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 A higher level in Dying Light 2 brings you new skills, passive bonuses, and generally a higher chance of surviving the contaminated open world. We show you how you can level up faster and what you can do to grind your level.

In Dying Light 2 you feed 3 types of level systems with your gameplay:

  • Account Level - Determines the level of your gear
  • Battle Points - Unlocks battle skills
  • Parkour Points - Unlocks Parlor skills

You level up by completing tasks in the world and using the two actions "Fight" and "Parkour". We will show you how to make progress faster in 5 simple tips.

1. Quests - Experience the humans

Each story mission, each side quest advances you faster than most other leveling methods in the game.

Deal with the problems of the people in Dying Light 2 and help them with their concerns - then they will help you with your level.

Stay alert in the safe areas with people and watch out for challenges. There are challenges for combat and your parkour skills. In a parkour challenge, for example, you then have to complete a delivery with a time limit.

2. Exploration - Explore the world

If you're not pressed for time, then keep your eyes peeled for special missions on your elegant parkour journeys through the city.

If you see a blue marker on the mini-map or in your HUD, the small detour is usually worthwhile. The blue signals lead you to special zombies or a poor soul that needs your help.

It can also be worth climbing to a high place and checking out the area with binoculars. You will find new challenges and locations such as windmills and other interesting places.

Some are the time of day dependent - Dark Zones are full of zombies during the day, roaming the streets at night. The GRE research facilities are particularly worthwhile. They provide you with stamina and health inhibitors, are full of loot boxes, and pour out a nice amount of combat and parkour XP upon completion.

Other "points of interest" bring you even more advantages, such as the metro stations in the Central Loop. With the stations, you unlock fast travel points and provide an extra portion of combat XP. But you should already feel strong enough when you tackle the metro.

You can find explored but not searched locations in your diary under "Activities".

In general, don't let the open-world distract you too much during the day if you want to advance quickly in the level.

3. Everything is a little more worthwhile at night

At night it is more worthwhile to let yourself be distracted. Because the darkness basically gives you a little more experience points for your actions.

If it then comes to the hunt, it can rain a lot of XP for you. At hunt level 1, a 2x XP multiplier starts immediately. Combat and parkour actions will then bring you faster. With each Hunt level, the multiplier also increases by 1.

But since it's not exactly safe on the streets at night, you have to earn the extra XP with an increased heart rate.

If you put yourself in danger at night, make sure beforehand in which direction the next save zone is with the UV lights to save you. You only get the extra XP if you go to sleep without dying.

By the way, from hunting level 3 the really nasty critters crawl out of their caves. For a little level hunt, you should stay at level 2.

4. Be a parkour enthusiast and martial artist

The more you live yourselves out in the parkour and combat system, the more ends up in your experience points account.

Use the combat skills you have learned in your battles, block a lot, and combine your hits with the parkour movement. If you use the skills from your repertoire more than normal attacks, the XP yield also increases significantly.

It's similar to parkour. Instead of just sprinting straight across a plaza or rooftop, utilize the ubiquitous parkour elements. Jump, slide, and balance your way through the world.

With all the jumps and elegant shortcuts, you can usually get even faster in the world - not just at the level.

5. Wear appropriate clothing

Even in the zombie apocalypse, there is a dress code. The right survival outfit is part of an extravagant beating of your choice.

Focus on equipment that grants you an XP bonus. So if you have to choose between 2 pieces of clothing, go for the extra experience.

A look at the inventories of the different dealers can also be worthwhile in order to get XP gear. But don't squander your hard-earned cash too early in the game. Better save at the beginning and hit it when you have a little money left over.

Parkour Skills: The farm method for the Movement Skills is less action-packed. In fact, it's very monotonous, but efficient if you want to increase your parkour skills in a targeted manner.

There's a jump south of Saint Joseph Hospital that you keep repeating over and over. The hospital is all the way north in the Houndsfield area. The jump is safe and it doesn't matter if it's day or night - you won't be distracted from your training.

However, you need at least 3 skill points in the Parkour tree. The Long Jump skill (2nd row, first skill on the left) lets you jump much further using obstacles. So you can grind Parkour-XP undisturbed at the place until you don't feel like it anymore.

Those were our simple tips for leveling up faster in Dying Light 2. If you still know a few tricks of your own, please leave us a comment and share it with the community.