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 The new Super Lava Hound challenge has arrived in Clash Royale. Discover the best deck to complete this challenge and defeat your opponents!

Since this Monday, February 7, 2022, the new Super Lava Hound challenge has arrived on Clash Royale. In this challenge, the Hound is improved and boosted to destroy everything in its path. Find our article on the Super Lava Hound which explains all the changes.

For the Super Lava Hound challenge, we offer you a deck including, the Super Lava Hound, the Flying Machine, the Inferno Dragon, the Skeleton Dragons, the Arrows, the Inferno Tower, the Skeleton King, and the Electro Wizard.

What is the best deck for the Super Lava Hound challenge?

The win condition for this deck is obviously the Super Lava Hound which deals high damage around it.  This deck costs 4.5 elixirs, which is a  lot but will allow you to have a heavy defense during opponent pushes. 

best deck for the Super Lava Hound challenge

For your attack, you will of course try to play your Super Lava Hound as much as possible because it is the key to your victory.  Its placement is very important because you have to avoid enemy buildings at all costs.  To do this, you must play your Hound on one side or the other of the map in a corner.  This will allow you to recover the elixir and prevent it from deflecting towards an opposing building.  To accompany your   Super Hound push, you can add the Skeleton Dragons which deal a lot of damage and can defend it.  You also have the Electro Wizard who stops the Towers and Dragons of Hell from exploding your Super Lava Hound. 

For defense, you have a lot of air cards.  The biggest to defend will obviously be the opposing Molossus.  For this to have the Inferno Tower as well as the Inferno Dragon to blow it up.  You then have the Flying Machine to continue the work and the Arrows to finish the Hound Puppies.  The  Skeleton King can be placed during the Hound's second explosion to collect Pup souls.  His ability can be activated when he is near the tower and has taken aggro