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Lost Ark Awakening Quest – How to get and how to start it


Lost Ark Awakening Quest – How to get and how to start it

You can earn a new skill in Lost Ark via the Awakening Quest. But you only get the quest under certain conditions. We reveal what you have to do for it.

What is this quest? Through the Awakening Quest, you learn something like your "ultimate skills", whereby you can learn two different ones per class. While these skills are different for each class, they are mandatory for almost all builds. Accordingly, it is important to complete the quests.

However, you can only equip one of the two Awakening Skills at a time.

The first awakening skill

How to get the first Awakening Quest? You get the first quest when your character reaches level 50 and has also completed the main story of the game up to Vern. Specifically, it's about the quests to Vern Castle. After that, you have to complete all blue quests in Vern.

You should then receive a message from Beatrice inviting you to a meeting in Trixion. There you start the first Awakening Quest. This is purple and also has the nickname "Awakening" or "Awakening".

What do you have to do for the quest? The tasks for the quest are quite simple and require you to visit different zones.

The second Awakening Skill requires a Gearscore

How to get the second Awakening Quest? For this quest, you must complete the story in Rohendel. A Gearscore of 380 or higher is required to enter Rohendel.

Upon completion, a purple quest will become active, which you can accept from the post NPC in Queen's Garden. This quest also has the addition “Awakening” again.

This is followed by a long questline that will cost you at least 4 hours.

You also have to complete an additional quest series outside of the actual quests:

  • You must complete the purple quests in Facility X-301 Island.
  • At one point you have to enter a bunker, but for this, you have to finish the two yellow quests A Door Shut Tight and Serviceable Condition. They are in the same area in the northern half of the map.
  • You then have to complete the unlocked dungeon.

In the end, you still have to travel to Promise Isle and talk to Allegro. This will then give you the second awakening skill.