aesthetic look. Level 3 wooden walls can be plastered. For this you will need:

  • Bucket with water;
  • A bag of plaster;
  • Master OK.

The plaster must be diluted in water, then placed in inventory. If you have a bucket of plaster and a trowel in your backpack, go to the wall, press RMB, and select "Plaster". Now use any paint and paintbrush to paint it.

How to put a barrel on the roof of the shelter and connect it to the washbasin

Even with a fully equipped shelter, you must constantly collect rainwater. To do this, you can use buckets, pots, or homemade barrels. This liquid can not be drunk, it must be boiled before use. But did you know that if you build a makeshift barrel on the roof of your base and connect it to the sink, you won't have to boil water?

First of all, we will need to upgrade the “Construction” skill to level 7, since a drawing of a round barrel will open on it. To create it, you will need the following resources:

  • Board (4);
  • Nail (4);
  • Garbage bag (4).

When you collect all the necessary resources and increase the skill to level 7, go up to the roof of your house and install a barrel.

Now you need to find a sink with a cabinet and install it on the floor below, right under the barrel. The sink can be found in any residential building and can be disconnected with a gas and adjustable wrench.

If everything is done correctly, you can connect the washbasin and the barrel with a pipeline. To do this, use a wrench. By the same principle, you can connect the sink to the water cooler.

How to speed up the leveling of the "Construction" skill. Where to find building guides

In the game, you can find special guides for quickly leveling skills. All textbooks are divided into five volumes. Each volume increases the pumping of the next two levels.

Tutorials for building and other skills can always be found in certain places:

  • Bookstores (Enigma Books): in such stores, you will find a large number of textbooks and magazines;
  • US Mail Service: You won't find helpful manuals in the office, so be sure to visit the warehouse. Sometimes you can find even more textbooks here than in bookstores;
  • Bookshelves: When looking around in any home, you are sure to stumble upon shelves full of books. Don't be lazy to look at all the bookshelves in the house, because they may contain exactly the manual that you need;
  • Garages: It is not uncommon for technical manuals to appear in private homes and garage cooperatives.

Where to find the hammer, saw, planks, nails, and other building tools in Project Zomboid

All basic building and farming tools can be found at the hardware store. Here you will find a hammer, saw, boxes of nails, and other useful items. In addition, rakes, shovels, and machetes are often found in such stores, which can be used as weapons.

A large number of tools can be found in garages or sheds near houses. When examining just a few of these buildings, we found a generator, boxes of nails, and other items necessary for survival and construction.

When exploring private homes, always inspect garages and storage areas. Often on the shelves in these rooms, you can find useful tools or consumables. We also recommend looking into the trunks of cars. In most cases, you will not find any valuable things here, but sometimes you can find a hammer, saw or toolbox.