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Lost Ark: Artistic Archer class guide, a strong DD for PvE and PvP


Lost Ark: Artistic Archer class guide, a strong DD for PvE and PvP

The Gunslinger is one of the strongest but most fun classes in Lost Ark because of its mobility. In this guide, we reveal which skills she has, how you should level them up, and which builds are useful in the endgame.

What class is this?  The Sniper is the only playable version of the base Gunner class and is most comfortable in ranged combat. She is quite mobile and has some useful AoE attacks.

Thanks to her special ability, she can switch between three sets of weapons: the rifle, the shotgun, or two pistols. This results in you having access to 16 skills in combat. In other classes, it is usually only between 8 and 12.

Due to the constant change of weapon, the class is also a bit more demanding in its rotation than some other classes.


  • Has access to 16 skills
  • Is very mobile
  • Has a very high damage potential
  • One of the most fun classes in the game


  • The art shooter has very little life points
  • The many skills make them difficult to master

What game content is the art shooter useful for? The art shooter is - well played - a DDler in the S tier. However, due to her abilities, she falls down faster and has to be mastered first.

In PvP, it is a light breakfast for almost all classes, especially in the low-level area. However, the better you master the art shooter, the harder it is to counter her. In high-rank PvP, she is therefore an A-tier.

All the skills of the marksman

Here we list all the skills of the art shooter. We have left out the exact damage numbers, as these depend on your attributes and, in some cases, the skill points distributed.

Spiral Seeker - Pistol Stance: Throws a whirling pistol at the target location within 10m, dealing damage over 15 hits.

AT02 Grenade - Pistol Stance: Throw a grenade at the target position within 10m, dealing damage.

Quick Step - Pistol Stance: Glide forward 20 feet and fire the weapon to deal damage.

Plasma Orb - Pistol Stance: Fire a slow-flying orb of plasma that continuously deals damage.

Meteor Shower - Pistol Stance: Fire a volley of bullets into the air, then deflect them to the cursor location. There it strikes, dealing damage and knocking enemies into the air.

Somersault Shot - Pistol Stance: Flip forward while firing your pistol to deal damage.

Hour of Judgment - Shotgun Stance: Fire 3 bullets that spread out in a cone and deal damage, with each bullet dealing 1/3 of the damage. These orbs shatter on impact, damaging enemies behind the targets hit.

Spiral Flame - Rifle Stance: Fires a powerful orb of flame, knocking enemies into the air and dealing Fire damage. Sets the ground on fire, dealing damage every 0.8 seconds for 2.4 seconds.

Balance - Pistol Stance: Fire your pistol over a wide area, dealing damage.

Shotgun Rapid Fire - Shotgun Stance: Fire the shotgun three times to deal damage.

Disaster - Gun Stance: Throw a landmine at the cursor location and detonate it, dealing damage and knocking enemies into the air.

Deathfire - Pistol Stance: Fire a 2.9 second volley of bullets at all nearby enemies, dealing 9 hits of damage. Hit the perfect area to jump back and throw a grenade that deals damage and knocks enemies into the air.

Final Request - Shotgun Stance: Fire a powerful, exploding bullet that deals damage and knocks enemies into the air.

Perfect Shot - Rifle Stance: Fire a high-caliber, high-velocity shell that deals damage. Hit the perfect area to deal more damage and knock back enemies.

Nimble Shot - Pistol Stance: Slidingly move 20 feet and fire your pistol four times to damage nearby enemies. The ability can be used up to X times in a row.

Peacemaker - Pistol Stance: Fire the pistol to deal damage. When a combo is entered, the character will explosively fire the pistol, dealing more damage. When another combo is entered, the character first performs damage-dealing kicks and then quickly fires the pistol.

Double Shot - Shotgun Stance: Fire the shotgun twice to deal damage. If this attack is followed by another, the character will spin the weapon around to reload to fire again and deal damage.

Focused Shot - Rifle Stance: Fires the rifle twice, each time dealing damage and slowing enemy movement speed by 80% for 2 seconds. Then fire a missile to deal damage and knock down enemies.

Rain of Bullets - Pistol Stance: Fires the weapon forward for 2 seconds to deal damage.

Sniper - Shotgun Stance: Fire the shotgun forward seven times to deal damage. The ability can be canceled by changing stance.

The art shooter in the leveling process

What is the most effective way to play Art Archer at the beginning? In the beginning, it helps if you invest heavily in mobility and AoE damage. You can do this by skilling Quick Step, Somersault, and Rapid Fire in the shotgun.

Also, level up the Perfect Shot skill to deal that much damage to a single target (dungeon bosses).

In the equipment you make sure that you collect and apply the values ​​crit and specialization. These increase your damage enormously.

How should I allocate my first skill points? 

  • Up to level 12 you should allocate 4 points to the Fast Step skill with the Excellent Agility bonus and again 4 points to the Somersault Shot skill with the Agile Agility upgrade.
  • Up to level 22 you invest all 48 points in the Balance skill. There you activate the bonuses Exposed Vulnerability, Assault on the Enemy and Nerve Shot.
  • Up to level 26, you increase Perfect Shot skill by 20 points and uses Steady Heal and Kill Confirmation.
  • At level 31 you then invest 20 skill points in Deathfire and skill Eager Slash and Flame Bomb there.
  • Up to level 35, invest more points (48 total) in Deathfire to unlock the third perk, Infinite Annihilation. You also invest the first 20 points in Focused Shot with Quick Aims and Double Shot.
  • Up to level 40, you invest more points to activate the third bonus (48 points) of Focused Shot, Final Strike. You should also invest 4 points for sniper in ranged combat.
  • Up to level 48, your Marksman increases to 48 points and unlocks Omnidirectional Fire and Sentinel's Breath. You also put 4 points into Peacemaker with Excellent Agility.
  • Then, at level 50, invest 48 points in Ground Aim, your newest ability.

In the end, your distribution will look like this:

  • Level 4 and 4 points in fast step
  • Level 4 and 4 points in somersault
  • Level 10 and 48 points in balance
  • Level 10 and 48 points in Deathfire
  • Level 4 and 4 points in Peacemaker.
  • Level 10 and 48 points in sniper
  • Level 10 and 48 points in Focused Shot
  • Level 10 and 48 points in Ground Aim

The art shooter in the endgame

In the endgame, Artistic Archer can be played with different builds and a focus on different weapons. Although you will have to constantly rotate through the weapons, the focus can be shifted according to your wishes.

The DD in Raids: A build that focuses on the rifle and shotgun is currently popular in raids. Your damage there comes from the Perfect Shot, Focused Shot, and Ground Aim abilities.

The focus of this build is the Crit attribute. In keeping with this, you land crit debuffs on enemies with the pistol.

This build has long range and high damage, but little defense and a high skill cap. You can find the complete guide on Maxroll ( via ).

The DD in dungeons: In chaos and cube dungeons, it makes sense to focus more on AoE. That's why the skills of the pistol are more in focus here. Damage comes primarily from Balance, Bullet Rain, Deadfire, and Shotgun Sniper.

This build is a bit easier to play than the rifle build from the raids. There is a more detailed explanation at maxroll ( via ).

The Sniper in PvP: In both 1v1 and 3v3, the Sniper is played with a mixed build. The focus here is above all high mobility through quick step and somersault shot. In addition, value is placed on CC, for example through points in Disaster and Focused Shot.

However, the art shooter is very demanding in PvP because you have to actively avoid incoming damage and enemies. You have a lot of damage, but little defense.

You can find the complete build at Maxroll ( via ).

What do you think of the art shooter? Do you speak to the class or do you play a different one? And how exactly are you going to play the art shooter? Feel free to write it in the comments.