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Lost Ark: All the content you can play cross servers with your friends


Lost Ark: All the content you can play cross servers with your friends

The new MMORPG Lost Ark has problems with full servers at the beginning. As a result, many people cannot play with their friends on the same server. But what content can you still experience together?

These activities are cross-server content: You can also play various things in Lost Ark cross-server, i.e. together with friends, even though they are not playing on your world.

  • raid
  • dungeons
  • platinum fields
  • Use of the auction house
  • boss rush
  • PvP arenas
  • character names

At the same time, however, the following content is server-specific and can therefore only be experienced together if you play on the same server:

  • guilds
  • Friends Lists and Friends
  • Islands and the open world
  • Your own island and housing
  • life skills
  • PvP arenas in teams

How can you still play together?

This is how you play cross servers: As you can see, you cannot simply invite yourself to a normal group via the guild or friends list, as this only works on the same server.

However, you can still experience dungeons and raids together by simply creating a group in the match finder. These groups are then available as cross-server content and you can play together with your friends.

Unfortunately, this is not possible in the PvP arenas. While you can play against people from other servers, you cannot search for a match with friends from other servers.

So here you play against each other at best and only with luck, you can't make an appointment. 

After all, you can also buy things from other users, since player trading, i.e. the auction house, works across all servers in the same region.

Where does the cross-server gameplay interfere? Most users are currently bothered by the fact that the names are blocked directly for an entire region. Just before Amazon announced the changes in the naming system, this was sometimes the biggest point of criticism.

However, many players still have trouble finding free names. However, it is currently uncertain whether Amazon will change its policy on names again and also release the names of characters over level 11 more quickly.

Also disturbing is the omission of cross-server housing. Since the housing is basically only there to profile you in front of your friends and to hang out together on the most beautiful island, this part is almost completely omitted if your friends play on another server.

Since the open world is not shared across the servers either, you cannot share it with each other on traveling traders and world bosses or help each other with formidable opponents. 

What do you think of the Lost Ark server system? Do you have friends on other servers and if so how do you do it? Do you wait for the server you want to become available again or do you start on a different one despite the limitation? Write it to us in the comments.